Item #31170 Book of Mormon, 1830 Edition: Personal Revelation Diary (4 vol. set)

Book of Mormon, 1830 Edition: Personal Revelation Diary (4 vol. set)

Tanfield Publishing, 2018. First printing. Hardcover. 4 vol. set in slipcase. Reg. $89.99. This edition contains the retypeset text of the 1830 Book of Mormon (modern reference at the bottom of the page) interspersed with journal pages with a quote from a church leader at the bottom.

From vol. 1: "The selection of the marbled cover is symbolic, each color is full of meaning that speaks to the depth and breadth of the Book of Mormon.
Green/Blue Hue:
"He (Josiah Stoal) was at the Smith family home the night Joseph brought the plates home from the hill. Joseph handed them in through a window of the home; Josiah Stoal reported that he was the one who received the plates. They were covered in a linen frock, but he said part of the frock fell away and he saw a corner of the plates, recalling that they had a greenish cast. Some scholars have surmised that he may have seen the metal band that sealed two-thirds of the plates, and the band may have been made of copper, which takes on a greenish appearance as it oxidizes over time."
Gold/Yellow Hue:
Throughout history Gold has represented treasure, wealth, and rarity. The Book of Mormon is indeed all of those things.
Red Hue:
Instead of a violet color which is customarily thought of as royalty, the Jews gave Christ a robe of red. This color represents the greatest act in all the world, the Atonement. (D&C 133:48, Isaiah 63:1)
Black Hue:
The greatest contrast to white is black. It is the absence of color. Any color that uses it as a background is made to look brighter. Most importantly, physically as well as spiritually, light always overcomes darkness.
"The darkness may not dissipate all at once, but as surely as night always gives way to dawn, the light will come." Elder Uchtdorf, 2013
In the original printing of the first edition of the Book of Mormon, there was speckling on the closed pages. We have followed the same pattern as Joseph did with the first 5,000 copies. We leave it to your imagination why he did this." New. Item #31170

Price: $59.99

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