Joseph Smith Papers, Documents, Volume 14 (January–May 1844) (Alex Smith, Adam H. Petty, Spencer W. McBride, Jessica M. Nelson, eds.)

Church Historian’s Press, hardback, $54.95, March 2023

The fourteenth volume in the Documents series, to be published in March 2023, features ninety-nine letters, deeds, accounts of discourses, minutes of meetings, memorials to the nation’s leaders, poems, and other documents, telling of a tumultuous period in Joseph Smith’s life and depict a region on the brink of civil war.

Chosen Path: A Memoir (Michael Quinn)

Signature, hardback, $39.95, summer

After D. Michael Quinn’s death in April 2021, his children found his remarkable, unpublished memoir in his home and entrusted Signature Books with its publication. Relying on his journals, primary research, and reminiscences, Quinn shares his life story as few have heard it—from his father’s hiding of his true name and Mexican identity, to his upbringing by his abusive grandmother, to his choice to closet his homosexuality, to his undying commitment to his faith and its history.

From the age of nine, Quinn felt convicted he would one day serve as an apostle of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He chose the path he believed would take him there, eventually living as a straight LDS family man in a mixed-orientation marriage. In the 1970s he became a BYU professor and one of Mormonism’s most promising, prolific, and respected historians. But his uncompromising commitment to total honesty about his religion’s history, along with his homosexuality, set him on a collision course with church leaders and the end of his seemingly idyllic Mormon life. Throughout his telling, Quinn unflinchingly opens up about his feelings and experiences that shaped his enigmatic life.

Joseph Smith Papers, Documents, Volume 15: 16 May–28 June 1844 (Brett D. Dowdle, Adam H. Petty, J. Chase Kirkham, Elizabeth A. Kuehn, David W. Grua and Matthew C. Godfrey )

Church Historian's Press, hardback, $54.95, June 2023

The fifteenth and last volume in the Documents series, to be published in June 2023, covers the tumultuous final six weeks of Joseph Smith’s life, illuminating especially the events that led to his death. It features one hundred and four documents, representing the core of his documentary output during this period, including his correspondence, accounts of his discourses, administrative minutes, municipal documents, military orders, and legal papers.

Reading Scripture, Reading  Creation: The Ancient Near Eastern Context of Genesis 1 (Ben Spackman)

Maxwell Institute

Intellectual History of James E. Talmage (Spencer Fluhman)

Oxford University Press

Book of Remembrance: Mormon Sacred Kinship In America (Fenella Cannell)

“The Long Awaited Day”: The LDS Church, African Americans, and the Lifting of the Priesthood Ban, 1945-2015 (Matthew Harris)

Mormonism among Christian Theologies (Brian Birch And Grant Underwood)


Underground But In The Light: The Plural Community of Centennial Park (Jennifer Huss Basquiat)

Every Word Seasoned With Grace: A Textual Study of the Funeral Sermons of Joseph Smith (William V. Smith)

A Compilation of Historical Selections from the General Handbook of Instructions of the Lds Church: 1899-2006 (Michael Paulos)


Mormonism In America (Phil Barlow And Jan Shipps)

Columbia University Press, hardcover, 320 pp, $45.00

Convictions: Mormon Polygamy and Criminal Law Enforcement in Nineteenth-Century Utah (Sarah Gordon/Kathryn Daynes)

University of Illinois

biography of Joseph F. Smith (Steve Taysom)

University of Utah Press

biography of Ezra Taft Benson (Patrick Mason)

biography of William H. Chamberlin (James McLachlan)