Mormon Historical Studies, 5:2 (Fall 2004)

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Introduction & Contents

Editor’s Letter

The Palawai Pioneers on the Island of Lanai: The First Hawaiian Latter-day Saint Gathering Place (1854–1864)

Sampson Avard: The First Danite

The Politicization of Religious Dissent: Mormonism in Upper Canada, 1833–1843

Orson Pratt’s [An] Interesting Account of Several Remarkable Visions: A Seminal Scottish Imprint in Early Mormon History

Name Index

Historic Research Index

Licensing Ministers of the Gospel in Kirtland, Ohio


Old Testament Manuscript 3: An Early Transcript of the Book of Moses

Conversation with Historian

Defining the Mormon West: An Interview with Charles S. Peterson

Historic Sites

Dedication of the Palawai Historical Marker on the Island of Lanai, Hawaii

Historic Nathaniel H. Felt Home Dedicated in Salem, Massachusetts

Book Review

A Widow’s Tale: 1884–1896 Diary of Helen Mar Kimball Whitney, Charles M. Hatch and Todd Compton, transc. and eds. – Reviewed by Richard Neitzel Holzapfel and David M. Whitchurch. New. Item #26303

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