The Nauvoo City and High Council MinutesThe Nauvoo City and High Council Minutes (John Dinger)

edited by John S. Dinger.  Signature Books, 2011.  700 pp.  Hardback.  $49.95.  This welcome documentary collection compiles all known city and high council minutes from the often volatile Nauvoo period.  John Dinger has ably organized this chaotic corpus—which consists of loose sheets, rough minute books and finished drafts—into as coherent a narrative as possible.  Helpful footnotes contextualize decisions and give biographical info on people mentioned.  The entries range from the mundane (dogs were apparently on everyone’s minds) to the explosive—several meetings deal with polygamy and its divisive effects as well as the suppression of the Nauvoo Expositor.  This is a fascinating and rich documentary source that will prove invaluable in understanding the complexities of the Nauvoo era. Click here for more information/reviews from Signature Books.

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