Original Intent: Early Changes in the Book of Mormon Manuscripts, Volume Two: Second Nephi

Dan Wees, 2023. First printing. Paperback. Limited to 25 copies. Signed & numbered. Imagine being able to sit in the room with Joseph Smith, Jr. and his scribe(s) during the dictation of the Book of Mormon. A careful line-by-line evaluation of both the dictation and the handwritten words of the two original manuscripts allows the student to become immersed in their process. The Original Intent Series melds several essential elements together to bring to light many little-known differences. The series features:

(I) The entire pre-edited rendition of the Original Manuscript - comprising the extant 28% of the text, transcribed as Joseph articulated it.
(II) The complete pre-edited version of the Printer’s Manuscript - which stands as a nearly unblemished handwritten copy of the Original Manuscript.
(III) The 1830 inaugural print edition of the Book of Mormon (the JSP on-line text),
(IV) Excerpts from the presently accepted 2013 version of the Book of Mormon.
(V) A meticulous examination of every addition, alteration, and redaction in the Original Manuscript (or the Printer’s Manuscript, when the Original Manuscript is not available; duplication inaccuracies are identified), delving into the intentions behind these changes and addressing instances where conjecture comes into play.
(VI) Comparative passages contrasting the Book of Mormon with the authorized King James Bible, primarily highlighting exact matches, thereby revealing Joseph's profound reverence for the Bible. New. Item #37761

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