Item #37613 A World of Faith. Peggy Fletcher Stack, Kathleen Peterson.

A World of Faith

BCC Press, 2023. Second edition. Cloth/dj. 65pp. Reg. $29.99. Covers damaged slightly in shipping.

This children's book celebrates religious diversity, offering children small taste of the amazing variety found in the world's many faith traditions.

This is not an academic history; rather, it summarizes each faith in its own language. We wanted kids in each group to recognize themselves and their faith in familiar words.

The religions are organized in alphabetical order with illustrations that are drawn from historical imagery because current believers tend to dress more alike. An understanding of history is crucial to grasp both the differences and the similarities among religious traditions.

From the introduction: "The first edition in 1998 presumed a mostly American readership and concentrated on the Christian denominations dominating the U.S religious landscape, with a handful of other major faiths, and just one African American group and one African tribe. Now, 25 years later, we are looking at a global audience and have updated the text to be more inclusive and added several traditions—one Asian, two African, two Native American, and one Latin American. We also have examined how some of those Christian groups have expanded." Condition: As NEW. Item #37613
ISBN: 9781948218764

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