Item #37496 A Descriptive Bibliography of the Mormon Church, Addendum. Peter Crawley.

A Descriptive Bibliography of the Mormon Church, Addendum

Provo: Religious Studies Center, 2023. First edition. Paperback. 102 pp.
When the third volume of A Descriptive Bibliography of the Mormon Church was published in 2012, nine previously unknown items and new information about six recorded pieces that should have been included in the first two volumes. These omissions were collected in an addendum added to the third volume.

Now, ten years later, there is a new set of missed rarities. Since the publication of the third volume, forty-nine previously unknown items have come to light that fall within the parameters of this bibliography. Forty-three of these are known in at least one copy. Each of the remaining six items is a ghost--an item for which there is documentary evidence that it existed but no copy of the work is currently known.

In addition, actual copies have been found for fourteen items recorded as ghosts in vols. 1-3, and new information has been unearthed about ten other recorded items. One might note that, of the fifty-seven newly discovered rarities, thirty-eight were in institutional collections -- all but two in the Church History Library -- seventeen came from book dealers, and two from other sources.

All these omissions are collected and discussed in this addendum. An unrecorded work is listed under an alphanumeric item number that places it in its proper chronological order. New information about an already recorded piece is given under its original item number. If a recorded piece was a ghost and is now located in an actual copy, the actual copy is entered under the original item number. New. Item #37496
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