Item #37429 TransLucent: How I Put Off My Natural Man and Discovered a Spiritual Woman. Katherine.

TransLucent: How I Put Off My Natural Man and Discovered a Spiritual Woman

NP, 2023. Paperback. 270pp. She said, “Don’t take this wrong, but I didn’t even think someone like you could even have a testimony.” Yeah, I’ll try to do that. LOL But someone like me? What did she mean? Who am I? Do I actually have a testimony?

As a transgender woman who is an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Katherine provides an honest, heartfelt, and often heart-wrenching viewpoint on the challenges a transgender member experiences in the Church as she tries to stay true to her covenants and to herself. It is a book about faith, and hope, and Kindness.

She tells her story with the aid of scriptures and quotes from the general authorities of the Church, and always brings it back to the Lord, emphasizing His will in all things. Putting off her natural man, receiving “spiritual strength, personal revelation, increasing faith, and the ministering of angels” as she becomes a spiritual woman.

She hopes through her story that other transgender members will find the strength to stay, not just in the Church, but in this life. That members may understand and find a way to show “sensitivity, kindness, compassion, and an abundance of Christlike love” to the transgender saints in their congregations. New. Item #37429
ISBN: 9798987651810

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