Understanding Adam God Teachings: A Comprehensive Resource of Adam-God Materials

NP, 2023. Revised edition. Paperback. 696pp. “Adam … is our Father and our God”

This 1852 general conference declaration introduced Mormondom’s most hotly divisive religious dispute that continues to ignite controversy today – Adam-God teachings. Labeled among the seven deadly heresies by apostle Bruce R. McConkie after being heralded as “the most important revelation ever oracle” in a book co-authored by Joseph Smith’s acclaimed plural wife, Eliza R. Snow, Adam-God teachings have been a rage of controversy for over 150 years.

For the first time, every known statement concerning Adam-God teachings has been compiled, documented, organized, and presented to the reader in a way that will withstand serious academic scrutiny.

For the first time, Adam-God teachings have been presented in a sensitive reading environment that allows the reader to study the original Adam-God statements without the pressure of reading the author’s personal interpretations – the author’s thoughtful insights have been separated into analysis sections following the original sources.

For the first time, Eve’s role in Adam-God teachings has been prominently considered.

For the first time, the changes in Mormonism’s theological teachings surrounding the identity of Jehovah have been meticulously researched and documented.

With scores of previously unpublished statements and a carefully organized presentation, Understanding Adam-God Teachings promises to be the definitive resource volume for readers who have previously only had limited access to the hundreds of statements surrounding this controversial topic. This assiduous treatment of this fallow field of theology will prove to be an enriching and insightful read for the believer and non-believer alike.

Originally published in 2005, this 2023 revised edition includes new quotes that have been unearthed since its initial release, an updated format allowing better quality print-on-demand paperback versions, and various smaller updates. New. Item #37138
ISBN: 9798395818072

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