Lorin C. Woolley's School of the Prophets Minutes from 1932-1941

NP: Hindsight Publications, 2009 [2019]. Paperback. 196 pp. Retypeset edition of 2009 original. Lorin C. Woolley, the spiritual grandfather of virtually every Mormon fundamentalist movement, called six men to form a special priesthood council of seven apostles. This quorum of seven comprised the leadership of a new religious movement founded upon a commission given to Lorin C. Woolley by John Taylor in 1886. Their meetings were referred to as the School of the Prophets - after Joseph Smith’s Kirtland school and John Taylor’s Salt Lake school. Within those meetings, Lorin C. Woolley prophesied, taught new doctrines, and instructed the quorum about the scope of their authority. Not long after this School of the Prophets started, Woolley past away. Thereafter, the new council sought heavenly direction to guide them in fulfilling the instructions they had been given. Although they worked together in harmony for over a decade, differences began to surface and eventually, Wooley’s council split apart and various Mormon fundamentalist movements arose with their leaders arising from this quorum.Each of those groups (including the unorganized “group” of independents) has their own traditions based upon what they heard that Lorin C. Woolley taught this quorum of apostles. Because the minutes of these meetings have not been available for publication, those traditions have not been subjected to the scrutiny of these School of the Prophet meetings. Now for the first time, this limited edition offers you the opportunity to learn what Woolley and his original council taught about their commission and the scope of their authority within these School of the Prophet meetings. New. Item #37136
ISBN: 9781721942046

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