Lectures on Faith: Restoration Edition. The Complete Original 1835 Text Including KJV Citations Together with Citations to the Restoration Edition of the Scriptures.

NP: Restoration Scriptures Foundation, 2020. Hardcover. 84[1] pp.
Originally composed in 1835, this amazing little book called Lectures on Faith provides powerful, inspiring and timeless answers to questions of faith for all truth seekers everywhere.

Lectures on Faith is a kind of handbook that digs deeper to unlock faith based mysteries and miracles from heaven, expanding the reader's understanding of one of the most important - yet misunderstood - foundations of spirituality. Of particular interest and value to Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Latter Day Saint Mormon, Fundamentalist and even non-denominational sects, whether or not they follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, Lectures on Faith restores foundational understanding of faith and spirituality that have been neglected, pushed aside, and forgotten. Its objective is to teach the reader what faith is, the object(s) upon which it rests, and the effects that flow from it. It establishes a foundation for discussing and understanding saving faith in Bible prophecy and other scriptures, inspiring readers to look more deeply into hope, grace and faith.

We are beings filled with faith! And yet we sometimes don't have the faith to see it. Why do people instinctively believe that heaven is for real? Why do they seek Jesus of Nazareth and the passion of the Christ? As in the days of Noah, there is need in our day to come out of darkness, and obtain hope and glory just like heaven. Do you believe fearless faith can move mountains? How is catching faith related to the kingdom of heaven, love and mercy?

Early 19th century visionary Joseph Smith taught that when rightly pursued, the inquiry into faith over fear results in glorious discoveries and eternal certainties. Seekers of truth will find their minds enlightened by the Holy Ghost, and their understanding of God and spirituality stretched and expanded in unexpected and delightful ways. From then until now, thousands of Christian documentaries have been produced, books written, and sermons preached about faith as it pertains to the pursuit of happiness, Noah and the flood, the miracle worker, the dynamics of spiritual life, and knowing Christ today. Yet, none is more powerful or sublime than this simple little book of Lectures on Faith.

The Restoration Edition of Lectures on Faith was painstakingly compiled from the original manuscripts, making it the most accurate edition ever published. Lectures on Faith brings powerful truths and eye-opening revelations about the nature of God, faith, and hope to any willing to read and consider its contents. This intriguing book is not available at Deseret Bookstore, yet it should be the companion of everyone searching for a deeper understanding of faith, adding depth and delicious new insights into those areas of spirituality that have been shrouded in mystery until now. Condition: Very good+. Item #36999

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