Item #36863 What Is Doctrine, vol. 2: A Doctrinal Explanation. Peter Carmack.

What Is Doctrine, vol. 2: A Doctrinal Explanation

NP, nd [2023]. Paperback. 182pp. This is the second and final book in the series What is Doctrine? Principally, the book explicates five key doctrines that were found in volume 1: Free will, Intelligences, Material Existence, Natural Law, and Agency. A chapter is dedicated to each of these doctrines. The doctrine of Agency is unique in Latter-day Saint theology. In this chapter I shall explain what agency is, distinguish 3-unique kinds of agencies, contrast agency and free will, and discuss the relationship between agency and morality, the priesthood, and faith.

Furthermore, the book develops an account of the twin concepts of sin and transgression. This discussion is the most robust had in LDS theology to date. Whereas in the final chapter, the book puts forward a novel account of how a self (intelligence) advances all the way to its metaphysical end—becoming a god. This process of being ‘added upon’ is called the Plan of Agency. The content found therein traces this advancement metaphysically and attempts to show what properties and capacities (agencies) each stage of being has. As such, this book makes a powerful, compelling, and wholly new account of this process nowhere seen in other LDS literature and scholarship. New. Item #36863
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