Item #36564 Living on the Inside of the Edge: A Survival Guide. Christian Kimball.

Living on the Inside of the Edge: A Survival Guide

BCC Press, 2023. Print-on-demand. Paperback. 319pp. Parent-child is the default relationship of church to member—the church as parent, the member as child. In this opening chapter, I propose that differentiation from the church is the most important developmental task we face while living on the inside of the edge.

"In my experience, Mormon adults do a lousy job of talking to one another as adults, with all the complexities adulthood entails. That’s what makes Living on the Inside of the Edge so refreshing—it’s a book by a Mormon adult for other Mormon adults. You probably won’t agree with everything here. Chris doesn’t care. He just wants you to be an adult. I’m pretty sure God does too." (Patrick Mason, Author, Restoration: God’s Call to the 21st-century World)

"Every week, I hear from people who have one foot out the door of the Church but actually want to find reasons to stay. For those people, Christian Kimball’s book is a lifeline, containing wise suggestions about how to stay for those who choose to do so. … Kimball employs his liminal position to the reader’s advantage, advocating for 'middle-way Mormons' as a consummate observer and judicious friend." (Jana Riess, Senior columnist, Religion News Service; Author, The Next Mormons: How Millennials Are Changing the LDS Church). New. Item #36564
ISBN: 9781948218788

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