Hyrum Smith: A Prophet Unsung

Whitney N. Horning, 2022. Print-on-demand. Paperback. 439pp. The world has long spoken both good and evil of Joseph Smith Jr., but few know his older brother, Hyrum. Few have acknowledged or given any attentiveness to this man who, from his childhood, lived a life of honor, integrity, humility, and faith. During Joseph’s dispensation, there is record of only one other man who rose up and received Eternal life. On January 19, 1841, the Lord announced Hyrum as Patriarch, Prophet, Seer, and Revelator and recognized his place as first in His Priesthood. As one of God’s chosen servants, he was largely ignored and dismissed by the people. In our day, not one of the Churches that claim their foundation in Joseph’s Restoration recognize Hyrum in their line of Prophet/president successors. However, in the full span of the history of the Restoration, Hyrum is pivotal. His full value in the Restoration and in the Lord’s unfolding work today has yet to be fully understood, appreciated, or acknowledged. Joseph prophesied, “Hyrum, thy name shall be written in the Book of the Law of the Lord, for those who come after thee to look upon, that they may pattern after thy works.” The Lord loved Hyrum because of the integrity of his heart and because he loved that which is right before Him. The Lord vouched for Hyrum Smith, a man who lived a life of faith, devotion, service, and sacrifice. He promised Hyrum that his name would be had in honorable remembrance from generation to generation for ever and ever. Yet he remains a Prophet unsung. The work of salvation cannot be achieved in ignorance or indifference. Hyrum paid for his testimony of the Risen Lord with his life, and we take him lightly, we look away, we disregard him, and in many cases, we have forgotten him and his words. The price the Lord asks us to pay to come to know Him is to repent of our ignorance and our neglect by studying His words contained in the scriptures, studying the lives of His chosen servants, and by honoring, remembering, turning, and sealing our hearts to the Fathers who are in Heaven: men, and their wives, who have sacrificed and given their all for the Gospel’s sake. Hyrum Smith was such a man. New. Item #36230

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