Item #35971 Mother Tree: Discovering the Love and Wisdom of Our Divine Mother. Kathryn Knight Sonntag.

Mother Tree: Discovering the Love and Wisdom of Our Divine Mother

Faith Matters, 2022. First printing. Paperback. 102pp. Who is Heavenly Mother, and do we have an individual imperative to seek Her as we do the Father and the Son? If so, how do we come to know Her? In The Mother Tree, poet and landscape architect Kathryn Knight Sonntag addresses the rising world-wide hunger to know a Mother God by asking these and other stirring questions. What follows is an exploration into the symbolic realm of the tree of life, Mother's chosen metaphor in scripture, to discover Her regenerative powers in root work, the sturdy now of Her trunk, and the divine wisdom of the heavens in Her leafy crown. The Mother Tree presents a generous new framework for spiritual ascent—the feminine path of transformation through the archetypal tree—as a complement to the more familiar masculine way, pointing ultimately to the harmony of feminine and masculine wisdom; it is a balance needed for the healing of the soul and the world. New. Item #35971
ISBN: 1953677118

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