Item #35885 The Joseph Smith Papers, Documents, Vol. 13: August-December 1843. Christian K. Heimburger, Brent M. Rogers Jeffrey D. Mahas, J. Chase Kirkham, Mason K. Allred, eds Matthew S. McBride.

The Joseph Smith Papers, Documents, Vol. 13: August-December 1843

Church Historian's Press, 2022. First printing. Hardcover/dust jacket. Documents, Volume 13, covering the period from 1 August to 31 December 1843, details momentous events as well as Joseph Smith's ongoing efforts to lead, teach, and minister to the growing number of Latter-Day Saints in the United States and abroad. Nauvoo was humming with activity in August 1843 as migrants continued to pour into the city and surrounding towns from the eastern United States and Great Britain and as civic and church leaders worked to develop the infrastructure of the "corner stone of Zion." As the Latter-Day Saints constructed the Nauvoo temple, Smith, elucidated key religious principles associated with the temple, such as priesthood and the sealing power, in public discourse and private meetings.

The ninety-eight documents featured in Documents, Volume 13 chronicle the tumultuous period in church history and provide necessary context for understanding the explosive events that unfolded during the final six months of Joseph Smith's life. New. Item #35885
ISBN: 9781639930210

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