Mormonism and the Movies (Essays in Mormon Studies)

BCC Press, 2021. Print-on-demand. Paperback. 328pp.
Mormonism and the Movies is a series of essays exploring how Latter-day Saint (LDS) theology, culture, and history interacts with thematic, narrative, and aesthetic ideas in film. Some essays are more personal, others more academic. Some focus on particular filmmakers or particular genres, while others are more interested in certain topics revisited throughout the years or certain stories retold by various artists. Other essays focus on specific theological concepts, doctrinal paradoxes, or cultural tendencies in Mormonism and aim to explore ways in which film can comment on, contrast with, or compliment those ideas. Featuring art from Joseph Farrell, Anne Hart, Wes Long, and Greg Soper. Cover design by Christian Harrison, and typesetting by Andrew Heiss. And featuring essays by instructor Preston Wittwer; film scholar Chris Wei; filmmaker Barrett Burgin; actress Karli Hall; literature scholar Conor Hilton; writer/director/entrepreneur Jordan Kartchner; educator Brooke Parker; entertainment lawyer Nigel Goodwin; freelance journalist Derrick Clements; psychotherapist Scott Parker; independent film and theatre director Davey Morrison; humanities scholar Richelle Wilson, and theologian Adam S. Miller. New. Item #35075
ISBN: 9781948218467

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