These Things I Know: The Autobiography of William Grant Bangerter.

Salt Lake City: Voices and Images (BYU Print Services), 2013. Hardcover/dust jacket. 567 pp. Unexpurgated edition.
The full story of Wm. Grant Bangerter is one of epic changes, nostalgic seasons, and golden eras. His life spanned many monumental, global changes: from the pre-penicillin era plagues of influenza to modern AIDS; from the economic collapse of 1929 and the Great Depression to prosperity of the latter 20th century; through world wars and conflicts, including "The Great War" (World War I), World War II (in which he was an active participant), Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf Wars and others. Each of these events and changes shaped and molded the world and enabled his character and attitudes to be a tower of strength for his friends, family and followers. Nostalgia for days long past, tempered by time from the harsh realities of day-to-day existence, surge up as sweet memories to soften those difficult days. The golden eras are often seen by succeeding generations as glorious and exciting, filled with adventures and tests, all leading to a crown of respect and honor for one so deserving. Includes much information on his service in Brazil. Condition: Very good+. Item #25218
ISBN: 9780615794396

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