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Later this fall, we will be celebrating thirty years in business and are making plans for some special events. Be watching your emails. In the meantime, we present List 2 of some scarce, if not rare, Mormon collectible works. We plan to issue lists on a regular basis with an occasional full-blown catalog thrown in. Our store is brimming with a variety of Mormon books (new, in-print, out-of-print, used, and rare), documents, and other collectibles. This list contains a mere sampling of our large and often fascinating inventory. We hope you find something of interest in this list. Please let us know if there are any LDS titles, in-print or not, that you’re looking for. Our stock is the most extensive ever and we are usually able to find requested books, often without a long wait. We thank you for your loyal patronage and look forward to hearing from you soon.
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1.  Anderson, Richard Lloyd and Scott H. Faulring (eds.). Witness of the Second Elder, The Documentary History of Oliver Cowdery, 4 vols. FARMS: 1999. Preliminary draft. Dated 3 Feb 99 at foot of each page. Velobound. Fine.  Inscription by Faulring inside front cover: “These 4 volumes are the last pre-publication drafts of the ‘Cowdery Papers.’ More than likely the general editors will recommend a reduction of the size of the collection=we will resist these efforts but may have to give in to ‘reason.’ This effort has consummed [sic] over 70 years of our research lives but we believe Oliver Cowdery would be pleased with our efforts. . . . P.S. There are only 4 sets of this draft.” This massive undertaking—preceding the Joseph Smith Papers by a decade—sought to collect all Oliver Cowdery materials into one place. The documents were presented with minimal annotation in chronological order. In addition to the four volumes, an additional document (written up by Erin Jennings in 2012) is laid in. Also, a folder containing slides from a presentation to the Religious Studies Center regarding publication (one slide notes that 10% of the documents still needed to be transcribed) and outlining the contents, status and needs for the project is included—the folder also contains a tentative contents list (with different title for the project) and an index to an unknown draft of the compilation. Given that only four sets of this draft were produced, this is quite a rarity.

$1000 SOLD

2.  Bautista, M[argarito]. “…Wilt Thou Restore The Kingdom….” To Israel? Colonial Industrial Mexicana, 1952. 224 pp. Paperback.Yellow wrappers. Moisture staining to front and rear covers and on last 12 pages of text. Near VG. Born in 1878 in Mexico and baptized in 1901, Bautista moved to Utah in the midst of the exodus from the Mormon colonies due to the revolution. He returned to Mexico for a time in the 1920s but came back to Utah where he began writing his first book—a history of Mexico that would rival the Book of Mormon in importance in some Mexican Mormon circles. Returning to Mexico, he became involved with a nationalist Mormon movement—the Third Convention—that led to his excommunication in 1937. His growing interest in polygamy and the law of consecration spurred him to leave the movement and found Colonia Industrial. The group, eventually called El Reino de Dios en su Plenitud (The Kingdom of God in its Fulness) and still in existence, would have ties to the LeBaron brothers early on and, later, the AUB. Drawing on his fluency in English, Bautista writes at length here of the necessity of polygamy and consecration—his unique blend of nationalism and fundamentalism are present on each page. Extremely rare.

$75 SOLD

3.  Briney, Drew. Understanding Adam God Teachings: A Comprehensive Resource of Adam-God Materials. NP, 2005. 658 pp. Hardcover. As new. Statements by Brigham Young and other 19th Century leaders regarding the nature of Adam and his status as a god have been characterized as everything from theory to doctrine and even heresy. One thing is certain—there was much said and written about this topic. There have previous attempts to compile these statements into one place before but none have been so comprehensive. The material has been collected into topics to make it more useful. Tripled in value since going out of print five years ago.


4.  Cheney, Thomas E. The Golden Legacy: A Folk History of J. Golden Kimball. Brigham Young University Press, 1973. First edition. 155pp. Hardback. Dust jacket is soiled especially along rear panel and spine, the dust jacket also has a few small tears. This copy seems to have been in a library but has all library stickers or markings removed from inside the front and rear covers with minor damage to the endsheets and pastedowns. Near VG. Given Kimball’s controversial personality, it is only fitting that this collection of tales about him underwent a checkered publication. The first edition, published by BYU Press, included several stories about a shared incontinence problem (due to prostate troubles) plaguing Kimball and Heber J. Grant. This raised some eyebrows and copies were recalled. In some cases, the title page was removed and the BYU Press logo on both dust jacket and book were obliterated. Unaltered copies (with title page intact and nothing done to the BYU Press logo) in this kind of shape are truly modern rarities. A revised edition, with two offending stories removed and a new story added, was published a year later by Peregrine Smith. A collectible with an entertaining backstory!


5.  Chism, Shane J. A Selection of Early Mormon Hymnbooks, 1832-1872: Hymnbooks and Broadsides From the First 40 Years of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Shane J. Chism (Lulu Press), 2011. 361 pp. Hardback/dust jacket. Limited to 200 copies. As new. Drawing on Peter Crawley’s Descriptive Bibliography, bibliographies of schismatic groups and early periodicals, Chism has amassed the most complete bibliography of early Mormon hymnals available. Each of the 94 entries includes full bibliographic detail, publication and content details, references to other bibliographies as well as a survey of institutional holdings. Dozens of photographs show title pages and selected hymns and a comprehensive table of the hymns shows the appearance of each composition in 28 important hymnals. Out of print for several years, this is quickly becoming a collectible.

$80 SOLD

6.  Hatch, Ernestine. Academia Juarez A.C., 1901-1976. Academia Juarez, 1977. 134 pp. Hardcover. VG+. The Juarez Stake Academy was an enclave of Utah culture set in Mexican surroundings. This history, written by the daughter of one of the first graduating class from the academy, includes numerous pictures of teams and organizations as well as the school yell:

Bif, Baf Bean! White and Green!

Bravest colors ever seen!

Bif, Baf, Bay! J. S. A.!

Stands for character Roo! Rah! Ray!


Each president of the academy receives a short biographical sketch which also traces the development of the academy. First copy of this we have seen.


7.  Hatch, Nelle Spilsbury [Revised by Madelyn Hatch Knudsen]. Colonia Juarez: An Intimate Account of A Mormon Village. Madelyn Hatch Knudsen, 2012. Revised edition. 216 pp. Oversize green cloth with title embossed on front cover and spine. VG+. Changes to the text in this revised edition include an expansion of the chapter dealing with Pancho Villa, along with the addition of an epilogue containing a brief update of the history of Colonia Juarez since 1954, including a number of pictures. Accents have been added where appropriate and notes have been placed at the end of chapters. Captions to photographs are underneath each photo instead of appearing on a separate page. Some of the original photos are not included because the originals were unavailable for scanning. Not listed in Worldcat (only one known institutional listing)—this is the only copy we have seen.


8.  Hatch, Nelle Spilsbury & B. Carmon Hardy (comp. & ed.). Stalwarts South of the Border. Ernestine Hatch, 1985. 808 pp.  Hardcover. VG+.  This extensive collection of short biographical sketches tells the stories of hardy Mormons who populated the Mexican colonies.  The accounts, ranging anywhere from one to five pages, are usually written by descendants and constitute a fantastic resource for family history as well as scholarly research into the colonies. The project began in 1964 when the dedication of the auditorium/gymnasium in Colonia Juarez sparked Hatch to compile the history of her beloved land. Her father, after serving time in the Arizona Territorial Penitentiary for polygamy, moved to the colonies to escape further prosecution. Declining health on the part of Hatch resulted in historian Carmon Hardy (who passed last year) completing the book for publication. Increasing rarity has made this a modern collectible.


another copy. Pencil check marks throughout. $200

9.  Jarvis, Zora Smith. Ancestry, Biography and Family of George A. Smith. Brigham Young University Press, 1962. 332, 91a, 30b, 36 pp. Minor rubbing and soiling to covers and foredge; note in pen inside front cover. Hardcover. VG. George A. Smith—father and grandfather of future leaders—was a key figure in Mormon history. An early apostle and First Presidency counselor, he was involved in many key events. The author felt the biography—comprising more than half of the book—was a way to honor her grandfather who died before she was born. The last section of the book lists his descendants—though he had seven wives, George A. had only twelve children. One of the most difficult family histories to find—we have sold only one other copy in fifteen years.

$425 SOLD

10.  LeBaron, Ross W. Behold, I Say Unto You: The Redemption of Zion Must Needs Come by Power:… The Church of the First-Born, [1963?]. [2] 32 [2] pp. Yellow printed wrappers. Rubber stamp of P.O. Box 1462 Salt Lake City, Utah on the rear wrapper. Nearly half of the pages are uncut along the top edge. Pamphlet. Condition: Very good. While most fundamentalist Mormons trace their claims for authority to an 1886 event involving John Taylor, the LeBaron groups are unique in instead positing that Benjamin F. Johnson—thought by them to be a “spiritual” son of Joseph Smith—conferred priesthood authority on his grandson Alma Dayer LeBaron. This mantle was claimed by several of his sons at different times, including the author of this pamphlet. Initially a colleague of sibling Joel in the Church of the Firstborn of the Fulness of Times, Ross quickly formed his own organization, titled simply The Church of the First-Born. Overshadowed by his more newsworthy brothers (Ervil would kill Joel as well as numerous others before dying in prison), Ross continued his own course—when he died in 1996, several (including author and compiler Fred Collier) saw themselves as his successor. Group publications are very scarce.

$50 SOLD

11.  McConkie, Bruce R. [Translated by Iris Lloyd de Spannaus, edited by Graciela Herrera de Gonzalez & Mario Casco]. Doctrina Mormona (Mormon Doctrine, Spanish). Bookcraft, 1993. 788 pp. Corners bumped and rubbed; minor staining to foredge. Hardcover. Near VG. This was the second of three foreign language editions of McConkie’s influential albeit controversial compilation to be published (the others being German—in four volumes—and Japanese). Interestingly, Spannaus—a pioneering convert to Mormonism in Argentina—was a descendant of Welsh settlers in Patagonia. Printed in a small quantity—copies that do turn up are often “well-loved.”


12.  [McGavin, E. Cecil] Cooper, Kishkuman. The Sex Life of Brigham Young. Vantage Press, 1963. First edition. 379 pp. Hardback. Touch up paint or marker on spine edges; blacked out name inside back cover; title page removed. Near VG. Popular author E. Cecil McGavin departed from his normal fare with this provocatively-titled novel. He penned the work under a pseudonym but—apparently inadvertently—neglected to remove his name from the copyright notice on the verso of the title page (removed here, as is often the case). Family stories suggest that the author’s wife was so disgusted with the project (and title!) that she made him burn most of the copies. A true modern rarity—this is our first copy in more than fifteen years. This is reflected in an old price–$1950—penciled inside the front cover.

$350 SOLD

13.  [Merrill, Marriner W.] Merrill, Melvin Clarence (ed.). Utah Pioneer and Apostle: Marriner Wood Merrill and His Family. NP: Melvin Clarence Merrill, 1937. First edition. 527 pp. Hardback. Name in ink twice inside front cover. VG. Merrill was appointed an apostle in 1889 in turbulent times. Albert Carrington had been excommunicated, John Taylor had died on the underground and longtime stalwart Erastus Snow had also died. He had previously been a pillar of the church in Cache Valley: bishop in Richmond, twice a counselor in the stake presidency and first president of the Logan Temple (a responsibility he held until his death). He was one of the staunchest advocates for plural marriage: he married eight wives (the last in 1901—ceremony performed by Matthias F. Cowley), encouraged others and likely performed several himself. As such, he was a much-desired witness in the Smoot Hearings—Merrill declined to appear, claiming ill health (he would indeed die during the hearings). Most notable among the contents is a 200-page section with excerpts from his diaries (now closed to research) such as this:

I was called to Salt Lake City to day by Telegram from Prest Woodruff. Met with First Presidency and Apostles. A number of questions were formulated by the Church Attorneys F S Richards & W H Dixon relative to the Manifesto and for ever abandoning the Practice of Plural Marriage


14.  Reay, David and Vonda. Selected Manifestations. David Reay, 1985. First edition. 413 pp. Hardcover/dust jacket. VG+. Husband and wife David and Vonda Reay compiled this “unofficial collection of temple dedicatory prayers, revelations, visions, dreams, doctrinal expositions, and other inspired declarations” with the goal of it standing as a “harmonious companion to those Standard Reference Works.” Concern over copyright issues (due mainly to the inclusion of dedicatory prayers) and references to Mother in Heaven—the book is dedicated to her—resulted in most of the copies being pulled. A typed letter to historian and master bibliographer Peter Crawley signed by David and Vonda Reay laid in. One of the most notable modern collectibles.


another copy. Minor creasing and closed tears to front panel of dust jacket. $600

15.  Rhoades, Gale R. and Kerry Ross Boren. Footprints in the Wilderness: A History of the the Lost Rhoades Mines. Dream Garden Press, 1980. Revised expanded edition. 416pp. Hardcover/dust jacket. NF. Utah and Mormon history is rich in lore of fabulous lost Spanish mines—none more fabulous than the tales of the Rhoades mines from the early territorial period. The authors, cousins and descendants of Thomas Rhoades, collect the accounts—both historic and from their own experiences—and also provide maps to the alleged caches. This greatly expanded second edition is difficult to find, particularly in this condition.


16.  Roberts, B.H. Drafts 1, 2, & 3 of The Truth, The Way, The Life: An Elementary Treatise on Theology, 3 vols. BYU Studies, 1994. First edition. 987 pp., 643 pp., 846 pp. Hardcover. Foreword by John W. Welch. Beginning in the early 1920s, B. H. Roberts began work on what colleague George Albert Smith felt would be the “the most comprehensive treatise of the Gospel that has yet been published.” In 1927, following his stint as president of the Eastern States Mission, Roberts dictated a first draft to his secretary. He gradually worked over the manuscript until submitting it to a reading committee of the Twelve with the intent of publishing the treatise, likely as a manual. The committee took issue with some doctrinal, most notably the concept of “pre-Adamites.” Roberts, unwilling to make any substantive changes, eventually sought to publish it on his own but died before completing the task. Despite attempts in the 1970s to publish his magnum opus, the manuscript (held at the Church History Library [all three drafts] and the Marriott Library [Draft 3 only]) remained unpublished until rival editions were issued in 1994, both using Draft 3. This facsimile edition reproduces the complete version of all three of Roberts’ drafts. Thought to be less than 100 sets produced—tripled in value since going out of print.

$450 SOLD

17.  Seixas, J. Manual Hebrew Grammar for the Use of Beginners. Gould and Newman, 1834. 2nd ed., enl. and rev. 119pp. Hardcover. Light brown boards over brown spine. Chipping to spine, reinforcing tape at foot/crown of spine. Label on front cover partially obscured. Name and note in pencil on endsheet. Water staining at top/bottom of pages at beginning and end of book. Minor toning to pages. Ink streaks on four pages. Hinges tight. VG. In the fall of 1835, Joseph Smith attempted to hire Daniel Peixotto as a instructor in Hebrew. When he was not able to come, Joshua Seixas, a Jewish Christian, was hired to teach, replacing temporary instructor Joseph Smith himself. Interest in the classes outpaced supply of grammars (including some that Seixas provided) and Bibles—they ended up printing a supplement with extracts from this full grammar. Copies rarely come up for sale in the Mormon market.


18.  Seixas, J. Manual Hebrew Grammar for the Use of Beginners (facsimile ed.). Sunstone Foundation, 1981. 119pp. Hardcover. NF. Beginning in January 1836, a class of students in Kirtland studied Hebrew under Joshua Seixas, a Sephardic Jew. As a textbook, they used his grammar (published in 1834). One example of how the seven-week class would impact Mormonism can be seen on p. 50—following Seixas’ pronunciation, the verb נאוו (from Isa. 52:7—“how beautiful…”) is transliterated nau-voo. Included in this well-made facsimile edition (created from a copy at the Marriott Library, University of Utah) is Louis C. Zucker’s essay “Joseph Smith as a Student of Hebrew,” originally published in Dialogue.


19.  [Smith, Joseph F.] Marden, Orison Swett and George Haywood Devitt (eds.). The Consolidated Library, 15 volume set. Bureau of National Literature and Art, 1907. 15 volumes. 3/4 red leather over green cloth boards and decorative marbled endsheets. VG. Volume 15 bears the following inscription in the hand of President Joseph F. Smith: “Joseph F. Smith Compliments of Edward Wilson Washington D. C. 15 Volumes, Rec’d June 20, 1908.” This extensive encyclopedia featured contributors such as Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt and Andrew Carnegie in its thousands of pages. While Pres. Smith was no doubt pleased to receive the set, he would likely not have enjoyed the description of Mormons therein—“the practice of polygamy is one of the distinguishing features of the organization”—the set being published the same year the Smoot hearings concluded. A fine addition to a collector’s library.

$500 SOLD

20.  Smith, Joseph Fielding (comp.). Life of Joseph F. Smith: Sixth President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Salt Lake City: Deseret News Press, 1938. First edition. 490 pp. Small chip at bottom of rear panel of dust jacket; minor darkening to dust jacket along spine; bookplate inside front cover. Hardcover/dust jacket. VG+. Joseph Fielding Smith was a busy man in 1938. In addition to publishing the classic Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith (advertised on the back of the dust jacket), he also compiled this history of his father. In many places, the biography functions more as a documentary history as he quotes liberally from Joseph F.’s journals and correspondence. This would have been a fairly expensive book during the Depression—the retail price in 1938 ($2.50) would be approximately $43 today. Scarce in dust jacket for this era, particularly this nice.



another copy. Several small pieces of dust jacket missing along top edge which also has several creases; minor soiling to covers, few pages with marking. $120

21.  Taylor, Samuel W. & Raymond W. Taylor. John Taylor Papers: Records of the Last Utah Pioneer, 2 vols. Redwood City, CA: Taylor Trust, 1985. 363, 553pp. Hardcover/dust jacket. Short inscription inside vol. 1. Brothers Sam and Raymond Taylor (sons of John W. Taylor and grandsons of John Taylor) collaborated on this documentary history of the third president of the church. Raymond (a self-confessed “two-fingered typist”) unfortunately passed away in 1972, leaving Sam to finish the project. Their brief commentary is interspersed with sections from contemporary periodicals, sermons, correspondence and even Taylor’s journals. Virtually the only source for John Taylor’s correspondence and journals (now restricted access).


another set. Vol. 2 – no dust jacket. $290

22.  [Young, Brigham] Watson, Elden Jay. Manuscript History of Brigham Young (1801-44). Salt Lake City: Elden Jay Watson, 1968. First printing. 274 pp. Hardback. Minor soiling to covers; Scattered underlining and marking on the first 70 pages of text with a few pages with heavy notes and marking. Near VG. Limited edition of 500 copies. Hardcover. Like with Joseph Smith, efforts were made to compile a history of Brigham Young’s life. Using his journals and an autobiographical sketch written by Young, a serialized narrative was published in the i, vols. 25-26. Intriguingly, the compiler notes that Earl Olson informed him that several entries were omitted from the serialization (Watson did not attempt to locate them for publication herein). This narrative, following Young’s history of his early years, covers from 1839 to August 8, 1844, with the momentous meeting in Nauvoo in which Young publicly defended his claim as successor to Joseph Smith (the history beginning the next day, August 9, was also serialized and published as vol. 7 of History of the Church). Reflecting the technology of the day, the extensive index was created “through the use of the University of Utah computer.” Only our second copy in ten years.


23.  [Young, Brigham] Watson, Elden J. Manuscript History of Brigham Young, 1846-47. Salt Lake City: Elden J. Watson, 1971. 672 pp. Cloth. Limited to 500 copies. Name inside front cover. VG. This volume picks up where B. H. Roberts left off with the History of Brigham Young in compiling vol. 7 of History of the Church. Compiler Elden Watson notes that he had it bound to match later printings of that set in size and color. The compilation takes the history down through July 31, 1847. Also includes an extensive 60-page index. Due to its limited printing, it has been very difficult to find over the years.


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