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jsp docs 1Joseph Smith Papers, Documents, vol. 1 (July 1828-June 1831) ed. by Michael Hubbard MacKay, Gerrit J. Dirkmaat, Grant Underwood, Robert J. Woodford and William J. Hartley.  Church Historian’s Press, 2013. 640 pp. Hardback. $54.95. This volume marks the beginning of the Documents series of The Joseph Smith Papers. When complete, the Documents series will publish more than a thousand documents created, authorized, or owned by Joseph Smith, including each of his revelations in its earliest form, reports of his discourses, and correspondence. Also found in the series are articles and editorials he wrote for newspapers, minutes of meetings in which he participated, and records of his ecclesiastical administration. This first volume of the Documents series consists of documents written from July 1828 to June 1831. Among the contents of this volume are more than five dozen revelations that were presented in the first-person voice of Jesus Christ, including texts later published in the Doctrine and Covenants, the expansive “visions of Moses” (now found in the Pearl of Great Price), and revelations never canonized. In addition, several documents in this volume trace the process of translating and printing the Book of Mormon, as well as early efforts to evangelize using the book and its message.

**unfortunately, the entire first print run of these were destroyed in transit—they are being reprinted and should be available around Nov. 1.  Pre-order now! Subscribe to the series with us and receive 10% off each volume as they are released.  Also, we offer an auto-ship program where you will automatically receive each volume upon release—let us know if you’re interested!

codexMormon’s Codex: An Ancient American Book by John L. Sorenson. Neal A. Maxwell Institute/Deseret Book, 2013. 826 pp. Hardback. $59.99. In his magnum opus, leading scholar and author John L. Sorenson synthesizes his work from 60 years of academic study of ancient Mesoamerica and its relationship to the Book of Mormon. Here Sorenson reveals that the Book of Mormon exhibits what one would expect of a historical document produced in the context of ancient Mesoamerican civilization. He also shows that scholars’ discoveries about Mesoamerica and the contents of the Nephite record are clearly related. Indeed, Sorenson lists more than 400 points where the Book of Mormon text corresponds to characteristic Mesoamerican situations, statements, allusions, and history.




2013 scr2013 Edition Scriptures. This edition incorporates numerous changes such as:

–minor typographical errors in spelling and punctuation in the text

–Errors in cross-references, dated information, or misquoted text have been corrected in the footnotes, Topical Guide, Bible Dictionary, and triple combination index

–In the Book of Mormon, all scripture text that is part of the translation from the plates has been placed in roman typeface. Only study helps, such as chapter headings, remain in italics

–additional JST excerpts in footnotes and the appendix

–extensive updates to section headings in the D&C incorporating Joseph Smith Papers research

Various styles/colors available (all regular size):

–simulated leather (much nicer than the old bonded leather) triple combination: black–$28.99/thumb-indexed: black, burgundy–$33.99

–genuine leather triple combination, thumb-indexed: black, brown, burgundy–$47.99

–simulated leather Bible: black–$35.99/thumb-indexed: black, burgundy–$43.99

–genuine leather Bible, thumb-indexed: black, brown, burgundy–$57.99

–simulated leather Quad: black–$50.99/thumb-indexed: black, burgundy–$60.99

–genuine leather Quad, thumb-indexed: black, brown, burgundy–$77.99/w/ snap: black, brown, burgundy–$99.99

**we may need to order some styles/colors—large and compact sizes will be available sometime next month (let us know if you would like to be notified)

js egypJoseph Smith Egyptian Papyri: A Complete Edition by Robert K. Ritner. Signature Books, 2013. 348 pp. Paperback. $34.95. This book (a reprint of the limited edition hardback version published in 2012) marks the publication of the first, full translation of the so-called Joseph Smith Egyptian papyri translated into English. Ritner, renowned professor of Egyptology at the University of Chicago, presents a full translation with footnotes discussing previous translation efforts by Hugh Nibley, Michael Rhodes, John Gee and others. Also included are insightful introductory essays on Egyptian religion, dating, ownership and history of the papyri.

Also available: limited edition (501 copies). Oversize hardback. $79.95.





cult hist bomA Cultural History of the Book of Mormon, Volume One by Daymon M. Smith. NP, 2013. 322 pp. Paperback. $18.30. This first volume of a cultural history of the Book of Mormon focuses on the earliest years of the text. In a new reading of Mormon history informed by the author’s expertise in anthropology and text analysis, the role of Restorationists in locating the Book of Mormon inside the cultural world of the Bible comes to the forefront. The notion of “metatext” is developed in order to explain how texts about the Book of Mormon informed the earliest readings of it, rendering it “scripture” in the genre familiar to Christians, and also shaped it to fit the tradition of Restoration widespread on the American frontier. This cultural history of the Book of Mormon presents a dramatically new way to understand that text and how it has been read and misread from the 1830s onward, as Restorationists took up the text–not for what it said–as a sign of miracles being restored to the true New Testament Church. 


challengeThe Challenge of Honesty: Essays for Latter-day Saints by Frances Lee Menlove ed. by Dan Wotherspoon. Signature Books, 2013. 280 pp. Hardback. $26.95. These essays and sermons, some published here for the first time, are bold, exposing injustice masked as God’s will. Yet, there is an underlying theme of personal integrity and striving for spiritual transformation. As an example, Menlove prays that an intersexed child will not be coerced into gender conformity because of faith commitments but rather that we try to stand perceived wisdom on its head, as the scriptures so often do. Readers will want to share many of these essays with family and friends but will also find the concepts occupying their own private thoughts.




morm chrMormon Christianity: What Other Christians Can Learn From the Latter-day Saints by Stephen H. Webb. Oxford University Press, 2013.  217 pp. Hardback. $27.99. Mormons are adamant that they are Christian, and eloquent writers within their own faith have tried to make this case, but no theologian outside the LDS church has ever tried to demonstrate just how Christian they are. Webb fills this void, as the author writes neither as a critic nor a defender of Mormonism but as a sympathetic observer who is deeply committed to engaging with Mormon ideas. Webb is unique in taking Mormon theology seriously by showing how it provides plausible and in some instances even persuasive alternatives to many traditional Christian doctrines.






edenThe Truth about Eden: Understanding the Fall and Our Temple Experience by Alonzo L. Gaskill. Cedar Fort, 2013. 253 pp. Hardback. $21.99. In The Truth About Eden, Alonzo Gaskill explains why the Fall and redemption must become our personal narrative. His exploration of the third pillar of eternity shares invaluable insights that will change the way you respond to the Savior’s loving directions—and evil’s enticements. Expanded edition of the previously published (and out of print) The Savior and the Serpent.







by concBrigham Young: A Concise Biography of the Mormon Moses by Ed Breslin. Regnery History, 2013. 242 pp. $24.95. In Brigham Young, Ed Breslin distills Young’s larger-than-life story into a concise, readable biography that focuses on his most critical moments and achievements. Unlike other biographies, Breslin’s account neither whitewashes nor sensationalizes Brigham Young’s controversial life. Brigham Young is the perfect primer on Young’s vast and complicated legacy.







A House for the Most High: The Story of the Original Nauvoo Temple by Matt McBride. Greg Kofford Books, 2013. 448 pp. Paperback. $29.95. A House for the Most High is a groundbreaking work from beginning to end with its faithful and comprehensive documentation of the Nauvoo Temple’s conception. The behind-the-scenes stories of those determined Saints involved in the great struggle to raise the sacred edifice bring a new appreciation to all readers. McBride’s painstaking research now gives us access to valuable first-hand accounts that are drawn straight from the newspaper articles, private diaries, journals, and letters of the steadfast participants. Hardback now out of print.



how How We Got the Book of Mormon by Richard E. Turley, Jr. and William W. Slaughter. Hardback. Reg. $34.99, SALE $19.99. This finely-crafted book (complete with endsheets) tells the story of the translation and publication of all significant editions of the Book of Mormon.  Accompanied by fantastic photographs from the Church History Library’s collection.





jsp facJoseph Smith Papers–Revelations & Translations. Manuscript Revelation Books – Facsimile Edition ed. by Robin S. Jensen, Robert J. Woodford and Steven C. Harper. Hardback. Reg. $99.99, NEW LOW SALE PRICE $19.99 (save $80!). This landmark volume includes two early manuscript revelation books, one of which was unavailable to scholars (and generally unknown) until this publication. Features high-quality scans of the original and color-coded transcriptions (showing the work of various scribes) on facing pages.



wof 2Women of Faith in the Latter Days, Volume Two: 1821-1845 ed. by Richard E. Turley, Jr. and Brittany A. Chapman. Hardback. Reg. $34.99, SALE $24.99. The second of a seven-volume set includes biographical essays on well-known figures such as Jane Manning James, Bathsheba W. Smith and Helen Mar Whitney as well as lesser-known but equally interesting women.





rivalsTeam of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln by Doris Kearns Goodwin. Hardback. Reg. $35.00, SALE $9.99. Pulitzer Prize-winning author Doris Kearns Goodwin’s landmark multi-layered biography of Lincoln and influential members of his cabinet.





bibleIllustrated Bible: Story by Story ed. by Father Michael Collins. Hardback. Reg. $49.99, NEW LOW SALE PRICE $14.99. Lavishly illustrated and well researched, includes sections on History of the Bible, Story by Story, People, Places, and Events, Biblical Backdrop, Connections and Essential Reference.

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