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1.          Allred, LaNora P., comp.  SPANISH FORK: CITY ON THE RIO DE AGUAS CALIENTES.  Spanish Fork, 1981.  1st ed., index, simulated lea., photos, oversize format, near fine.                    $50












2.             Anderson, Nephi.  THE CASTLE BUILDER: A MISSIONARY STORY OF THE NORTHLAND.  Salt Lake, 1952.  238 p., inscription on f.f.e.p., in d.j. that is mostly nice but has a chip or two and some minor staining, v.g.  Uncommon d.j.                                                                                                $25













3.             Arrington, Leonard J., ed.  THE PRESIDENTS OF THE CHURCH: BIOGRAPHICAL ESSAYS…. Salt Lake, 1986.  1st ed., 460 p., index, cloth, d.j., v.g.+.  Inscribed: “For Davis & JoAn [Bitton] (former Assistant Church Historian) With Appreciation and Affection. Leonard Arrington” (former Church Historian). Wonderful association copy!                                                                                                                       $50 SOLD














4.             Aston, Ralph, et al., comps.  FROM THESE HILLS AND VALLEYS: A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE CHURCH . . . IN SOUTHWESTERN PENNSYLVANIA.  Wilkinsburg, 1986.  121 p., wrps., photos, oversize format, lt. fold in ft. wrp., o/w v.g.                                                                                                                $30    SOLD













5.             Backman, Milton V., Jr.  A PROFILE OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS OF KIRTLAND, OHIO AND MEMBERS OF ZION’S CAMP 1830-1839.  VITAL STATISTICS AND SOURCES.  Provo, 1982.  1st ed., 165 p., wrps., illus., maps, oversize format, top rt. corner of ft. wrp. torn off, o/w v.g.                               $45 SOLD













6.             Baker, LeGrand L.  MURDER OF AN AMERICAN PROPHET: THE POLITICAL PRELUDE TO THE DEATH OF JOSEPH SMITH.  1st ltd. ed. (5/75), 812 p., full brown lea. w/ gilt dec., frontis., illus., photos, presentation bookplate that is signed and numbered (also signed and numbered on the t.p.), near fine.                                                                                                                                                                      $450 SOLD














7.             Ballard, M. Russell.  OUR SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS: AN INVITATION TO UNDERSTAND THE CHURCH . . . .  Salt Lake, 1993.  1st ed., 128 p., index, near fine.  Inscribed by the author to his secretary who, he says, “made an important contribution to this book.”                                                                                             $100 SOLD














8.             Barker, James L.  THE PROTESTORS OF CHRISTENDOM.  Independence, 1946.  220 p., cloth, inscription on f.f.e.p., o/w v.g.+ in d.j. w/ wear and faded spine.  Uncommon d.j.                                 $25













9.             Bates, Irene M. and E. Gary Smith.  LOST LEGACY: THE MORMON OFFICE OF PRESIDING PATRIARCH.  Urbana, 1996.  1st ed., 258 p.,  index, cloth, photos, chart, d.j., v.g.+.                  $75













10.          Beecher, Maureen Ursenbach.  ELIZA AND HER SISTERS.  Salt Lake, 1991.  1st ed., 179 p., index, wrps., photos, book block is separating, good+  Inscribed and signed by the author to LDS historian Davis Bitton.                                                                                                                                                                        $25 SOLD














11.          Bennion, Lowell L.  THE BOOK OF MORMON: A GUIDE TO CHRISTIAN LIVING.  Salt Lake, 1985.  129 p., lacks d.j., v.g.  Inscribed to LDS historian Davis BittonContains scattered marking by Bitton.  Church program laid in indicates Bitton was the gospel doctrine teacher in his ward.  Uncommon autographed copy of this book.                                                                                                                                 $25 SOLD














12.          Blythe, T. Roger.  DISTINCTIVE SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH: ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND INTERESTING CITIES ON EARTH.  A PENCIL-SKETCHED PRESENTATION BY . . . .  Tucson, 1947.  36 p., wrps., illus., v.g.  Inscribed by the author/illustrator.                                                                                $25










13.          BOOK OF MORMON.  Liverpool, 1987.  Ltd. reprint ed. (250), 643 p., index, dec. full lea., a.e.g., fancy endsheets, matching slip-case, fine. Printed on the slip case: “1837-1987. This volume is an authentic replica of the specially-bound Book of Mormon presented to Queen Victoria in 1841 for Brigham Young by Lorenzo Snow. The present edition, limited to 250 copies, was lithographed from the original pages for guests attending the 150th Anniversary Dinner at The Savoy, London, 24 July 1987.” “To John H. Mitchell. 1987” appears on the ft. cover of the book and “Presented by Ezra Taft Benson” on the rear cover. A copy of “A Century and a Half of Shared Dedication,” a 32-page program distributed “[o]n th[e] Special Occasion Marking 150 Years in the British Isles” which contains a significant amount of information concerning the history of the Church in England and the celebration itself.  Another related memento is a decorated, ceramic “Benbow Farm House” made by Herefordshires, Raffles of Windsor,” which was specially created to accompany the book. It is approximately 3 x 5 x 5 inches and is in fine condition. The program contains an illustration of the farmhouse, a place of special significance because of the missionary efforts and early baptisms that took place there.  Particularly rare and desirable as a group.  This set is accompanied by a copy of a documentary on DVD on the history of the Church in Great Britain produced by BYU that contains footage of the anniversary dinner event.                                                                                        $5000

1841 BofM spine and both covers 1841 Book of Mormon replica foredge 1841 Book of Mormon replica in slipcase 1841 Book of Mormon replica inside front cover 1841 Book of Mormon replica slipcase1 1841 Book of Mormon replica slipcase2 1841 Book of Mormon replica title page British Sesquicentennial set













































14.          BOOK OF MORMON.  Manti, 1997.  445 p., black buckram cover, near fine.  Published by the True & Living Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of the Last Days.  Uncommon printing. This edition is a reprint of the 1830 edition with modernized chapters and verses. A central margin has been left for the reader to place his own footnotes and cross-references.                                                                                                    $100   SOLD

IMG_0818 IMG_0819












15.          (Book of Mormon)  EL LIBRO DE MORMON . . . .  Independence, 1929.  3rd Spanish ed., 528 p., cloth, v.g.  Scarce.                                                                                                                                                        $100













16.          Boudinot, Elias.  A STAR IN THE WEST; OR, A HUMBLE ATTEMPT TO DISCOVER THE LONG LOST TEN TRIBES OF ISRAEL, PREPARATORY TO THEIR RETURN TO THEIR BELOVED CITY, JERUSALEM.  Trenton, 1816.  312 p., full-lea., ft. and rear bds. detached at the spine, edge wear and chipping, some foxing, good (text block is relatively nice).  One of Ethan Smith’s sources in his 1825 book, View of the Hebrews, a work that some of Joseph Smith’s critics claim formed the basis for the Book of Mormon.                                $150 SOLD





















Bowen, Albert E.  CONSTANCY AMID CHANGE.  Salt Lake, 1944.  211 p., cloth, illus., o.n. whited-out on f.f.e.p., o/w v.g.+ in d.j. w/ a few chips.  Uncommon, interesting d.j. Apostle Bowen’s only book.       $35    SOLD






18.          Bradford, Mary L.  LEAVING HOME: PERSONAL ESSAYS.  Salt Lake, 1987.  162 p., paper, inscription, o/w v.g.  Inscribed and signed by the author with a separate, related, signed T.L.S. laid in.   The letter is addressed to Maurine Bennion Folsom, sister of Lowell Bennion of whom Bradford would later write a biography.                                                                                                                                                                             $25


IMG_2640 IMG_2641












19.          Brodie, Fawn M.  NO MAN KNOWS MY HISTORY: THE LIFE OF JOSEPH SMITH, THE MORMON PROPHET.  New York, 1946.  3rd prtg., 476 p. + index, cloth, frontis port., map, photos, v.g. in d.j. w/ minor chipping.  Uncommon d.j.            $75













20.          Brooks, Juanita.  JOHN DOYLE LEE: ZEALOT—PIONEER BUILDER—SCAPEGOAT.  Glendale, 1962. 1st trade ed., 404 p., cloth, frontis. port., photos, deckled for edges, o.n., v.g. in d.j. that shows some chipping and wear.  An important biography.                                                                                                $125 SOLD













21.          Cadman, W. H.  A HISTORY OF THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST ORGANIZED AT GREEN OAK, PENNSYLVANIA, U. S. A., IN THE YEAR 1862.  PRESENT HEADQUARTERS AT MONONGAHELA, PENNSYLVANIA.  VOLS. 1-2.  N.p., 2004.  412 p. + 681 p., cloth, photos, ports, fancy end-sheets, fine. Scarce set on one of the splinter groups of Mormonism.                                                         $125 SOLD

07091314 07091313












22.          Cannon, George Q.  THE LIFE OF JOSEPH SMITH, THE PROPHET.  Salt Lake, 1888.  1st ed., 512 p., full lea., plates, spine lt. mottled, o.n. and date, hinges nicely repaired, endsheets added, moisture staining along bottom edges, page edges show a bit of wear, near v.g.  Flake-Draper 1161.  This is a nicer copy than the description seems to indicate.                                                                                                                        $450













23.          Carmer, Carl.  THE FARM BOY AND THE ANGEL.  New York, 1970.  1st ed., 237 p., index, cloth, deckled edges, d.j., v.g. Interesting d.j.                                                                                                      $20













24.          Carter, D. Robert.  TALES FROM UTAH VALLEY: SPELLBINDING AND SOMETIMES STRANGE SELECTIONS FROM THE DAILY HERALD’S HISTORY PAGE, VOL. 1.  Provo, 2005., 1st ltd. ed. (41/100), 147 p., index, cloth, frontis., map, photos, oversize format, near fine.                               $100













25.          (Church of Christ, Temple Lot)  ARTICLES OF FAITH AND PRACTICE OF THE CHURCH OF CHRIST (TEMPLE LOT).  N.p. (Independence?), n.d.  4 p. (on one folded leaf), several sm. Creases, v.g.  See Flake-Draper 1287, which lists a similar item described as a broadside.                                                            $25













26.          (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)  AN ADDRESS.  CHURCH . . . TO THE WORLD.  Salt Lake, 1907.  19 p. + wrps., wrps. very sl. discolored, o/w v.g.   See Flake-Draper 1311. Bears the printed names of the First Presidency of “Joseph F. Smith, John R. Winder, and Anthon H. Lund, in behalf of the Church….”  Adopted by vote of the Church in General Conference.                                                                            $50













27.          (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)  OFFICIAL DECLARATION.  SALT LAKE CITY, DECEMBER 12th, 1889.  3 p. on one folded sheet, near fine.  Flake-Draper 1410.  A denial of charges against the Church and a declaration regarding polygamy.  Very scarce.                                                                           $250













28.          (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)  OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT.  SALT LAKE CITY, AUGUST 18, 1894.  TO THE OFFICERS AND MEMBERS OF THE CHURCH . . . .  4 p. on one folded sheet, a tiny tear and fold or two, v.g.+.  Flake-Draper 1674c.  Contains the facsimile signatures of Wilford Woodruff, George Q. Cannon, and Joseph F. Smith, as First Presidency, at the end.  Concerns the establishment of a Church university in Salt Lake City.  A nice copy of a very scarce, official Church publication.                                                                                                                                                                                                          $150













29.          (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Council of the Twelve)  CIRCULAR FROM THE TWELVE APOSTLES.  Salt Lake, 1880.  4 p. on one folded sheet, dbd. (w/ binding marks at spine), number written on first page, v.g.  Flake-Draper 1500.                                                                                                $150













30.          (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Council of the Twelve) AN EPISTLE OF THE COUNCIL OF THE TWELVE APOSTLES OF THE CHURCH . . . READ OCTOBER 10, 1887, AT THE GENERAL SEMI-ANNUAL CONFERENCE, HELD IN SALT LAKE CITY.  Salt Lake, 1887.  1st ed., 16 p., wrps., very minor soiling to wrp., v.g.  Flake-Draper 1502.  Unusually nice wrps. Shortly after the death of Church president, John Taylor, Wilford Woodruff, speaking for the Council of Twelve Apostles as their president, covers a variety of subjects deemed important for the Saints. He declares himself to be “the last man living in the flesh who was present upon that occasion” when Joseph Smith “called the Twelve Apostles together in the City of Nauvoo, and spent many days with us in giving us our endowments, and teaching us glorious principles which God has revealed to him.”                                                                                                                                                      $150













31.          As above.  Dbd., stamped numbers in upper corners, lacks rear wrp., o/w v.g.                           $95













32.          (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Council of the Twelve Apostles)  PROCLAMATION OF THE TWELVE APOSTLES OF THE CHURCH . . . TO ALL THE KINGS OF THE WORLD, TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA; TO THE GOVERNORS OF THE SEVERAL STATES AND TO THE RULERS AND PEOPLE OF ALL NATIONS.  Liverpool, 1845.  2nd ed., 16 p., dbd., lt. horizontal fold, cloth tape in left margin on first and last leaves (which also have lt. soiling), two leaves have a tear of abt. 2 inches which barely impacts text on one, two numbers are written in the bottom margin of the last pg., good only.  Flake-Draper 1512.   Parley P. Pratt, member of the Quorum of the Twelve, wrote this wonderful, scarce, and especially audacious tract. Crawley writes: “Derived from the revelation to Joseph Smith of January 19, 1841 (D&C 124), which, in its opening verses, enjoined him to make a ‘solemn proclamation . . . to all the kings of the world, to the four corners thereof, to the honorable president-elect, and the high-minded governors of the nation.'” He declares that the Proclamation was composed by Parley P. Pratt and “certainly published at the shop of The Prophet” in New York. The paper advertised it in March and stated that “only a few copies have been printed.” In October, Wilford Woodruff published 20,000 copies of the pamphlet in Liverpool. (See Crawley 256).                                                                                                                                        $750













33.          (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, First Presidency)  AN EPISTLE OF THE FIRST PRESIDENCY, TO THE CHURCH . . . IN GENERAL CONFERENCE ASSEMBLED.  READ APRIL 6th, 1886, AT THE FIFTY-SIXTH GENERAL ANNUAL CONFERENCE, HELD AT PROVO, UTAH.  Salt Lake, 1886.  1st ed., 19 p., wrps., v.g.  Flake-Draper 1662.  Great copy! John Taylor and George Q. Cannon, as the First Presidency, decry the early and ongoing persecution of the Saints by the U.S. Government and citizens, especially for polygamy. They write: “Had Jacob [from Old Testament] lived now, the judges would have sent spies, spotters, and deputy marshals after him and if caught would have sent him to the penitentiary with other honorable men who had the courage of their convictions….”                                                                                                    $150 SOLD













34.          As above.  Dbd., lacks rear wrp., small numbers stamped in upper corners.                                $95













35.          (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, First Presidency)  AN EPISTLE OF THE FIRST PRESIDENCY, TO THE CHURCH . . . IN GENERAL CONFERENCE ASSEMBLED.  READ APRIL 8TH, 1887, AT THE FIFTY-SEVENTH GENERAL ANNUAL CONFERENCE, HELD AT PROVO, UTAH.  Salt Lake, 1887.  1st ed., 15 p., wrps., v.g.+.  Flake-Draper 1664.  Excellent condition! The First Presidency (John Taylor, George Q. Cannon, Joseph F. Smith) cover many important matters of concern including the incarceration of Lorenzo Snow for polygamy. Nearly two pages are spent on proper amusements for the Saints. They point out that since the ward bishopric cannot always be present at parties, “it would be well, therefore, to select in every ward a committee of judicious, wise, good-tempered and firm men to take charge of social parties, and to see that order is maintained….[Those] in charge of parties should see that dances of every kind are conducted in a modest and becoming manner, and that no behavior be permitted that would lead to evil or that would offend the most delicate sensibilities.”                                                                                                                                          $150













36.          (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, First Presidency)  TO THE PRESIDENTS OF STAKES, BISHOPS, AND ALL WHOM MAY IT CONCERN.  SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, OCTOBER 25, 1890.  Salt Lake, 1890.  2 p. 11 x 8 inch broadsheet w/ the date at the top, fine condition.  Flake-Draper 1689.  Shows the printed signatures of Wilford Woodruff, George Q. Cannon, and Joseph F. Smith, as First Presidency, at the end.  Concerns the establishment of Church schools in every ward and stake.  The condition of this document is stunning.                                                                                                                                         $425













37.          (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, First Presidency)  STATEMENT BY THE PRESIDENCY OF THE CHURCH . . . IN REFERENCE TO MAGAZINE SLANDERS.  THE FOLLOWING ADDRESS WAS READ AT THE GENERAL CONFERENCE OF THE CHURCH AT SALT LAKE CITY, APRIL 9th, 1911.  1st ed., 8 p., self-wrps., spine shows impact of previous binding, small, neat numbers printed in upper corners, o/w v.g.  Flake-Draper 1678.            The following could have been written today: “It is a question whether silence should be maintained, as a sign of that contempt that is felt for those attacks and their authors by the objects of their spleen, but there are so many requests for replies, or at least explanations, for the benefit of inquiring minds, that perhaps it is proper that something should be officially stated for the good of the reading public.” (pp.3-4) Bears the printed names Joseph F. Smith, Anthon H. Lund, and John Henry Smith.  Very scarce item.                            $100 SOLD













38.          (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, First Presidency and Council of the Twelve)  THE FATHER AND THE SON: A DOCTRINAL EXPOSITION BY THE FIRST PRESIDENCY AND THE TWELVE.  Salt Lake, 1916.  1st ed., 8 p., near fine.  Flake-Draper 1667.  Boyd Kirkland writes of how this landmark doctrinal explication attempted to resolve ongoing theological problems and debate about the Godhead: “This exposition minimized through harmonizing techniques the sense in which Jesus is called the Father in the Book of Mormon. It also supported the position that Jesus Christ was Jehovah, the God of Israel, and the Elohim was his father…Its definitions of Elohim and Jehovah remain the official position of Mormonism. (Line Upon Line, 46-47)                                                                                                                                                                                     $150













39.          (Clawson, Rudger)   A MINISTRY OF MEETINGS: THE APOSTOLIC DIARIES OF . . . . (Stan Larson, ed.).  Salt Lake, 1993.  1st ltd. ed. (44/500), 803 p., index, frontis. port., fancy cloth binding, v.g.+. Out-of-print. Part of Signature Books’ Significant Mormon Diaries series.                                                       $200













40.          (Clayton, William)   AN INTIMATE CHRONICLE: THE JOURNALS OF….  (George D. Smith, ed.).  Salt Lake City, 1991. 1st ltd. ed. (285/500), 580 p., index, frontis. port., fancy cloth binding, near fine One of most difficult volumes to find in the Significant Mormon Diaries series.                                                       $750













41.          Codman, John.  A SOLUTION OF THE MORMON PROBLEM.  New York, 1885.  1st ed., 25 p. + printed wrps., minor wear to wrps, v.g.  Flake-Draper 2444.                                                                       $75   SOLD













42.          (Corporation of the President)  BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF.  A lot of 21 5 x 4 inch cards printed on both sides and dated from 1956-1960.  Generally v.g.+ cond.  Part of an advertising campaign spearheaded by Mark E. Petersen aimed at young adults, the cards bear slogans like “Be friendly and reverent” and “Fresh up with Sunday.” They contain an accompanying full-color illustration on the obverse and related text on the reverse. There were also full-sized posters for church building displays.  Uncommon.                                              $35 SOLD













43.          Couch, Edward T.  THE EVERLASTING COVENANT OR PROPHETS OF GOD TEACH ALIKE.  Boyne City, 1906.  56 p. + wrps., number written on ft. wrp., o/w v.g.+.  Flake-Draper 2537; Morgan II:71.  Uncommon Strangite pamphlet.                                                                                                      $125 SOLD













44.          (Cumming, Elizabeth)  THE GENTEEL GENTILE: LETTERS OF . . . , 1857-1858  (Ray Canning and Beverly Beeton, eds.)  Salt Lake, 1977.  1st ltd. ed. (1,250), 111 p., index, cloth, map endsheets, illus., photos, v.g. in d.j. with a bit of soiling. Number eight of the series: Utah, The Mormons, and the West.                                                                                                                                                                                                      $35 SOLD











45.          Curran, G. W.  MY CONVERSION.  BY . . . .  A MEMBER OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH FOR MANY YEARS TELLS WHY HE ACCEPTED THE DOCTRINE OF THE CHURCH . . . (MORMON).  HIS REASONS SET FORTH IN A LOGICAL AND EASILY UNDERSTOOD MANNER.  N.p., 1938.  32 p., wrps., photos, v.g.                                                                                           $20













46.          Deatherage, Chas. P.  STEAMBOATING ON THE MISSOURI RIVER IN THE ‘SIXTIES: THE PROPHETIC CITY.  Kansas City, 1924.  1st ed., 39 p., wrps., illus., v.g.  Flake-Draper 2741.  Contains info. on the “Mormon War” in Missouri.                                                                                                                                 $25 SOLD













47.          Del Monte, H. D.  LIFE OF CHIEF WASHAKIE AND SHOSHONE INDIANS.  N.p., 1954.  36 p., wrps., photos, v.g.                                                                                                                                                                  $15 SOLD













48.          (Deseret Alphabet)  THE BOOK OF MORMON . . . PART I.  New York, 1869.  1st ed., 116 p., orig. printed lt. blue bds. with lea. back-strip., edges of blue paper are chipped, possibly from insects, nice gilt beehive and title on spine, overall v.g.  Flake-Draper 608. The Board of Regents of the University of Deseret appointed a committee to work out a system of orthography and prepare a school-book in new characters—known as the Deseret Alphabet. Four books were printed in this alphabet, three of which are offered here.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   $300













49.          (Deseret Alphabet)  THE DESERET FIRST BOOK.  Salt Lake, 1868.  1st ed., 36 p., orig. printed salmon bds. w/ cloth back-strip, illus., some edge wear, esp. at corners, minor soling, overall v.g.  Flake-Draper 2817.                                                                                                                                                                          $150













50.          (Deseret Alphabet)  THE DESERET SECOND BOOK.  Salt Lake, 1868.  1st ed., 72 p. + errata, orig. printed off-white bds. w/ cloth back-strip, illus., very minor edge wear, overall v.g.  Flake-Draper 2818.  Scarce with the errata slip.                                                                                                                                     $150













51.          DESERET NEWS, VOL. 23.  Salt Lake, 1874-1875.  832 p., illus., oversize format ( approx. 16 x 12 inches), ¾ lea., binding separated from text block, some edge wear and rubbing, f.f.e.p. shows some chipping, good+.  The text is very clean and readable. (Also, these numbers are on high-rag content paper and are therefore easy to handle.)  Complete vols. of the “Deseret News” are quite scarce.  Contains a treasure-trove of information – including the May General Conference announcement of instituting the United Order in all Salt Lake wards and the October report of George Q. Cannon’s arrest and imprisonment for bigamy; there are numerous stories relating to the Poland Act that removed Mormons from positions of authority in Utah’s judicial system and facilitated prosecution of bigamy and cohabitation; great advertisements, discourses by leading Church authorities, including Brigham Young, the local and national news of the day, etc.  A wonderful item.                                                $500 SOLD

IMG_2636 IMG_2637












52.          Driggs, Howard R.  WILD ROSES: A TALE OF THE ROCKIES.  Chicago, 1916.  1st ed., 248 p., cloth, v.g. in d.j. that is soiled and chipped.  Early, interesting, and uncommon d.j.                                     $50   SOLD













53.          Ellis, Charles.  “CHRISTIAN” AND “MORMON” DOCTRINES OF GOD—ORIGIN AND DESTINY OF MAN—FUTURE LIFE—ETERNAL TORMENTS—ENDLESS PROGRESS—ALL DAMNED—ALL SAVED.  Salt Lake, 1902.  1st ed., 39 p., wrps., ft. wrp. a bit discolored, overall v.g.  Flake-Draper 3142.                                                                                                                                                   $35













54.          (Ensign Ward)  ENSIGN WARD CHAPEL DEDICATORY SERVICES.  ENSIGN WARD CHAPEL, SUNDAY, APRIL 1, 1923.  8 p. + wrps., photo, string-tied spine, sm. stain on ft. wrp.; pencil note on rear wrp., v.g.                                                                                                                                                         $45













55.          Evans, John Henry.  JOSEPH SMITH AN AMERICAN PROPHET.  New York, 1936.  2nd ed., 447 p., index, cloth, frontis. port., photos, inscription on the f.f.e.p., v.g. in badly chipped and creased with several closed tears d.j.  Uncommon d.j.                                                                                                                                $45













56.          Esshom, Frank.  PIONEERS AND PROMINENT MEN OF UTAH COMPRISING PHOTOGRAPHS – GENEALOGIES – BIOGRAPHIES.  PIONEERS ARE THOSE MEN AND WOMEN WHO CAME TO UTAH BY WAGON, HAND CART OR AFOOT, BETWEEN JULY 24, 1847, AND DECEMBER 30, 1868, BEFORE THE RAILROAD.  PROMINENT MEN ARE STAKE PRESIDENTS, WARD BISHOPS, GOVERNORS, MEMBERS OF THE BENCH, ETC., WHO CAME TO UTAH AFTER THE COMING OF THE RAILROAD.  THE EARLY HISTORY OF THE CHURCH . . . .  IN ONE VOLUME, ILLUSTRATED.  Salt Lake, 1966.  Western Epics Rpt. ed., 1,319 p., ports., simulated, embossed lea., hinges tender, writing on ft. pastedown, 2 sm. bookplates, v.g.  Excellent, useful and hard-to-find reference work.                                                                                                                                       $600













57.          Gates, Susa Young (in collaboration with Leah D. Widtsoe).  THE LIFE STORY OF BRIGHAM YOUNG.  New York, 1930.  1st ed., 388 p., index, cloth, frontis port., photos, decorated endsheets,  front hinge cracked, sl. cocked, v.g. in d.j. w/ some chipping and soiling.  Flake-Draper 3519.  While this copy is not perfect and the d.j. shows relatively minor wear, this is a rare, handsome, and very desirable jacket.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    $125 SOLD













58.          Gates, Susa Young, ed. and comp.  SURNAME BOOK AND RACIAL HISTORY: A COMPILATION AND ARRANGEMENT OF GENEALOGICAL AND HISTORICAL DATA FOR USE BY THE STUDENTS AND MEMBERS OF THE RELIEF SOCIETY OF THE CHURCH . . . .  Salt Lake, 1918.  1st ed., 576 p., orig. full lea. w/ gilt title, index, charts, maps, illus., a few leaves show dampstaining, minor edge wear, a bit of chipping on the spine, o.n. in gilt on ft. cover, overall v.g.  Flake-Draper 3525.  Presentation card from Gates glued to ft. pastedown.  Scarce in the lea. binding.                                                           $250













59.          Genealogical Society of the Church . . . .  HANDBOOK FOR GENEALOGY AND TEMPLE WORK.  Salt Lake, 1924, 1949 & 1952.  336 p., 117 p. & 117 p. Set of 3, the 1924 ed. is cloth with name and date inside, the 1949 & 52 eds. in wrps., charts, v.g.  Uncommon.                                                                  $40

07231332 07231333 07231334












60.          (Granite Stake)  THE HARVEST OF TRUTH: AN ART PAGEANT OF THANKSGIVING BY PAGEANT COMMITTEE OF THE GRANITE STAKE SUNDAY SCHOOLS AND PROF. ELBERT H. EASTMAN.  Salt Lake, 1922.  18 p. + wrps., illus, folds, v.g.  Contains a number of interesting advertisements of supporting businesses.                                                                                                                                                  $35













61.          Hadley, Albert Whipple.  HADLEY’S MORMON RHYMES.  Ogden, 1921.  1st ed., 24 p. + dec. wrps., illus., photos, very lt. soiling to wrps. and lt. bumped corners, o/w v.g.  Flake-Draper 3769.  Very scarce publication.                                                                                                                                                          $75













62.          Hafen, A. K.  DEVOTED EMPIRE BUILDERS (PIONEERS OF ST. GEORGE).  St. George, 1969.  1st ed., 147 p., cloth, photos, ports., sm. bookplate, v.g.  Signed by the author.                                        $75   SOLD














63.          Hafen, Bruce C.  A DISCIPLE’S LIFE: THE BIOGRAPHY OF NEAL A. MAXWELL.  Salt Lake, 2002.  1st ed., 631 p., index, cloth, d.j., v.g.  Nice inscription, on the half-t.p., by the subject of the book, signed “Neal A. Maxwell.”  Rare thus.                                                                                                                                           $150














64.          Hardy, B. Carmon.  SOLEMN COVENANT: THE MORMON POLYGAMOUS PASSAGE.  Urbana, 1992.  1st ed., 443 p., index, cloth, d.j., v.g.+.  This copy belonged to historian D. Michael Quinn, who wrote his name on the t.p., along with “working copy.”  It contains Quinn’s  highlighting and marginalia.                                                                                                                                                                                                        $150 SOLD















65.          Harmer, Ralph Kay & Wendell B. Johnson.  HISTORY OF MAPLETON . . . .  Provo, 1976. 198 p., cloth, maps, photos, ports., oversize format, v.g.+. Adapted from a thesis written by R. Kay Harmer for a Master’s Degree in History at Utah State University.                                                                                                $30













66.          (Hawaii)  THE BUILDING MISSIONARIES IN . . . , 1960 to 1963. (Edited by Alice C. Pack)  168 p., index, embossed cloth, photos, ports., v.g.+.              Adds to story covered in “Church College in Hawaii and Its Builders” (see cat. 58, #24). Buildings added to the college, the temple, and the Polynesian Cultural Center are detailed as well as the missionaries involved.                                                                                                                   $35 SOLD













67.          Hickman, Will.  BRIGHAM’S DESTROYING ANGEL: BEING THE LIFE, CONFESSION, AND STARTLING DISCLOSURES OF THE NOTORIOUS . . . , THE DANITE CHIEF OF UTAH.  WRITTEN BY HIMSELF, WITH EXPLANATORY NOTES BY J. H. BEADLE, ESQ., OF SALT LAKE CITY.  Salt Lake 1904.  221 p. + ads. + printed wrps., illus, a tiny, minor tear or two, minor transfer of colored ink on the ft. wrp., overall v.g.  Flake-Draper 3991.  Includes ads. for Mormon and non-Mormon books.  Brightly colored, illus. wrps.  This copy is much nicer than usual for this book in the printed wrps.               $100













68.          Hinckley, Gordon B.  BE THOU AN EXAMPLE.  Salt Lake, 1981.  144 p., cloth, index, d.j. is rubbed and edgeworn, note inside fr. cover, family inscription on half t.p., v.g.  Inscribed by the author (15th president of LDS Church) on front endpaper.                                                                                                             $300














69.          Hinckley, Gordon B.  EARLY EMPIRES OF AMERICA.  N.p., n.d. (appears to be c. 1950).  26 p., wrps. detached, one interior leaf detached, o/w v.g.  A script for a filmstrip of 65 frames produced by the Missionary Department. Each frame title is in all caps with the script below. Rare, early Hinckley work regarding archeological sites and related matters.                                                                                                                    $50













70.          Hinckley, Gordon B.  FAITH, THE ESSENCE OF TRUE RELIGION.  131 p., index, cloth, d.j., near fine.  Signed by the author on the f.f.e.p.                                                                                                             $300














71.          Hinckley, Gordon B.  FROM MY GENERATION TO YOURS . . . WITH LOVE!  Salt Lake, 1973.  1st ed., 85 p., index, v.g. in d.j. w/ some wear and rubbing.  Signed by the author on the f.f.e.p.                $300














72.          Hinckley, Gordon B.  STANDING FOR SOMETHING: TEN NEGLECTED VIRTUES THAT WILL HEAL OUR HEARTS AND HOMES.  193 p., index, cloth, ink inscription (not Hinckley’s) on f.f.e.p., v.g.+ in d.j. w/ very minor rubbing.  Contains the author’s autopen signature on the half-t.p.               $100













73.          (Hinckley, Gordon B.)  TRIPLE COMBINATION—BOOK OF MORMON, DOCTRINE & COVENANTS, PEARL OF GREAT PRICE.  Salt Lake, 1982.  Orig. simulated lea. cover, marking and highlighting, writing on endsheets, edge wear, bookplates, good.  A former missionary’s Book of Mormon, etc., with indicative missionary marking and wear.  Laid into book is a photo of Gordon B. Hinckley with several missionaries.  Hinckley’s autograph, which is an original signature, appears on the reverse of the leaf entitled “Abbreviations and Designations in Footnotes and Text.”  Very rare thus as President Hinckley signed few such books.                                                                                                                                                                                 $500





















74.          (Intemperance)  INTEMPERANCE; AN APPEAL TO THE YOUTH OF ZION.  THE FOLLY OF DRUNKENNESS AND THE NOBILITY OF A TEMPERATE LIFE COMPARED.  FIGURES THAT TELL A FEARFUL STORY.  EXAMPLES FROM REAL LIFE.  Salt Lake, 1891.  1st ed., 24 p. + printed lt. blue wrps., rubber-stamp, lt. stains to wrp., small closed tears on 3 pgs., v.g.  Flake-Draper 4257.  Has a “Partial Catalog of Church Publications . . .” on the rear wrp.  Uncommon title.                                                                $100   SOLD













75.          (Iron County)  IRON COUNTY CENTENNIAL 1851-1951.  N.p., 1951.  1st ed., 44 p., orig. wrps., maps, illus., photos, wrps. have sl. fading and a minor stain or two, overall v.g.  Scarce.                  $30   SOLD













76.          Jaques, John.  EXCLUSIVE SALVATION BY JOHN JAQUES, ELDER IN THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS.  Liverpool, [1851]  8 p., dbd., spine shows the effects of previous binding, minor foxing, o/w near v.g.  Flake-Draper 4346. Crawley II:593. Crawley points out that in less than one year after publication, more than 18,000 copies of this popular tract were sent out by the Millennial Star office. Interestingly, “even though the tract clearly identifies itself as a Latter-day Saint work, it has only one, incidental, reference to Mormonism.”                                                                          $100















77.          Jenson, Andrew.  JORDEN RUNDT EN REISEBESKRIVELSE . . . .  Salt Lake, 1908.  1st ed., 360 p., cloth, illus., map, ports., minor soiling and wear, in Danish, v.g.  Flake-Draper 4406.  Recounts a trip around the world with emphasis on Mormon sites, especially in Scandinavia. Recently published book, “Tales from the World Tour” edited by Reid Neilson and Riley Moffat ($34.99) takes the above title along with numerous Jenson letters and his autobiography to tell a more complete story of this travelogue.                                              $125













78.          (Jenson, Andrew)  BIBLE ALMANAC.  Salt Lake, 1882.  26 p. + wrps., v.g.  Printed in Salt Lake City, but has no obvious Mormon content.  Contains Jenson’s autograph, and the date “Oct. 23, 1890,” in his hand, on the ft. wrp.  Very scarce.                                                                                                                                             $100 SOLD













79.          Jessee, Dean C.  A COMPARATIVE STUDY AND EVALUATION OF THE LATTER-DAY SAINT AND “FUNDAMENTALIST” VIEWS PERTAINING TO THE PRACTICE OF PLURAL MARRIAGE.  A THESIS SUBMITTED TO THE FACULTY OF THE COLLEGE OF RELIGION OF [B.Y.U.] . . . .  273 p. + abstract, 9 x 7 inches, bd. in sturdy buckram, v.g.  Belonged to L.D.S. historian Max H. Parkin w/ his autograph on a f.f.e.p. and his marking and marginalia throughout.                                               $100   SOLD













80.          Johnson, Alan P.  AARON JOHNSON, FAITHFUL STEWARD: A DOCUMENTARY HISTORY.  Salt Lake, 1991.  1st ed., 652 p., index, frontis. port., illus., photos, d.j., v.g.+. Johnson was one of the founders of Springville, Utah, in 1850 and served as the first bishop there for 20 years. He was implicated, but not convicted, in the Parrish-Potter murders that took place there in 1857, during the height of the religious fervor of the Mormon “Reformation.” The book is written by a sympathetic descendant of Johnson. Uncommon       $100 SOLD













81.          Johnson, Benjamin Franklin.  MY LIFE’S REVIEW:  AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF . . . .  Provo, 1997.  404 p., index, cloth, near fine in d.j. w/ sl. faded spine.  From the library of L.D.S. historian Scott Kenney.                                                                                                                                                                                                              $75 SOLD


82.          Jones, Gerald.  ANIMALS AND THE CHURCH.  Salt Lake, 2003.  Full brown lea., brown silk moiré endsheets, near fine. 1 of 20 copies specially bound by the author.                                                  $300













83.          JOURNAL OF DISCOURSES, VOL. II. Liverpool, 1855. 1st ed., orig. ¾ lea. binding, bds. rubbed, some edge wear, some moisture staining (relatively unobtrusive), near v.g.  Flake-Draper 4504.  Orig. vols. have become more difficult to locate.                                                                                                                  $150

IMG_2576 IMG_2577












84.          Lamb, Rev. Martin T.  THE GOLDEN BIBLE; OR, THE BOOK OF MORMON. IS IT FROM GOD?  New York, 1886.  2nd  enlarged ed., 344 p., cloth, some soiling and edge wear, both hinges cracked, near v.g.  Flake-Draper 4706.                                                                                                                                              $75













85.          Lambourne, Alfred.  SCENIC UTAH IN PEN AND PENCIL.  New York, 1891.  1st ed., 20 plates, ½ lea., gilt title on ft. cover and spine, oversize format (16 x 12 inches), some wear to ext. and rubbing to foot of spine, endsheets and some folds and tears, overall v.g.+.  Nice copy; title is bright.                               $300 SOLD













86.          THE LANTERN, PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF DESERET (TERRITORIAL UNIVERSITY OF UTAH).  VOL. 1, No. 1.  Salt Lake, 1891.  10 p. + wrps., ills., ads., wrps. chipped and sl. discolored, wraps taped together along spine, near v.g.  Flake-Draper 4747.  Scarce. First University of Utah periodical. The forerunner of the Daily Utah Chronicle.                                            $100 SOLD













87.          Launius, Roger D.  JOSEPH SMITH III; PRAGMATIC PROPHET.  Urbana, 1988.  1st ed., 394 p., index, cloth, photos, d.j. slightly sunned along spine, v.g.+                                                                               $45 SOLD













88.          Launius, Roger D.  ZION’S CAMP: EXPEDITION TO MISSOURI, 1834.  Independence, 1984.  206 p. ,wrps., ex-lib. (w/ markings), wrps. covered with contact paper, lib. pocket inside rear cover.                                                                                                                                                                                                  $20 SOLD













89.          Lee, Harold B.  DECISIONS FOR SUCCESSFUL LIVING.  Salt Lake, 1973.  1st prtg. under this title, 265 p., index, port., v.g. in d.j. that shows minor wear.  Signed by the author (11th president of LDS Church) on the half-t.p.  President Lee’s signature is scarce.                                                                                                $150 SOLD














90.          Lewis, William.  THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST.  WHERE IS IT—HOW SHALL I KNOW IT?  THERE ARE MANY CHURCHES OF MEN, ONLY THE ONE CHURCH OF CHRIST.  Lamoni, 1911?  18 p., wrps., some soiling to wrps., near v.g.  Flake-Draper 4901.                                                           $25













91.          Lundwall, N. B.  THE FATE OF THE PERSECUTORS OF THE PROPHET JOSEPH SMITH.  Salt Lake, 1952.  1st ed., 363 p., index, frontis. ports., photos, PON o/w v.g., d.j. is a bit tired and has some chipping.  Dust jacket is bright blue over textured blue cloth, image of Carthage Jail is very crisp, price on fr. flap is $3.00, price on rear panel for Inspired Prophetic Warnings is $.60. Many copies of this book are dated 1952 but it requires identifying the finer points to determine first editions.                                                $100

09121302 09121303












92.          As above. Early prtg., d.j. is chipped and has several tears as well as several stains. Inscription inside fr. cover. Smooth blue cloth with green d.j., image of Carthage Jail somewhat faded. Inspired Prophetic Warnings – $.75.                                                                                                                                 $75

09121300 09121301












93.          MacDonald, Alexander Findlay.  THE MEXICAN COLONIES.  VALUABLE INFORMATION TO INTENDING SETTLERS AND TOURISTS.  Salt Lake, 1890.  3 p. on one folded sheet, 11 x 8 inches, small creases along top edge, very lt. discoloration, v.g.+.  Flake-Draper 5133a.  Includes detailed instructions on routes of travel at different times of the year as well as where to obtain wares and who to seek for help. “Persons to be accepted as colonist must have recommends from the wards where they reside, which will be presented to Bishop Wm. D. Johnson, Jr., at Colonia Diaz, or Bishop Geo. W. Sevy, who presides at Colonia Juarez.”                                                                                                                                                                                                 $200













94.          Marquardt, H. Michael. LATER PATRIACHAL BLESSINGS OF THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS. Salt Lake, 2012. 590 p. Ltd. ed. – letter D of 26 lettered copies. Full black leather with title, author, and publisher in gilt on spine; blind stamped image of a patriarch giving a blessing on front cover, marbled endsheets. Hand-sewn and hand-bound. Signed on colophon page by the binder, designers, publisher, and compiler. Very attractive book.                                                          $350

IMG_2652 IMG_2653












95.          As above. Letter W. No signatures on colophon page.                                                                          $300 SOLD (different letter available)


96.          As above. Cloth. New. Limited to 500 copies.                                                                                          $90


97.          Maxwell, Cory H., comp.  THE NEAL A. MAXWELL QUOTE BOOK.  Salt Lake, 1997.  3rd prtg., 395 p., index, d.j., a few passages highlighted, o/w v.g.+.  Inscribed and signed by Neal A. Maxwell.     $75














98.          McAllister, D. M.  A DESCRIPTION OF THE GREAT TEMPLE, SALT LAKE CITY,  AND A STATEMENT CONCERNING THE SACRED PURPOSES TO WHICH ALL TEMPLES OF THE CHURCH… ARE DEDICATED.  Salt Lake, 1929. Ninth ed.,  40 p., lacks pages 19-22, wrps., illus., photos, minor soiling and wear to wrps. bottom right corner of last several pgs. is creased, v.g.  Flake-Draper 5086. Despite the missing leaves, one leaf remains of the Council Room of the Twelve Apostles which features a photograph that shows a white spittoon positioned between a desk and a chair.                                      $25













99.          McConkie, Bruce R.  DOCTRINA MORMONA.  Buenos Aires, 1993.  788 p., cloth, covers show wear, esp. at corners,  spine torn, scattered marking, esp. in the first 40 or so pages, near v.g.  Scarce Spanish ed.                                                                                                                                                                        $110   SOLD













100.        McGavin, E. Cecil.  CUMORAH’S “GOLD BIBLE.”  Salt Lake, 1940.  1st ed., 286 p., index, cloth, v.g. in d.j. that shows some wear, chipping, and a faded spine.                                                                                  $50













101.        Merrill, Melvin Clarence, ed.  UTAH PIONEER AND APOSTLE: MARRINER WOOD MERRILL AND HIS FAMILY. MATERIALS OBTAINED FROM THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY, DIARIES, AND NOTES . . . . (Salt Lake?), 1980.  2nd ed., 527 p., frontis. port., photos, near fine.                     $150 SOLD













102.        (Midvale City)  THE ORDINANCES OF . . . .  TOGETHER WITH EXTRACT FROM THE CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF UTAH RELATIVE TO CITIES, AND CONTAINING ALSO RULES AND ORDER OF BUSINESS FOR THE GOVERNMENT OF THE CITY COUNCIL.  PREPARED AND ARRANGED BY H. A. SMITH UNDER THE AUTHORITY OF THE CITY COUNCIL.  N.p., 1909.  223 p., wrps., illus., wrps. show some chipping and staining, a few leaves have turned corners, minor soiling and spotting, o/w near v.g. Sec. 166 – Riding Bicycles Without Gong. Every person…ride or use a bicycle…without having…, a gong of sufficient sound to warn persons of its approach…is guilty of a misdemeanor.                                                                                                                                                     $30    SOLD













103.        MILLENNIAL STAR, VOL. 15. Liverpool, 1853. 1st ed., 856 + (Supplement) 64 pp. ¾  lea. Lea. is cracking and rubbed along spine; small scar to lea. at bottom of spine from removal of label?; name inside front cover, minor cracking to rear hinge, minor foxing to pages.  The Supplement contains the Minutes of Special Conference of Elders of the Church…August 28-29, 1852, which includes Orson Pratt’s declaration of the Church’s practice of plural marriage to the world.                                                                                                 $350













104.        MILLENNIAL STAR, VOL. 19.  Liverpool, 1857.  1st ed., 824 p., orig. ¾ lea., bds. show rubbing, some edge wear, spine is darkened (likely from smoke damage), smoke staining along top edge, o.n., o/w v.g.  Flake-Draper 4779.  This issue contains the funeral numbers announcing the deaths of Jedediah Grant and Parley P. Pratt.                                                                                                                                         $150 SOLD













105.        MILLENNIAL STAR, VOL. 22. Liverpool, 1860. 1st ed., 824 p., Full lea., raised gilt bands on spine; title in gilt on spine; gilt ruled lines on front and rear covers; decorative endsheets; marbled edges; gilt dentelles. Moisture stain on bottom of front cover. Name inside. An attractive volume.                   $450













106.        MILLENNIAL STAR, VOL. 41. Liverpool, 1879. 1st ed., 824 p., ¾ lea., title in gilt on spine. Lea. at top of spine is heavily rubbed; glue residue from removal of bookplate inside front cover; moisture staining on several pages; smoke staining to top edge of pages.                                                                               $150














107.        MILLENNIAL STAR, VOL. 72.  Liverpool, 1910.  1st ed., 832 p., orig. ¾ lea., edge wear, corner bumped, spine shows some rubbing and scraping, o.n., near v.g.  Flake-Draper 4779.  Interior is very clean.                                                                                                                                                                                                 $75













108.        MILLENNIAL STAR, VOL. 73.  Liverpool, 1911.  1st ed., 832 p., orig. ¾ lea., bds. show rubbing, some edge wear, spine shows rubbing and wear, o.n. (2) and some writing on endsheets, near v.g.  Flake-Draper 4779.  Interior is very clean.                                                                                                                   $75













109.        Morgan, Dale L.  THE GREAT SALT LAKE.  1st ed., 432 p., index, cloth, map endsheets, photos, wear on edges and spine, bottom edges worn, lt. moisture stains on top edge, o/w v.g. in d.j. that is chipped and worn w/ somewhat faded spine.  Signed by the author.                                                          $125














110.        Morris, Nephi Lowell.  PROPHECIES OF JOSEPH SMITH AND THEIR FULFILLMENT.  Salt Lake, 1945.  370 p., index, cloth, photos, half-t.p. cleanly detached, inscription on ft. pastedown, minor underlining, o/w v.g. in d.j. w/ chipping and soiling.   Uncommon d.j.                                                    $30













111.        Morton, William A.  THE LIFE OF CHRIST IN SIMPLE LANGUAGE FOR LITTLE CHILDREN WITH NUMEROUS ILLUSTRATIONS.  Salt Lake, 1916.   1st ed., 141 p., printed bds. with cloth back-strip, illus., o.n. (3), edge wear, esp. at corners, minor soiling, near v.g.  Flake-Draper 5622.  Handsome cover.                                                                                                                                                                             $50 SOLD













112.        (Moyle, Henry D.)  INCIDENTS IN THE LIFE OF . . . AS REMEMBERED BY ROBERT N. SEARS (COVERS YEARS 1938-1963).  N.p., n.d.  103 p., cloth, photos, near fine.                                         $40













113.        Musser, A. Milton.  “RACE SUICIDE” INFANTICIDE, PROLICIDE, LEPROCIDE vs. CHILDREN.  LETTERS TO MESSRS. JOSEPH SMITH AND WM. H. KELLEY.  AGGRESSIVELY DEFENSIVE.  Salt Lake? 1904.  1st ed., 58 p. + wrps., photos, wrps. faded and show minor wear, o/w v.g.  Flake-Draper 5687.  Intriguing title; a scarce item today.                                                                                    $100 SOLD













114.        Nelson, Lowry.  THE MORMON VILLAGE.  A PATTERN AND TECHNIQUE OF LAND SETTLEMENT.  Salt Lake, 1952.  1st ed., 296 p., index, cloth, photos, tables, maps, d.j., d.j. shows minor soiling and chipping.                                                                                                                                             $45   SOLD













115.        Nelson, Lowry.  A SOCIAL SURVEY OF ESCALANTE, UTAH.  Provo, 1925.  44 p., wrps., o.n. – signed by LDS author, John L. Sorenson on front wrap, minor wear, v.g.                                                  $35













116.        (Nibley, Hugh)   BY STUDY AND ALSO BY FAITH, VOLUMES 1 & 2.  ESSAYS IN HONOR OF . . . , ON THE OCCASION OF HIS EIGHTIETH BIRTHDAY 27 MARCH 1990 (John M. Lundquist and Stephen D. Ricks, eds.).  Provo, 1990.  1st ed., 704 & 676 p., index, cloth, frontis. port., d.js. have minor sunning along spines, v.g.+.                                                                                                                                                $150

09121315 09121316












117.        Nixon, Loretta D. and Douglas Smoot.  ABRAHAM OWEN SMOOT: A TESTAMENT OF HIS LIFE.  Provo, 1994.  1st ed., 364 p., index, cloth, photos, maps, d.j., near fine.                                            $60













118.        Nye, Ephraim H.  THE STRAIGHT AND NARROW WAY.  DOCTRINES THE SAVIOUR TAUGHT.   Chattanooga, [1906], 32 p. + Pink printed wrps., v.g.  Flake-Draper 5965 variant.  Very scarce.                                                                                                                                                                                                          $50













119.        Pardoe, T. Earl.  LORIN FARR, PIONEER.   Provo, 1953.  1st ed., 380 p. + bibliography and index, cloth, photos, maps, ex-lib. w/ bookplate and spine numbers (partially obliterated).  Inscribed by the author on the t.p.                                                                                                                                                                                $75













120.        Peet, Volney S.  POLYGAMY FROM A NON-MORMON VIEWPOINT.   BY V. S. PEET, A  LECTURE DELIVERED IN FRIENDSHIP LIBERAL LEAGUE IN PHILADELPHIA, OCTOBER 8TH, 1905…. Salt Lake? 1907?  2nd ed., 16 p., rubberstamp, small moisture stain on front page; minor soiling and chipping along edges; lacks wrps., o/w v.g.  Flake-Draper 6218.                                                             $50  SOLD













121.        Pratt, Orson.  WAS JOSEPH SMITH SENT OF GOD?  Liverpool, 1908?. 22 p., brown printed wrps., ports., some ext. wear and few stains on pages, o/w v.g. Printer at Millennial Star Office. Variant of Flake-Draper 6459? Flake calls for List of Publications and Articles of Faith which are not found in this ed.                                                                                                                                                                                                               $40 SOLD













122.        As above. Souvenir edition. London. Printed and published by the British Mission. [4]+22 pp.  Some ext. wear, writing on ft. wrp., near v.g. This printing includes a photograph of young Pratt on the t.p. and a two-page biographical sketch and timeline and a later photograph precedes the text of the pamphlet. Uncommon.                                                                                                                                                                                                          $60













123.        Rhoades, Gale R. and Kerry Ross Boren.  FOOTPRINTS IN THE WILDERNESS: A HISTORY OF THE LOST RHOADES MINES.  Salt Lake, 1984.  416 p., wrps., illus., photos, wrps show some creases and wear, near v.g.  Hard-to-find title.                                                                                                                $100













124.        Rich, Ben. E.  GOSPEL INTERVIEW OF THE DOCTRINE OF THE CHURCH . . . .  N.p., 1909?  32 p., wrps., staining to wraps and scattered pages, top right corner of pages creased with some soiling, near v.g.  Flake-Draper 7170.  Very scarce.                                                                                                        $35 SOLD













125.        Rich, Ben. L.  THE BOOK OF MORMON.  A LECTURE GIVEN BY INVITATION APRIL 29, 1900, BEFORE THE OHIO LIBERAL SOCIETY, CINCINATI, OHIO.  N.p. (Salt Lake?), 1900.  1st ed., 18 p., wrps., port., ft. wrp. detached at spine, a bit of soiling, overall v.g.  Flake-Draper 7209.  Uncommon title. 

$40 SOLD













126.        Richards, LeGrand.  A MARVELOUS WORK AND A WONDER.  Salt Lake, 1950.  1st ed., 376 p., index, cloth, d.j., inscription on f.f.e.p. (not by author), o/w v.g. in d.j. w/ a bit of chipping and soiling.  Signed by the author.                                                                                                                                                     $75 SOLD














127.        Ricks, Stephen D. and William J. Hamblin.  WARFARE IN THE BOOK OF MORMON.  Salt Lake, 1990.  1st ed., 534 p., index, v.g.+ in d.j. that w/ minor fading and has a sm. tear.                              $95 SOLD













128.        Roberts, B H.  CORIANTON, A NEPHITE STORY.  N.p. (Salt Lake City?), 1902.  1st ed., 111 p., bound in cloth, lacks wrps., minor soiling, corners rounded, a few minor tears, o.n., overall good+.  Flake-Draper 7315.  Book of Mormon fiction that first appeared serially in “The Contributor.”  A very scarce book that is seldom seen for sale.                                                                                                                                                       $800 SOLD













129.        Roberts, B. H.  DEFENSE OF THE FAITH AND THE SAINTS, VOL. II.  Salt Lake, 1912.  1st ed., 548 p., cloth, spine mottled and worn at crown and foot, worn at edges, esp. corners, ink inscription on f.f.e.p., o.n., sl. cocked, near v.g.  Flake-Draper 7316.  Very scarce vol.                                                        $450 (set also available–$700)













130.        Roberts, B. H.  HISTORY OF THE MORMON CHURCH, VOLS. 1-6 as it appeared in Americana Illustrated from 1911 to 1915.  This is the orig. printed version of what Roberts published in 1930 as A Comprehensive History of the Church . . . .  Vol. 1 is bound in ¾ leather w/o the wrps. but with the plates (and tissue guards), illus., photos, etc.  Vol. 3 lacks six issues, those present appear in wrps. and vols. 2, 4, 5 and 6 are in full lea.  Vols. 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 are v.g.  Vol. 3  has damp staining to the first few leaves and is dbd.  Very unusual in this printing state; vol. 1 is signed and dated by the author, less than a week before his death.  Rare thus.                                                                                                                                                                     $2,000

IMG_2629 IMG_2630












131.        Roberts, B. H.  RASHA THE JEW: A MESSAGE TO ALL JEWS. Salt Lake, 1932. 1st ed., 156 p., cloth in d.j.; d.j. is faded along the spine and has several small tears, v.g.  Scarce d.j.                                $350













132.        Roberts, B. H.  THE SEVENTY’S COURSE IN THEOLOGY. . . , VOLS. 1 – 5.  Salt Lake, 1908 – 1931.  The first book, bound in cloth and printed in 1931, contains vol. 1 of the Seventy’s Course; the second vol., rebound in cloth, contains vols. 2 – 5.  Minor wear and soiling to covers, second book has sl. faded spine, o.n. in both vols. (one has name on top edge), near v.g.  Flake-Draper 7373.                                       $200













133.        Roberts, B. H.  THE SEVENTY’S COURSE IN THEOLOGY (BEING THE REPRINT OF THE FIRST YEAR BOOK OF THAT “COURSE”).  OUTLINE HISTORY OF THE SEVENTY AND A SURVEY OF THE BOOKS OF HOLY SCRIPTURE.  Salt Lake, 1944.  235 p., two bookplates, writing on the ft. pastedown, o/w v.g. in d.j. w/ sl. discolored and chipped spine.  Uncommon d.j.                     $25 SOLD













134.        Roberts, B. H.  THE SEVENTY’S COURSE IN THEOLOGY.  THIRD YEAR: THE DOCTRINE OF DEITY.  Salt Lake, 1910.  Bound together with THE SEVENTY’S COURSE IN THEOLOGY.  FIFTH YEAR: DIVINE IMMANENCE AND THE HOLY GHOST.  Salt Lake, 1912.   1st ed., 216 p. + 124 p., full lea., a bit of writing on endsheets, gilt name on ft. cover, very minor marking in red pencil, else  near fine.  Flake-Draper 7373.  Nice copy!                                                                                                                                             $125 SOLD













135.        Romney, Thomas C.  THE LIFE OF LORENZO SNOW, FIFTH PRESIDENT OF THE CHURCH….  Salt Lake, 1955.  512 p., index, cloth, frontis. port., dec. endsheets, name stamp, o/w v.g.+ in d.j. w/ minor chipping and tears.                                                                                                                      $100













136.        Sabin, Joseph.  BIBLIOTHECA AMERICANA: A DICTIONARY OF BOOKS RELATING TO AMERICA, FROM ITS DISCOVERY TO THE PRESENT TIME.  BEGUN BY . . . , AND CONTINUED BY WILBER FORCE EAMES FOR THE BIBLIOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA.  PART CXVIII.  SMITH (J.J.) TO SMITH (JOE.).  New York, 1927.  New York, 1927. Flake-Draper 7466c.  Pp. numbered 293-388, wrps., which show some folds and wear at edges, and are cleanly detached at the spine, small ink stain on front wrap, o/w v.g.  Pages 303-364 detail printed items attributed to Joseph Smith. Pages 365-368 for Joseph Smith III.                                                                                                                                   $250













137.        THE SAINTS’ ADVOCATE, VOL. 1, No 5. (W.W. Blair, ed.)  Plano, 1878.  33-48 p., uncut/unopened, wrinkling to bottom corner of second sheet resulted in loss of print to several words, v.g.  Flake-Draper 7476.  This issue of the RLDS periodical is almost entirely on the topic of “Endowments” and many quotes taken from the Millennial Star regarding the Kirtland period endowments are included. Also of note is the subscription plea – “Subscribe for yourselves and for friends deceived by the Latter Day Apostasy.”                $60













138.        As above.  VOL. 1, No. 9. 81-88 p. Lead column is on “Old Mormonism.” It cautions specifically against polygamy. Also a purported quote from Joseph the Seer, “that if Brigham Young   should ever lead the Church, he would lead it to hell.”                                                                                                                                 $50













139.        SAINTLY FALSITY.  ON QUESTIONS AFFECTING THEIR FANATICAL TENETS AND PRACTICES.  SHOULD OATHS OF MORMONS BE ACCEPTED IN THE COURTS?  SOME STRONG FACTS SHOWING THAT THEY SHOULD NOT BE.  Salt Lake? 1885?  1st ed., 10 p., self-wrps, partially un-cut/un-opened with minor chipping to bottom edge of one page, v.g..  Flake-Draper 7474.  Very scarce.                                                                                                                                                           $95   SOLD













140.        (Salt Lake Temple)  THE SALT LAKE TEMPLE.  A MONUMENT TO A PEOPLE.   Special ltd. ed. (0720), full white lea., illus., photos, oversize format, near fine in matching slip-case.  A beautiful and scarce book.                                                                                                                                                                      $450

IMG_0847 IMG_0848 IMG_0851












141.        (Salt Lake Tribune) FIFTY YEARS AGO TODAY.  SALT LAKE TRIBUNE’S JUBILEE SOUVENIR.  JOURNEY OF THE UTAH PIONEERS.  Salt Lake, 1897.  108 p. + wrps., lacks wrps, chipping to first and last couple of leaves, good.  Flake-Draper 7510.                                                      $85 SOLD













142.        Scott, Bill.  PIONEERS OF THE BIG HORN: TRUE STORIES OF THE YELLOWTAIL COUNTRY.  Denver, 1966.  119 p., cloth, photos, d.j., v.g.  Inscribed by the author. Has some Mormon content.                                                                                                                                                                                                     $25 SOLD













143.        Scott, Richard G.  FINDING PEACE, HAPPINESS, AND JOY.  Salt Lake, 2007.  1st ltd. ed. (806/825), full lea., a.e.g., limitation bookplate on f.f.e.p., near fine.  Signed by the author on the t.p.                                                                                                                                                                                                    $175

IMG_0849 IMG_0850












144.        Sloan, Edward L., comp.  UTAH GAZETTEER AND DIRECTORY OF LOGAN, OGDEN, PROVO AND SALT LAKE CITIES.  Salt Lake, 1884.  1st ed., 634 p. + ads., cloth, illus., soiling to covers and foredge; minor fraying to cloth on top edge; inscription on title page. Contains the large folding colored map of Utah often lacking in this volume as well as many full-page advertisements, illustrations and graphs, v.g.  Flake-Draper 7761.  Very scarce, esp. in nice condition. A venerable treasure trove of information of everything Utah up to 1884.                                                                                                                   $250 SOLD













145.        Smith, Frederick M.  APPEAL OF . . . , ONE OF THE PRESIDENCY OF THE “REORGANIZED CHURCH” TO PRES. JOSEPH F. SMITH FOR THE UNLIMITED USE OF THE MEETING HOUSES OF THE LATTER-DAY SAINTS AND HIS REPLY.  Salt Lake City? 1905.  12 p. + wrps., v.g.+.  Flake-Draper 7854.                                                                                                                                                                         $35













146.        Smith, George Albert  SHARING THE GOSPEL WITH OTHERS . . . , EXCERPTS FROM THE SERMONS OF . . . .  Preston Nibley, comp.  Salt Lake, 1948.  1st ed., 219 p., cloth, frontis. port., sheet containing “Creed of President George Albert Smith” tipped in, v.g. in d.j. w/ a few large chips and a faded spine.  Inscribed and signed by the author, eighth president of the Mormon Church.  Also, unfortunately, contains another unrelated inscription and date written just below.                                                                       $325














147.        (Smith, George Albert)  THE IMPROVEMENT ERA, APRIL, 1950.  Has Geo. Albert Smith port. on  ft. cover.  Bd. in full lea., minor wear.  “The Improvement Era—President George Albert Smith Birthday Issue, April, 1950” appears in gilt on the ft. cover. Nearly all the ads wish Pres. Smith a Happy Birthday or talk about his life and interests.  The name “Albert L. Zobell, Jr.” is also on the cover.                                                  $100 SOLD













148.        Smith, Jesse Nathaniel.  THE JOURNAL OF JESSE NATHANIEL SMITH: SIX DECADES IN THE EARLY WEST, DIARIES AND PAPERS OF A MORMON PIONEER, 1834-1906.  468 p. + index, 3rd ed., 2nd prtg., rev., cloth, A second pg. 231 has been tipped in apparently as a correction. fine. Smith was a first cousin to Joseph Smith, Jr. He served a mission to Scandinavia and later became mission president there twice. He and his family helped settle Parowan, UT, (serving as mayor for a time) and later Snowflake, AZ, where he died. Smith had five wives and forty-four children.                                                                                                              $100













149.        Smith, Joseph.  TEACHINGS OF THE PROPHET . . . .  (Joseph Fielding Smith, comp.)  Salt Lake, 1943.  3rd ed., 410 p., index, cloth, v.g. in d.j. w/ some chips and soiling.  Scarce in the d.j.                                $50













150.        Smith, Joseph.  THE WORDS OF . . . ; THE CONTEMPORARY ACCOUNTS OF THE NAUVOO DISCOURSES OF THE PROPHET JOSEPH (Andrew F. Ehat and Lyndon W. Cook, eds.).  Provo, 1981.  2nd ed., 447 p., index, cloth, d.j., d.j. spine sl. discolored, o/w v.g.          $150 SOLD (Grandin Book edition available–$150)                                  













151.        (Smith, Joseph)  SOUVENIR.  CENTENNIAL ANNIVERSARY OF THE BIRTH OF THE PROPHET . . . .  N.p.,[1905].  4 x 6 inch broadside printed on stiff cardboard with stylish text and illustrations of palm leaves, Joseph, the Book of Mormon, the Hill Cumorah, and Carthage Jail.  Excellent!                                                                                                                                                                                                            $45 SOLD









152.        Smith, Joseph F., Jr.  SALVATION UNIVERSAL.  Salt Lake, 1912.  1st ed., 32 p., wrps., v.g.  Flake-Draper 8073.  Nice copy!                                                                                                                                                $30













153.        (Smoot, Reed)  PROCEEDINGS BEFORE THE COMMITTEE ON PRIVILEGES AND ELECTIONS OF THE UNITED STATES SENATE IN THE MATTER OF THE PROTESTS AGAINST THE RIGHT OF HON. REED SMOOT, A SENATOR FROM THE STATE OF UTAH, TO HOLD HIS SEAT.  VOLS. 1-4.  Washington, 1904-6.  Orig. cloth bindings w/ gilt spine titles, appear to be a matched set; vol. 1 has Church Historian’s Office rubber stamps, vol. 2 has quite extensive water staining (although the int. is clean and readable), vols. 3 and 4 have minor edge wear.  Flake-Draper 9173; Fales & Flake 1293.  Overall a very acceptable set of these very scarce books.  The Senate hearing featured testimony by 100 witnesses on every peculiarity of Mormonism, especially its polygamous family structure, temples, open canon, economic power, and theocratic politics. These hearings provided the occasion for the country – formally through its elected representatives and more immediately through the daily press, citizen petitions, and social reform activism – to reconsider the scope of religious free exercise in the new century. (d.j. flap of Politics of American Religious Identity)                                                                                                                                                                                                $1,000













154.        As above.  This reprint ed., printed by Hal Jenson, is bound in maroon cloth which shows very minor wear.  The interior is an exact reprint of the 1904-6 version listed above.  This set includes an index volume.                                                                                                                                                                      $600











155.        (Southern Virginia University)  PREPARING LEADER-SERVANTS: A PORTRAIT OF . . . .  N.p., n.d.  94 p., cloth, photos, d.j., oversize format, near fine.                                                                       $25











156.        Spencer, Orson.  LETTERS EXHIBITING THE MOST PROMINENT DOCTRINES OF THE CHURCH . . . IN REPLY TO THE REV. WILLIAM CROWEL, A.M., BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, U.S.A.  Salt Lake, 1889.  280 p., full. Lea., a.e.g., fancy endsheets, cover and spine show extra gilt dec., minor wear to edges, spine shows very lt. fading, writing on one f.f.e.p., bookplate on reverse of t.p. (the placement of which has caused some rippling), o/w v.g.+.  Flake-Draper 8331.  Wonderful, presentation-like binding of this most important Mormon book.                                                                                                                $300













157.        Stegner, Wallace.  MORMON COUNTRY.  New York, 1942.  1st ed., 362 p., cloth, map endsheets, very minor edge wear, v.g.                                                                                                                                         $135













158.        Stegner, Wallace.  THE GATHERING OF ZION: THE STORY OF THE MORMON TRAIL.  1st ed., 331 p., index, cloth, dec. endsheets, maps, illus, d.j., v.g.                                                                            $85













159.        Stone, Jesse.  MY REPLY TO GRANT, OR THE DIRTY STOVE PIPE.  Salt Lake, 1933. 2nd ed.,  8 p., self-wrps., holes at spine – seems to have been disbound from a larger volume, some marking, paper sl. yellowed, o.n., o/w v.g. Includes several letters from Stone to church leaders including Pres. Grant asking for recourse or explanation to perceived actions including that Grant had taken a plural wife in 1920.                             $40 SOLD













160.        Strang, James J.  CATHOLIC DISCUSSION. Burlington?, 1902.  24 p., number written on first leaf, sewn at spine, small moisture stain to bottom corner of pages throughout, o/w v.g.  Flake-Draper 8501; Morgan II:68. In double columns. Includes Charles Rafferty’s letter, p. [1]–3; Strang’s reply, p. 3–22; and a note signed by Wingfield Watson, p. 22–24. Dated Lyons, Wisconsin, May 26, 1902. Watson notes, “the foregoing discussion between Mr. Strang and Mr. Rafferty was carried on through the columns of the Voree Herald or Reveille, and appeared weekly in said columns.”                                                                                                           $150













161.        Talmage, James E.  JESUS THE CHRIST: A STUDY OF THE MESSIAH AND HIS MISSION ACCORDING TO HOLY SCRIPTURES BOTH ANCIENT AND MODERN.  Salt Lake, 1916.  3rd ed., 804 p., index, ¾ lea., fancy endsheets, very minor edge wear and one sm. chip, writing on endpapers, v.g.  Flake-Draper 8646.  Nice copy of this very significant book.                                                                                        $100













162.        Talmage, James E.  SUNDAY NIGHT TALKS: A SERIES OF RADIO ADDRESSES RELATING TO DOCTRINES OF THE CHURCH . . . .  Salt Lake, 1930.  1st ed., nos. 1-51 (which is a complete set), excellent multi-color cloth, v.g.  Flake-Draper 8697. Scarce – 1 of only 500 bound volumes of the complete set of addresses.                                                                                                                                                          $100 SOLD













163.        Taylor, John.  DISCOURSE DELIVERED BY PRESIDENT JOHN TAYLOR, AT THE GENERAL CONFERENCE, SALT LAKE CITY, ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON, APRIL 9TH, 1882. (Reported by George F. Gibbs) 18 p., dbd. (w/ binding marks at spine), number on first page, small numbers on other pages, minor chipping, v.g.  Flake-Draper 8817a.                                                           $150













164.        Taylor, John.  DISCOURSE BY PRESIDENT JOHN TAYLOR, DELIVERED IN THE TABERNACLE, SALT LAKE CITY, SUNDAY AFTERNOON, FEB. 1, 1885. (Reported by John Irvine) Salt Lake, 1885.  15 p., dbd., some wrinkling at left margin, o/w v.g.  Flake-Draper 8817.                         $95













165.        Taylor, John.  ITEMS ON PRIESTHOOD PRESENTED TO THE LATTER-DAY SAINTS BY PRESIDENT . . . .   Salt Lake, 1899.  2nd ed., 36 p., yellow printed wrps., name and address on ft. wrp., very minor soiling, near v.g.                                                                                                                                    $100













166.        Taylor, John.  REVELATION GIVEN THROUGH PRESIDENT . . . , AT SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH TERRITORY, OCTOBER 13th, 1882.  1st ed., 3 p. (one folded sheet), lacks two panels of p. 3 (the text of which is provided in fac.), separation at folds that is tape-repaired, also separated at the middle vertical fold, fair.  Flake-Draper 8844.  Regards filling vacancies in the Quorum of the Twelve.  Very scarce.                                                                                                                                                                                                 $75













167.        THE TRUE LATTER-DAY-SAINTS’ HERALD, VOL. 5, No. 2.  Plano, 1864. 17-32 p., folds at rt. margin and some chipping, minor soiling, outer leaf has separation at spine, o/w good. RLDS Periodical. See Flake-Draper 7477. Contains First Review of Sidney Rigdon’s An Appeal to the Latter-Day Saints.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          $30













168.        As above.  VOL. 7, No. 12. 177-192 p. Two sm. holes in left margin, top margin of first leaf has been removed (not impacting text), a few markings and minor foxing, o/w good. Includes column, Divine Authority of Joseph Smith the Martyr.                                                                                                                         $30













169.        As above.  VOL. 8, No. 9. 129-144 p. Two sm. holes in left margin, minor wear at fore edges, a few stains and minor foxing, o/w good. Contains a sermon preached by Joseph Smith, at Nauvoo, on March 12, 1865.                                                                                                                                                                                    $30 SOLD













170.        Ursenbach, Octave F.  REDEMPTION: AN EPIC OF THE DIVINE TRAGEDY DISCLOSING THE ORIGIN, MISSION AND DESTINY OF MAN, TOGETHER WITH THE CREATING, PEOPLING AND REDEEMING OF THE WORLDS.  1st ed., 43 p., wrps., wrps are somewhat soiled, wrps. show some separation at spine, good +.   Flake-Draper 9262a.  Inscription on the reverse of the ft. wrp. (secretarial) is signed, in ink, by L.D.S. church president Heber J. Grant.                                                             $35













171.        Warnock, Pres. & Mrs. Irvin L., comps. and eds.  MEMORIES OF SEVIER STAKE OF THE CHURCH . . .  DIAMOND JUBILEE MEMORIAL VOLUME 1874-1949.  Springville, 1949.  1st ed., 512 p., index, photos, ports., photo-endsheets, oversize format, hinges cracked, inscription on t.p., near v.g.  Scarce.                                                                                                                                                                                               $75 SOLD













172.        Washburn, J. A.  FROM BABEL TO CUMORAH.  Salt Lake, 1944.  3rd ed., 257 p. + appendix, cloth, illus., maps, charts, v.g.+ in chipped d.j.  Interesting d.j.                                                                              $30













173.        Watson, Wingfield.  PROPHETIC CONTROVERSY No. 4.  MR. STRANG PROVED TO HAVE BEEN ALWAYS AN HONORABLE MAN.  THE THEORY THAT THE PROPHETIC OFFICE GOES BY LINEAL RIGHT AND THE DOCTRINE THAT LESSER OFFICERS IN THE PRIESTHOOD CAN ORDAIN TO THE GREATER, UTTERLY EXPLODED.  Burlington?, [1897]. 38 p., sewn at spine, hole in left margin, o/w v.g.  Flake-Draper 9647; Morgan II:62.                                                                                   $125 SOLD













174.        (Weber County)  A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE EARLY DAYS . . . .   N.p., 2007.  1st ed., 128 p., cloth, photos, bumped corner, o/w v.g.                                                                                                 $30 SOLD











175.        West, Franklin L.  LIFE OF FRANKLIN D. RICHARDS, PRESIDENT OF THE COUNCIL OF THE TWELVE APOSTLES, CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS.  Salt Lake, 1924.  275 p., index, cloth, frontis ports., o.n ., minor paint stains at bottom edge, v.g.  Flake-Draper 9700.  Very scarce.                                                                                                                                                                                        $150













176.        Whitmer, David.  AN ADDRESS TO ALL BELIEVERS IN CHRIST.  BY A WITNESS TO THE DIVINE AUTHENTICITY OF THE BOOK OF MORMON.  Richmond, 1887.  1st ed., 75 p. + wrps., dbd., lacks rear wrp. and spine, small, neat numbers printed in corners, o/w v.g.  Flake-Draper 9741; Morgan III:50; Scallawagiana 100:76.  A very important Book of Mormon-related item by one of the “Three Witnesses” to the coming forth of that book.                                                                                                                                         $300 SOLD













177.        Whitney, Orson F.  GOSPEL THEMES: A TREATISE ON SALIENT FEATURES OF “MORMONISM” WRITTEN FOR, AND DEDICATED TO, THE HIGH PRIESTS, SEVENTIES AND ELDERS OF THE CHURCH . . . .  Salt Lake, 1914.  1st ed., 167 p., cloth, a couple of leaves have sm. rubbed holes in paper, o/w v.g.+.  Flake-Draper 9768.  Nice copy!                                                                              $50













178.        Whitney, Orson F.  LIFE OF HEBER C. KIMBALL, AN APOSTLE; THE FATHER AND FOUNDER OF THE BRITISH MISSION.  Salt Lake, 1888.  1st ed., 520 p., ¾ lea., plates, hinges repaired, new endsheets, f.f.e.p. shows some chipping, moisture staining at the top of the first and last few leaves, near v.g.  Flake-Draper 9772.  This copy has more eye-appeal than the description seems to indicate.  $200













179.        Widtsoe, John A.  IN MEMORIAM . . .  N.p., 1952.  30 p. + purple wrps., port., photos, minor wear, v.g. “Prepared and distributed by Bookcraft as a tribute to a great man, and a loyal and wonderful friend, whose kindly advice, and words of inspiration, have always been a great great source of strength to us in our associations with him.”                                                                                                                                                     $35 













180.        Widtsoe, John A.  PRIESTHOOD AND CHURCH GOVERNMENT.  A HANDBOOK AND STUDY COURSE FOR THE QUORUMS OF THE MELCHIZEDEK PRIESTHOOD OF THE CHURCH . . . .  Salt Lake, 1939.  1st ed., 410 p., cloth, charts, v.g. in d.j. w/ a few tears, chips, and a sl. faded spine.  Scarce d.j.                                                                                                                                                                     $50













181.        Widtsoe, John A.  AN UNDERSTANDABLE RELIGION: A SERIES OF RADIO ADDRESSES.  Salt Lake, 1952.  231 p., index, embossed name stamp on f.f.e.p., o/w v.g. in d.j. with minor chipping and rubbing.  Nice d.j.                                                                                                                                                 $20













182.        Widtsoe, John A. & Leah D.  THE WORD OF WISDOM: A MODERN INTERPRETATION.  Salt Lake, 1950.  312 p., index, cloth, photos, charts, d.j., inscription on f.f.e.p., minor wear to d.j., o/w v.g.                                                                                                                                                                                                    $25 SOLD













183.        Wight, Jermy Benton.  THE WILD RAM OF THE MOUNTAIN: THE STORY OF LYMAN WIGHT.  Afton, 1997.  2nd ed., 522 p., cloth, photos, maps, ft. hinge weak, a few pages have highlighting, near v.g.  Inscribed by the author.  Came from the library of L.D.S. historian Scott Kenney.  Hard-to-find in cloth.                                                                                                                                                                                                  $100 SOLD













184.        Wilson, Lycurgus A.  LIFE OF DAVID W. PATTEN, THE FIRST APOSTOLIC MARTYR.  Salt Lake, 1904.  2nd ed., 72 p., wrps., some edge wear and chipping on spine, rear wrp. and a few leaves have folds and minor staining, old price sticker removed from t.p., overall near v.g.  Flake-Draper 9930.                                                                                                                                                                                                      $50













185.        Wirthlin, Joseph B.  FINDING PEACE IN OUR LIVES.  Salt Lake, 1995.  1st ed., 250 p., index, v.g.+ in d.j. that shows lt. wear.  Signed by the author (LDS apostle from 1986-2008); the autograph, unfortunately, has an inscription above and below written by someone who gave the book as a gift.                                $50














186.        Wittemann, A.  SCENES IN SALT LAKE CITY.  New York, 1888.  13 photogravures + one leaf off text + t.p., cloth covers with string-tied spine, some soiling and wear, writing on ft. pastedown, good+.  Flake-Draper 7552a.                                                                                                                                                              $75 SOLD










187.        Woodruff, Wilford.  WILFORD WOODRUFF’S JOURNAL, VOLS. 1-6 (Scott G. Kenney, ed.).  Midvale, 1983 & 1984. 589, 625, 590, 526, 618, 586 p., Vols. 2 & 3 are 1st prtgs. and vols. 1 & 4-6 are 2nd prtgs., cloth, frontis port. in vols. 1 & 2 only, vol. 2 has slight rippling to the front cover. These volumes are unnumbered. This run of volumes belonged to the editor, Scott Kenney.  Very scarce.  Covers the years 1833-1870.                                                                                                                                                                                                             $1750











188.        Woodruff, Wilford.  WILFORD WOODRUFF’S JOURNAL, 1833-1898 AN INDEX (Susan Staker and Brent D. Corcoran, eds.). Salt Lake City, 1991. 125 of 500. 274 p. As new.                                           $100













189.        (Young, Brigham)  DEATH OF PRESIDENT BRIGHAM YOUNG.  BRIEF SKETCH OF HIS LIFE AND LABORS.  FUNERAL CEREMONIES, WITH FULL REPORT OF THE ADDRESSES.  RESOLUTIONS OF RESPECT, ETC.  Salt Lake, 1877.  1st ed., 35 p. + wrps., dbd., lacks rear wrp., shows minor chipping at the spine of the ft. wrp., and has glue residue on spine, o/w v.g.  Flake-Draper 2740.  Reprinted from the Deseret Evening News.                                                                                                        $95 SOLD













190.        Young, Brigham.  THE RESURRECTION; A DISCOURSE BY . . . , PRESIDENT OF THE CHURCH . . . , DELIVERED IN THE NEW TABERNACLE, SALT LAKE CITY, AT THE GENERAL CONFERENCE, OCTOBER 8th, 1875.  Salt Lake, 1875.  1st ed., 11 p., dbd., minor soiling, o/w v.g.  Flake-Draper 10064.  List of books for sale, pub’d by the Church, on last page.                                                          $75 SOLD













191.        (Young, Levi Edgar)  MESSAGES OF INSPIRATION: SELECTED ADDRESSES OF THE GENERAL AUTHORITIES OF THE CHURCH. . . .  Salt Lake, 1957.  1st ed., 357 p., index, cloth, v.g. in d.j. w/ some wear and rubbing.  Contains a nice inscription, with signature, by Levi Edgar Young, one of First Council of Seventy, on the f.f.e.p.  Also, contains a talk by Young.                                                                                $35

09131300 levi












192.        (Young Men’s Mutual Improvement Association)  SUPPLEMENT TO SCOUTING IN THE L.D.S. CHURCH.  Salt Lake, 1943.  36 p., wrps., some wear and folds to wrps., near v.g.  Scarce L.D.S. B.S.A. item.                                                                                                                                                                 $20  SOLD



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