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The Life of Dr. Frederick G. Williams: Counselor to the Prophet Joseph Smith by Frederick G. Williams. BYU Studies, 2012.  834 pp. Hardback. $29.95.  The Life of Dr. Frederick G. Williams: Counselor to the Prophet Joseph Smith is a thoroughly researched documentary history of Frederick G. Williams and his immediate family. This book provides an intimate look at many significant events in the Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, and pioneer Utah periods of Church history. Frederick G. Williams (1787–1842) was an important figure during the early days of the restoration of the gospel and the organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He served as a missionary on the original mission to the Lamanites (1830–1831), was a personal scribe to the Prophet Joseph Smith for four years (1832–1836), participated in Zion’s Camp (1834), was Second Counselor in the First Presidency for five years (1832–1837), and for twelve years was the principal doctor for the Saints in Ohio, Missouri, and Illinois, until his death in 1842.


Latter-day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia, 4 vols., ed. by Andrew Jenson. Greg Kofford Books, 2012. Hardback w/ dust jacket. $259.95. In the Preface to the first volume Jenson writes, “On the rolls of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are found the names of a host of men and women of worth—heroes and heroines of a higher type—who have been and are willing to sacrifice fortune and life for the sake of their religion. It is for the purpose of perpetuating the memory of these, and to place on record deeds worthy of imitation, that [this set] makes its appearance.” Originally published between 1901 and 1936—and with over 5,000 biographical entries of “heroes and heroines” complete with more than 2,000 photographs—this reprint set of LDS Biographical Encyclopedia is an essential reference for the study of early Church history. Nearly anyone with pioneer heritage will find exciting and interesting history about ancestors in these volumes.

The Book of Mormon: A Biography by Paul C. Gutjahr. Princeton University Press, 2012.  255 pp. Hardback. $24.95.  In this “biography”–part of the Lives of Great Religious Books series–Paul Gutjahr traces the life of this book as it has formed and fractured different strains of Mormonism and transformed religious expression around the world.  Gutjahr looks at how the Book of Mormon emerged from the burned-over district of upstate New York, where revivalist preachers, missionaries, and spiritual entrepreneurs of every stripe vied for the loyalty of settlers desperate to scratch a living from the land. He examines how a book that has long been the subject of ridicule–Mark Twain called it “chloroform in print”–has more than 150 million copies in print in more than a hundred languages worldwide. Gutjahr shows how Smith’s influential book launched one of the fastest growing new religions on the planet, and has featured in everything from comic books and action figures to feature-length films and an award-winning Broadway musical.



The Pony Express Stations in Utah by Patrick Hearty, photographs by Dr. Joseph Hatch. NP, 2012. 79 pp. Paperback. $10.00. Filled with fascinating events, characters, and places, the Pony Express stands out today as one of the most recognized and best loved episodes in our Western American history. Despite its short duration and financial troubles, the image of daring young men on fleet horses racing day and night over the western landscape continues to fire our imagination after more than 150 years. This book will guide you across Utah on or near the trails where they rode, and it describes the stations and sites as they looked in the 1860s and as they appear today.

Rube Goldberg Machines: Essays in Mormon Theology by Adam S. Miller. Greg Kofford Books, 2012. 148 pp. Paperback. $18.95. Doing theology is like building a comically circuitous Rube Goldberg machine: you spend your time tinkering together an unnecessarily complicated, impractical, and ingenious apparatus for doing things that are, in themselves, simple. This book is itself a Rube Goldberg machine, pieced together from a variety of essays written over the past ten years. They offer explicit reflections on what it means to practice theology as a modern Mormon scholar and they stake out substantial and original positions on the nature of the atonement, the soul, testimony, eternal marriage, humanism, and the historicity of the Book of Mormon. Recipient of Best Essay Award from the Association of Mormon Letters.



German Latter-day Saints and World War II: Their Personal Stories of Survivaled. by Lynn M. Hansen and Faith D. Hansen. BYU Studies, 2012. 200 pp. Oversize paperback. $24.95. Mormons in Eastern Europe found themselves mercilessly caught at the center of political and social turmoil during World War II and its aftermath. This book is a completely new collection of first-hand accounts by German and other Eastern European Latter-day Saints who suffered unbelievably brutal trials and lived to tell their stories. These personal statements, gathered and translated by Lynn Hansen build faith despite despair, offer hope amidst peril, and champion charity in defiance of hate.


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Mortal Messiah, vols. 1-3 (Collector’s Edition) by Bruce R. McConkie. Oversize hardback. Reg. $34.95, SALE $19.99/ea.  The collector’s edition of these volumes pairs McConkie’s popular text with artwork illustrating the Savior’s life.








When the White House Comes to Zion by Mike Winder and Ronald L. Fox. Oblong hardback.  Reg. $29.99, SALE $9.99.  With more than 500 historical photographs — some never before published — and dozens of pieces of interesting memorabilia, this well-researched visual history highlights the warmth and hospitality of the people of the Beehive State as they have welcomed various presidents.





Love Times Three: Our Story of a Polygamous Marriage by Joe, Alina, Vicki, and Valerie Darger with Brooke Adams. Hardback. Reg. $26.99, SALE $7.99.  Love Times Three is a riveting inside look at a world most of us can hardly imagine, revealing the extraordinary workings of the Dargers’ day-to-day life. The Dargers have told the candid and fascinating story of their modern polygamous marriage on such national programs asGood Morning America, Dr. Phil, and 20/20 and in several major publications.







Through the Lens: The Original 1907 Photographs of George Edward Anderson by Andrew H. Hedges and Richard Neitzel Holzapfel.  Oversize hardback. Reg. $49.99, SALE $19.99. Accompanied by historical context, Through the Lens includes dozens of photographs produced from the original glass plate negatives and developed with the same process Anderson used.








Forged: Writing in the Name of God–Why the Bible’s Authors Are Not Who We Think They Are by Bart D. Ehrman.  Hardback. Reg. $26.99, SALE $9.99.  Leading Bible authority Bart D. Ehrman exposes one of the most unsettling ironies of the early Christian tradition: the use of deception to establish the truth. With the scholarly expertise and provocative claims for which he’s known, Ehrman reveals which texts were forged in the name of Jesus’s disciples and considers how the deceptions of an unnamed few have prevailed for centuries.







The Path Between the Seas: The Creation of the Panama Canal by David McCullough.  Hardback. Reg. $35.00, SALE $7.99.  Winner of the Parkman Prize, National Book Award in History, and others. The Path Between the Seas is not only a fact-filled account of an unprecedented engineering feat; it is also the story of the people who were caught up in it — some to win fame and fortune, others to have their reputations and even their lives destroyed. McCullough has won numerous awards for his historical writings and has been called the “master of the art of narrative history.”

Lions of the West: Heroes and Villains of the Westward Expansion by Robert Morgan. Hardback.  Reg. $29.95, SALE $8.99.  Filled with illustrations, portraits, maps, battle plans, notes and time lines, Lions of the West is a richly authoritative biography of America—its ideals, its promise, its romance, and its destiny. Includes a brief discussion of Brigham Young’s place in the West.

Down the Great Unknown: John Wesley Powell’s 1869 Journey of Discovery and Tragedy Through the Grand Canyon by Edward Dolnick. Paperback. Reg. $13.95, SALE $7.99.  On May 24, 1869, a one-armed Civil War veteran named John Wesley Powell and a ragtag band of nine mountain men embarked on the last great quest in the American West: explore the Grand Canyon in wooden rowboats. Six survived. Drawing on rarely examined diaries and journals, Down the Great Unknown is the first book to tell the full, true story.

A Terrible Glory: Custer and the Little Bighorn by James Donovan.  Hardback. Reg. $26.99, SALE $7.99.  For well over a century, the Battle of the Little Bighorn has fascinated Americans, but few people know the entire truth behind it. Now, at long last, comes the authoritative account that readers and historians have been waiting for. Scrupulously researched, A Terrible Glory is a landmark work brimming with authentic detail and an unforgettable cast of characters.

The Founding of the United States, 1763-1815 by Gerry and Janet Souter. Oversize hardback w/ removable facsimile documents.  Reg. $29.99, SALE $17.99.  Brilliantly conceived and beautifully packaged, this unique narrative spans the French-Indian wars of the 1760s and the Jacksonian era—a period in which the fires of rebellion were stoked, and a fledgling nation took her place among the world’s powers. Readers relive the period by holding and examining faithful reproductions from America’s  finest private collections and public archives.

Two stunningly illustrated books recently published by DK, internationally recognized publisher of illustrated reference books. HALF-OFF REGULAR PRICE!

Illustrated Bible: Story by Story, editor-in-chief Father Michael Collins. Oversize hardback. Reg. $50.00, SALE $24.99.  With comprehensive and objective coverage of every major covenant, prophecy, miracle, and parable in the Old and New Testaments, set clearly in their historical and religious context, The Illustrated Bible: Story by Story‘s uniquely accessible approach appeals to a general readership of any faith, making this an ideal gift as well as an essential resource for homes, schools, and libraries.







History of Britain & Ireland: The Definitive Visual Guide. Oversize hardback. Reg. $40.00, SALE $19.99.  History of Britain and Ireland is the definitive visual guide to 5,000 years of British history. It includes a comprehensive timeline chronicling key events in the history of Britain and Ireland, in addition to “decisive moment” spreads that vividly describe turning points in British history. It also profiles the people who have had a significant impact on British culture and society through their inventions, discoveries, and ideas.

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