* Titles most in demand

+ Titles added since last list

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+Albert Petty Family   (Charles Petty)

American Prophet’s Record, ltd. ed. only   (Faulring)

Ancestors and Descendants of Jehu Cox   (Stout)

Ancestry, Biog., and Family of Geo. A. Smith   (Jarvis)

Articles of Faith, 1st or ltd. eds. only   (Talmage)

As a Man Speaketh, So Is He – pamphlet   (Harrison)

Autobiography of Christopher Layton, 1st ed. only

Autobiography of George Washington Bean   (Horne, ed.)

Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt, 1st ed.; ltd. leather

Autographed items, esp. by Church Presidents

Avenging Angel   (Gary Stewart)

Bibliography of the Churches of the Dispersion + 2 others   (Morgan)

Biographical Sketch of Feramorz Little

*Biographical Sketches of Joseph Smith, 1st ed.   (Smith)

Biography & Family Record of Lorenzo Snow, 1st ed.   (Snow)

Birth of Mormonism in Picture   (Evans)

Book of Commandments, 1833 ed., not reprint

*Book of Mormon, 1st ed.

Book of Mormon, early eds., pre-1920 only, esp. lea.

Book of Mormon, Deseret Alphabet, full text

Book of Mormon, Hebrew (full text only)

Book of Mormon, ltd. ed.

Book of Mormon, pocket size – leather only, not military eds.

Briant Stringham and His People   (Stringham)

Brief History of the Church   (Corrill)

Brigham Young and His Mormon Empire   (Cannon)

Broken Heart, ltd. ed. only   (Hafen)

Buried Empires of South America   (Farnsworth)

*By Their Fruits: A History and Genealogy of the Fry Family  (Ricketts)

BYU Studies, early, esp. 1:1, 2:2, 4:2

Catechism for Children, 1st ed. (1854)   (Jacques)

Charles C. Rich   (Arrington)

Clarke’s Commentary on the Bible, sets,

Clash of Cultures: Norwegian Experience w/ Mormonism   (Haslam)

*Collected Discourses, vols. 4 & 5  (Stuy)

Collected Works of Neal A. Maxwell, set

Comprehensive History of the Church, VG+ only 1st ed. sets, odd 1st ed. vols., vg only   (Roberts)

Concise History of the Mormon Battalion, 1st ed. only   (Tyler)

Conference Reports, 1927-A, 1929-A, 1937-A, 2009 – present – any (also 1927-1936 set Hawkes reprints)

Contributor, some vols., esp. 15, 17

Corianton, 1st ed. only, preferably in wraps   (Roberts)

Correspondence of Palestine Tourists…   (Smith)

Could You Use a Little Help w/ charts   (Merrill)

Deseret Alphabet– Book of Mormon–full

Diary of L. John Nuttall, 4 vol. set, photocopies of the original diaries, most often spiral bound

Do You Know God? 19-page pamphlet, pub. 1989   (Harrison)

Doctrine and Covenants, 1st and early eds.  (pre-1920)

Dust jackets – some LDS books in dust jackets, esp. pre-1940

*Edward Hunter, Faithful Steward   (Hunter)

Emma Hale Smith   (Top)

+Encyclopedia of Mormonism, vols. 1 & 5   (Ludlow)

Ender’s Game, 1st ed.   (Card)

England’s First Mormon Convert   (Watt)

Essence of Faith: A Biography of George and Ann Prior Jarvis   (Kleinman)

Faith Promoting Series, some titles, esp. nos. 3, 4, 6, 7, 14, 17

FARMS Review of Books 15:1

Father Adam, Mother Eve – tapes   (Adams)

Gems of Reminiscence   (Faith Promoting Series #17)

George Cannon, the Immigrant   (Cannon)

Gleanings by the Way   (Clark)

Golden Legacy, 1st ed. only (1973, BYU Press)   (Cheney)

Government of God, 1st ed.   (Taylor)

Grass Valley   (Warner)

*Great Apostasy, Spanish ed.   (Talmage)

Heart Throbs of the West, vol. 6, 8   (Carter)

*Hearts Crossed: Buchanan Saga, Vol. 4   (Stansfield)

+Historical Development of the D&C, thesis  (Woodford)

+History of Bear River City   (Lucinda Jensen)

History of Box Elder County   (Forsgren)

History of Moab   (Tanner)

History of North Ogden: Beginnings to 1985   (Woodfield)

History of Salt Lake City, vg only   (Tullidge)

History of Sarah Studevant Leavitt   (Juanita Pulsipher)

History of the Church, vg 1st ed. lea. or ¾ lea. sets   (Smith; ed. Roberts)

History of the Saints, 1st ed.   (Bennett)

History of the Scandinavian Mission   (Jenson)

*History of Utah, sets or vol. 4   (Whitney)

Holy Scriptures, 1867, 1st ed. or other early editions

Home Cooking…On Your Own   (Westover/Eliason)

House of the Lord, 1st ed., vg only   (Talmage)

Hymn books, 1st and other early eds., pre-1985 pocket eds.

If I Obey, I’ll Be Happy All Day   (Barton) – children’s book

+Incredible Journey: A Guided Tour of the Spirit World   (Sonning)

Inner Victory: Winning Strategies for Managing Life’s Transitions   (Christensen)

Intimate Chronicle: The Journals of William Clayton, ltd. ed., hb   (Clayton, ed. Smith)

J.E.J. Trail to Sundown   (Johnson)

*Jesus the Christ, 1st eds., ltd. eds.    (Talmage)

John Doyle Lee, 1st ed. (blue cloth)   (Brooks)

John Lathrop, Arrival in America   (Dewey)

John’s Valley: Way We Saw It   (Nielson/Ford)

*Joseph Smith’s Intro. to Temple Ordinances   (Ehat)

Juvenile Instructor, some vols., esp. 1 & 2

Key to the Science of Theology, lea., 5th ed. or earlier only  (Pratt)

Keys of the Priesthood, Illustrated   (Bishop)

Kind Words: Beginnings of Mormon Melody   (Beesley)

Kinship of Families   (Bennett)

*Korean Saints   (Palmer)

Late Persecution of the Church   (Pratt)

Latter-day Revelation: Selections from the Book of D&C…

LDS Baby Book: Keepsake Album (Blue or Pink books only)

LDS Millennial Star, some vols., esp. 100 or later

*Laws of Great Salesmanship   (Sill)

Leather books–esp. ltd. eds., and early LDS books in vg cond.

+Levi Savage Journal  (Savage, ed.)

Life of Archibald Gardner, 1st ed. only   (Hughes)

*Life of George F. Richards   (Cannon)

Life of Heber C. Kimball, 1st ed., full leather only   (Whitney)

Life of John Taylor, 1st ed., full leather only   (Roberts)

Life of Joseph Smith, the Prophet, 1st ed.   (Cannon)

Life of Joseph, the Prophet, 1st ed.   (Tullidge)

Life of William Budge   (Budge)

+Majesty of Calmness   (William George Jordan)

Martyrs, hb & w/ portraits only   (Littlefield)

Mediation and Atonement, 1st ed., v.g. only   (Taylor)

Messiah Series, leather vols. & sets     (McConkie)

+Millville Memories

Morgenstjernen, vols. 1-4   (Jenson)

Mormon, The; newspaper   (Taylor)

*Mormon Doctrine, ltd. ed., (McConkie)

Mormon Portraits, hb only   (Wyl)

*Mormonism Unvailed, 1st ed.   (Howe)

Mormonism Unveiled, 1st ed.   (Lee)

Mormons and Their Neighbors   (Wiggins)

Mother Jane’s Story   (Hatch)

Mountain Meadows Massacre, 1st ed.   (Penrose)

Mountains of Eden   (Edwards)

No Man Knows My History, 1st ed. w/ dj only   (Brodie)

O My Father  (Snow, illus. by John Hafen) – pamphlet

On the Lord’s Errand   (Monson)

On the Potter’s Wheel   (Kimball)

On This Star   (Sorenson)

Orderville   (Arrington)

Origin and Early History of the Mormons   (Meyer)

Our Constitution-Divinely Inspired, pamphlet  (J. Reuben Clark)

Our Pioneer Ancestors: Cox-Stout Families   (Stout)

Overcoming Satan in the Latter Days   (Wood)

Owning God: A Short Study of Mormon Book Collecting   (Tom Kimball)

Papers of Joseph Smith, Vol. 1 ltd. lea. only  (ed., Jessee)

Pearl of Great Price, 1st ed., 1878 ed., & others

Personal Writings of Joseph Smith, ltd. lea. only   (Jessee, ed.)

Pioneers of Utah Art   (Kaysville Art Club)

Pitch Pine Tales   (Driggs)

+Places of Worship: 150 Years of LDS Architecture   (Richard Jackson)

Poems: Religious, Historical …, vols. 1 & 2   (Snow)

Position of Adam in Early LDS Theology   (Turner)

Promptings of the Spirit   (Fish)

Prophet of Palmyra   (Gregg)

*Recipes for Self-Sufficient Living   (Martineau, et al)

Regional Studies in Church History –several, esp. Europe

Revelation in Mormonism   (Arbaugh)

*Saints of Snowville   (Rich)

*Salesmanship   (Sill)

Salt Lake School of the Prophets Minute Book, 1883   (Graffam)

Scriptural Allegory in 3 parts   (Richards)

Scripture Kit  (Barton)

Seer, 1st  ed.   (Pratt)

Selected Manifestations   (Reay/Reay)

Sermons & Writings of the Restoration, vol. 1   (ed., Kraut)

*Seventy’s Course in Theology, 1st  ed. vols., esp. vol. 4, vg only, or 5-in-1 hb reprint set   (Roberts)

*Sperry Symposium, esp. 1973-77, sets

Succession in the Presidency, esp. 1st ed.  (Roberts)

Tall Timber   (Yorgason)

Teach Ye Diligently, Spanish ed.   (Packer)

Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, 1st ed. w/ dj,

v.g. only   (Smith)

*Tempered Wind: the Life Story of Thisbe Reed Hanks

(Sidney Hanks)

Temples–early dedication tickets and ephemera

Thanksgiving Promise   (Yorgason)

They Left a Record   (Worthington)

They Lie in Wait to Deceive, vol. 4   (Brown)

Thoughts and Essays Presented to Joseph F. Smith   (Sill)

Through Memory’s Halls, w/ dj only  (Whitney)

Times and Seasons, 1st eds., reprint vols. 1-3

Top 50 Songs From Your Favorite LDS Artists

Treasures of Knowledge, vol. 1 or sets  (Allred)

Triple Combination, pre-1978 pocket-size eds. vg+ only

True Faith   (Pratt)

United Order Among the Mormons, vg only  (Geddes)

Utah Historical Quarterly, esp. vols. 20, 23

Utah Since Statehood, vol. 4   (Warrum)

*Utah Woolley Family   (Parkinson)

*Valiant in the Faith   (Bennett)

+Visions of the Latter Days   (Ogden Kraut, comp.)

Voice from the Mountains   (Johnson)

Voice of Truth   (Smith)

Voice of Warning, early hb or lea. eds.   (Pratt)

What Mormonism Isn’t   (Barber)

Widow’s Son: Esoteric History of the Prophet Joseph Smith   (Boren)

Wildflower   (Edwards)

Wilford Woodruff’s Journal, 9-vol. set; vols. 7-9  (Kenney)

Willard Bean–books by or about him

William Clayton’s Journal, 1921 ed. or reprints  (Clayton)

With the Tongue of Angels, pamphlet   (Durrant)

Woman’s Exponent, some issues

Writings of lxtlilxochitl

Zion’s Camp, esp. hb  (Bradley)

Zion’s Camp  (Launius)


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