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Here are some new arrivals in the last couple weeks:

Common Ground—Different Opinions: Latter-day Saints and Contemporary Issues ed. by Justin White and James Faulconer. Greg Kofford Books, 2013. 367pp. Paperback. $31.95. There are many hotly debated issues about which many people disagree, and where common ground is hard to find. From evolution to environmentalism, war and peace to political partisanship, stem cell research to same-sex marriage, how we think about controversial issues affects how we interact as Latter-day Saints. In this volume various Latter-day Saint authors address these and other issues from differing points of view. Though they differ on these tough questions, they have all found common ground in the gospel of Jesus Christ and the latter-day restoration. Contributors include Bob Bennett, Robert Millet, Taylor Petrey, Steve Peck and Margaret Young.

Follow Me to Zion: Stories from the Willie Handcart Pioneers by Andrew Olsen and Jolene Allphin. Deseret Book, 2013. 288pp. Oversize hardback. $29.99Follow Me to Zion recounts 20 compelling stories of members of the Willie handcart company and their rescuers. Dozens of full-color images by artist Julie Rogers enrich this keepsake volume, which pays tribute to the men, women, and children who have become enduring witnesses of the power of faith and sacrifice. Here you will find excerpts from their own accounts of the journey, learn what those faithful pioneers did after reaching the Salt Lake Valley, and read reflections on their lives by descendants.

Utah Trade Tokens by H. Robert Campbell. NP, 2013. 480pp. Oversize paperback (spiral bound), $95.00/oversize hardback – limited to 50 copies, $175.00 (no discount on either). This second edition contains a listing of all known tokens produced in Utah with extensive catalog information (composition, date, proprietor, rarity, value, etc.). Numerous b/w and color photos throughout show examples of the various types of tokens. Also includes a reprint of the 1988 pamphlet The Token Rarity and Popular Pricing Guide for Utah Towns. An indispensable guide for the collector of Utah trade tokens and an in-depth look at a fascinating aspect of Utah history. This is the most comprehensive listing and evaluation ever produced.

Rising Hills and Sinking Valleys: A Descendant of Joseph & Emma Shares Her Story by Kimberly Jo Smith. Digital Legend, 2012. 438pp. Paperback–$24.95/Hardback–$32.95 (10% discount–will be arriving soon). What were the real reasons that kept Emma Smith from migrating West with the main body of the Saints after her husband was murdered? What became of the children and why was Joseph’s posterity estranged from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for so many generations? One descendant, and convert to the LDS Church, shares her story, opening the door of understanding that has been lacking since 1844.

The Book of Mormon Girl: Stories from an American Faith by Joanna Brooks. Paperback. Reg. $14.00, SALE $5.99The Book of Mormon Girl is a story about leaving behind the innocence of childhood belief and embracing the complications and heartbreaks that come to every adult life of faith written by popular Mormon commentator Joanna Brooks. Carol Lynn Pearson says the book is “laugh-out-loud funny and break-your-heart poignant. A triumph.” R. B. Scott writes: “Joanna Brooks captures Mormonism in revealing but tender ways that are sure to resonate with insiders and outsiders alike. Mormonism may not yet have found its Chaim Potok, but it has its Joanna Brooks.” Jana Riess calls The Book of Mormon Girl “acompelling memoir of being found and lost and found again,” and describes Brooks as “a contemporary Mormon pioneer.”

Falling in Love with Joseph Smith: My Search for the Real Prophet by Jane Barnes. Hardback. Reg. $25.95, SALE $6.99. Barnes, an award-winning documentary film writer, was working on the PBS special series, The Mormons, when she was surprised to find herself passionately drawn to Joseph Smith. In this brilliantly written memoir, she describes her experiences working on the series as she moved from secular curiosity to the brink of conversion to Mormonism. In the book she draws an intimate portrait of the man behind one of America’s fastest growing religions. Falling in Love with Joseph Smith offers a surprising and provocative window into the Mormon experience from a non-Mormon perspective. Joanna Brooks writes: “Jane Barnes offers a rollicking, visionary, and deeply personal exploration of the magnetic legacy of Joseph Smith. . .”

Other new titles that will be arriving in the next couple weeks (call and pre-order now!):

The Mormon Image in the American Mind: Fifty Years of Public Perception by J. B. Haws. Oxford, 2013. 424pp. Hardback. $29.95. What do Americans really think about Mormons, and why? Through a fascinating survey of Mormon encounters with the media, including such personalities and events as the Osmonds, the Olympics, the Tabernacle Choir, Evangelical Christians, the Equal Rights Amendment, Sports Illustrated, Mark Hofmann, the priesthood ban and even Miss America, J.B. Haws reveals the dramatic transformation of the American public’s understanding of Mormons in the past half-century. Haws drew heavily on the Church’s public relations files to craft his narrative.

Lost Wisdom: Ascension in Three Archetypes of At-one-ment by Val Brinkerhoff. Digital Legend, 2013. 257pp. Oversize paperback. $37.95 (15% discount). The best of sacred architecture worldwide features universal archetypes having visual connections to the Atonement of Jesus Christ; the single important act of love fulfilling the Father’s Eternal Covenant with man. For many Christians, the cross is the symbol of Christ’s Atonement. For Latter-day Saints it is often signaled by Gethsemane and its aged olive trees. The most common one, however, used by nearly every world religion is that seen in the relationship of the circle to the square. It points to “reconciliation” between heaven and earth or man and God.

Pillars of the Priesthood: Teachings & Symbols of God’s Holy Order by Val Brinkerhoff. Digital Legend, 2013. 318pp. Oversize paperback. $69.95 (15% discount). God’s light is His wisdom, power and love. It is offered to us via the eternal nature of covenants, administered via priesthood power, normally in association with ordinances. Tied to the Atonement of Jesus Christ, priesthood covenants and ordinances are the pathway to God’s greatest blessings; a fullness of light and eternal life. Accompanied by numerous full-color photos.

Holy Unto the Lord: The Nazarite Vow and the Atonement by Val Brinkerhoff. Digital Legend, 2013. 116pp. Oversize paperback. $26.99. Latter-day Saints are familiar with “covenants”, important promises between man and God, like those made at baptism and those entered into later at the temple. The covenants of the temple are especially important in bringing man in closer fellowship with God. But what of “oaths” or “vows” in scripture, and specifically the Nazarite vow? What is the Biblical Nazarite? Who were they? What were their vows and why did they make them? The journey to understand the Nazarite is a journey to understand the Savior and His Atonement.

Awake and Arise: Coming Tribulation & Judgment with a Mighty & Strong One Sent to Deliver–The Last Days According to Isaiah. Digital Legend, 2013. Oversize paperback. $19.95. God has revealed His will to all his prophets in scripture, whether it is Isaiah in the old world or Lehi in the new. The important teachings and prophecies of Isaiah have been repeated more than any other in scripture. This includes the words of Christ and those of Peter, Paul and John the Beloved. One third, or 21 of Isaiah’s 66 chapters are part of the Book of Mormon. The Doctrine and Covenants also quotes Isaiah extensively. It appears that the great prophet Isaiah teaches three major things which are not discussed in traditional commentaries on his prophecies for us. This book addresses what those are…. and what they could mean.

Century of Honor: 100 Years of Scouting in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Brigham Distributing, 2013. 144pp. Oblong hardback. $29.95Century of Honorcommemorates the centennial celebration of the LDS-BSA partnership, and documents significant events, people, and milestones of the past century. The book was compiled by Church and Scouting historians under the direction of the LDS Young Men General Presidency and the LDS-BSA Relationships Director. Never before shared documents, historical photos, and memorabilia of the past 100 years are included.

The Mormons: An Illustrated History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by Roy Prete. Merrell Publishers, 2013. 168pp. Oblong hardback. $34.95. Contributions from a range of Mormon experts consider a variety of topics – including the origins of the religion, its phenomenal success in recent decades as the Church has become increasingly international, its relationship to other churches, and the lifestyle of its members – making this an excellent introduction to Mormonism, one of the fastest-growing Christian churches in the world.

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Also, here are a few staff favorites from the last few years (click on any title to see more information):

Joseph Smith’s Polygamy, 3 vols. (Brian Hales)

This is My Doctrine: The Development of Mormon Theology (Charles Harrell)

The Development of LDS Temple Worship, 1846-2000: A Documentary History (Devery Anderson, ed.)

In Heaven as It Is on Earth: Joseph Smith and the Early Mormon Conquest of Death (Samuel Brown)

The Nauvoo City and High Council Minutes (John Dinger, ed.)

Hearken, O Ye People: The Historical Setting of Joseph Smith’s Ohio Revelations (Mark Staker)

David O. McKay and the Rise of Modern Mormonism (Gregory Prince/Robert Wright)

Brigham Young: Pioneer Prophet (John Turner)

Parley P. Pratt: The Apostle Paul of Mormonism (Terryl Givens/Matthew Grow)

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