We’ve just received some very interesting and very welcome new titles–they are published by a brand new imprint: Community of Christ Seminary Press.

The Journey of a People (Scherer)The Journey of a People: The Era of Restoration, 1820 to 1844/The Journey of a People: The Era of Reorganization, 1844 to 1946 (2 vols. )

by Mark A. Scherer. 2013. Hardcover. 535 pp/585 pp. $69.95/set. The first volume of Journey presents a new telling of the history of the early period of the Latter Day Saint-Community of Christ movement. Beginning with a survey of the early nineteenth-century context in which founding prophet Joseph Smith Jr. lived, the book treats the major themes and elements of the journey of this people up to the time of Smith’s death in 1844.  The second volume covers a century-long search for an identity that honored the rich heritage of the Reorganized Church of Jesus  Christ of Latter Day Saints while separation from those who followed Brigham Young to Utah after 1844.  A third volume (forthcoming) will bring the narrative up to the present. The author, Mark A. Scherer, has served as Community of Christ World Church historian since 1995.

Millions Call It Scripture: The Book of Mormon in the 21st CenturyMillions Call It Scripture: The Book of Mormon in the 21st Century

by Alan D. Tyree. 2013. Paperback. 157 pp. This book is designed to stimulate interest in and a discussion of the Book of Mormons place in religious life and history. Perhaps of most interest is chapter three where the author (a former apostle and member of the First Presidency in the Community of Christ) offers four theories to further understanding of its provenance. He explores its Christian witness and what kind of scriptural values it holds that are relevant today.





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The Book of Mormon's Witness to Its First Readers

The Book of Mormon’s Witness to Its First Readers

by Dale E. Luffman. 2013 Paperback. $19.95The Book of Mormon’s Witness to Its First Readers is an attempt to take the Book of Mormon seriously; to hear how it spoke to its first audience of seekers, who found in this work a witness that changed their lives, and to hear how its witness may be heard and understood today.  The author, Dale Luffman, currently serves as an apostle in the Community of Christ.





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