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persistenceThe Persistence of Polygamy: From Joseph Smith’s Martyrdom to the First Manifesto, 1844-1890 ed. by Newell G. Bringhurst and Craig L. Foster. John Whitmer Books, 2014. 372pp. Hardback. $39.95. **we will be having a signing with the editors on March 5th—let us know if you would like to preorder a signed copy** In a much anticipated sequel to their first volume, Bringhurst and Foster have assembled an incredible team of contributors to explore the diverse expressions and implications of Mormon polygamy in the later 19th century. Original articles include:

  • For “Time and All Eternity”: The Complex Brigham Young Polygamous Household by Jeffery Ogden Johnson
  • Brigham Young, African Americans, and Plural Marriage: Schism and the Beginnings of Black Priesthood and Temple Denial by Connell O’ Donovan
  • LDS Joseph vs. RLDS Joseph: The Battle to Control the Public Memory of Joseph Smith by Don Bradley and Brian C. Hales
  • The RLDS Church’s Directive on Baptism of Saora Tribal Polygamists: Canonizing Administrative Policy, 1967–1972 by Richard P. Howard
  • in god'sIn God’s Image and Likeness 2: Enoch, Noah, and the Tower of Babel by Jeffrey M. Bradshaw and David J. Larsen. The Interpreter Foundation and Eborn Books, 2014. 567pp. Oversize hardback. $49.95. This volume contains the most comprehensive commentary ever published on the beautiful and doctrinally rich chapters of the book of Moses and the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible that relate the stories of Enoch, Noah, and the Tower of Babel. The commentary combines prophetic insights, excerpts from ancient texts, current scientific perspectives, and up-to-date biblical scholarship – all presented from a perspective of faith. Each section of the book is prefaced by an overview illuminating major themes and issues. This is followed by the text of each chapter of scripture, accompanied by a detailed phrase-by-phrase commentary designed to give the modern reader both an understanding of the plain sense of the words as well as their significance in context. Based on the first complete transcriptions of the original manuscripts of the Joseph Smith Translation, significant textual variants are identified and discussed.
  • sustainingSustaining the Law: Joseph Smith’s Legal Encounters ed. by Gordon A. Madsen, Jeffrey N. Walker, and John W. Welch. BYU Studies, 2014. 563pp. Hardback. $24.95. Joseph Smith believed in sustaining the law. This book presents his main legal encounters in the context of his day. Party to more than two hundred suits in the courts of New York, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, and elsewhere, he faced criminal charges as well as civil claims and collection matters. In the end, he was never convicted of any crime, and paid his debts. These incidents were significant institutionally as well as personally. Eleven legal scholars analyze these legal encounters. Topics cover constitutional law, copyright, disorderly conduct, association, assault, marriage, banking, land preemptive rights, treason, municipal charters, bankruptcy, guardianship, habeas corpus, adultery, and freedom of the press. A massive legal chronology collects key information about Joseph’s life in the law. An appendix provides biographies of sixty lawyers and judges with whom he was involved, some being the best legal minds of his day.
  • 20140228_150922_resizedThe Mendon Saints-Their Lives and Legacy -Volume 3 by Stephen Schwendiman. Eborn Books, 2014. 863pp. Hardback. $49.99. The third in a four-volume series. Each volume explores not only a history of the Church in Mendon but follows the lives of every family member who was living in Mendon at the time the branch was active. From this small town of Mendon came prophets, apostles, missionaries, stake presidents, bishops, and Relief Society workers. They helped establish the Church in New York, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois and Utah. Their influence was remarkable and is capsulized in the biographical histories that compose this work. This volume focuses on the John Morton family, the William Bostwick Stilson family (including Feramorz Little) and, significantly, the Brigham Young family.
  • foreignA Foreign Kingdom: Mormons and Polygamy in American Political Culture, 1852-1890 by Christine Talbot. University of Illinois Press, 2013. 262pp. Paperback–$30.00/Hardback (no dj)–$85.00. The years from 1852 to 1890 marked a controversial period in Mormonism, when the church’s official embrace of polygamy put it at odds with wider American culture. In this study, Christine Talbot explores the controversial era, discussing how plural marriage generated decades of cultural and political conflict over competing definitions of legitimate marriage, family structure, and American identity. In particular, Talbot examines “the Mormon question” with attention to how it constructed ideas about American citizenship around the presumed separation of the public and private spheres.
  • gatheringGathering as One: The History of the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City by Elwin C. Robison with W. Randall Dixon. BYU Press, 2013. 278pp. Oblong hardback. $39.95. One of the most famous landmarks in the American West, the Salt Lake Tabernacle held the North American record for the widest unsupported interior space at its completion in 1867. Finished two years before the arrival of the railroad, it was constructed primarily of local stone, timber, and adobe. One of a long succession of buildings constructed to permit members of the Mormon faith to hear from their prophet, the Tabernacle accommodated over 13,000 people. A recent seismic upgrade provided a unique opportunity to view details of the historic building. Construction challenges, acoustics, the development of the organ, and subsequent alterations and upgrades are amply illustrated, providing a complete story of this magnificent edifice.
  • illuminIlluminating the Dead Sea Scrolls: Mysteries of Qumran Revealed by Donald W. Parry. Neal A. Maxwell Institute, 2014. 91pp. Oversize paperback. $16.95. Described by many scholars as the greatest archaeological discovery of the 20th century, the Dead Sea Scrolls contain the oldest biblical manuscripts ever found. The lavishly illustrated Illuminating the Dead Sea Scrolls (written by a member of the translation team) introduces readers to these spectacular scrolls—from their discovery, to the selling and reselling of the scrolls for profit, to the publication of their texts, and finally to the technological advances that help scholars study the scrolls today. Inside you’ll discover how the Dead Sea Scrolls reveal previously unknown psalms, restore a missing verse from Psalm 145, and describe a treasure worthy of Indiana Jones (the treasure has yet to be found).
  • reachingReaching the Nations: International Church Growth Almanac: 2014 Edition (Vol. 1: The Americas, Oceania & Europe/ Vol. 2: Asia & Africa) ed. by David G. Stewart, Jr. and Matthew Martinich. The Cumorah Foundation, 2013. 976/941pp. Oversize paperback. $53.99/ea.  The most comprehensive almanac ever compiled, Reaching the Nations contains detailed country and regional profiles with overview of history, economy, politics, culture, and religion, along with research and analysis of growth, opportunities and challenges of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints around the world. For an article looking at the books, visit http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/lifestyle/57369318-80/church-percent-lds-growth.html.csp.
  • john packJohn Pack: As Revealed in the Records. John Pack Family Association, 2012. 302pp. Oversize hardback. $25.00. Now available again! This book about Pack was prompted by the discovery of records since publication of Davis Bitton’s The Redoubtable John Pack. Pack, an early convert, wore several hats in Nauvoo: policeman, member of the Nauvoo Legion and, most notably, member of the Council of Fifty. He served as a captain of 50 in the vanguard pioneer company—once settled, his home hosted the first classes for the University of Deseret. Most notable are heretofore untranscribed letters and papers made available by David K. Pack, family records and artifacts held by Annette Frederickson, and records uncovered over many years by Reed Wahlquist, all of which have been generously shared with The John Pack Family Association. A family association committee further researched and compiled a time-line as comprehensive as possible of records that directly speak of the life of John Pack and his family during his lifetime (1809-1885). This book contains this time-line and accompanying records. The book therefore supplements Bitton’s work
  • twibleThe Twible: All the Chapters of the Bible in 140 Characters or Less by Jana Riess. Jana Riess, 2013. 320pp. Paperback. $19.95. You’ve wanted to read the Bible, but it’s uber-long and, let’s face it, sometimes boring. You’re a busy person with stuff to do. You want the Bible, only funnier. Enter The Twible, which brings you every chapter as tweeted in 140 characters or less, from Genesis to Revelation! Find out what the Bible says you’re supposed to do if a friend starts worshiping another god, your child disrespects you in public, or you break the Sabbath. (The answers to those dilemmas are to stone your friend, stone your child, and stone yourself. In that order.) Learn where Paul swears in the New Testament, and why Jeremiah could benefit from antidepressants.
  • awakeAwake & Arise: Coming Tribulation & Judgment, with a Mighty and Strong One to Deliver: The Last-days According to Isaiah. Digital Legend, 2013. Oversize paperback. $19.95. God has revealed His will to all his prophets in scripture, whether it is Isaiah in the old world or Lehi in the new. The important teachings and prophecies of Isaiah have been repeated more than any other in scripture. This includes the words of Christ and those of Peter, Paul and John the Beloved. One third, or 21 of Isaiah’s 66 chapters are part of the Book of Mormon. The Doctrine and Covenants also quotes Isaiah extensively. It appears that the great prophet Isaiah teaches three major things which are not discussed in traditional commentaries on his prophecies for us. This book addresses what those are…. and what they could mean.


  • prattParley P. Pratt: The Apostle Paul of Mormonism by Terryl L. Givens and Matthew J. Grow. Hardback. Reg $34.95, SALE $9.99. Tracing the life of this colorful and influential figure from his hardscrabble origins in upstate New York to his murder in 1857, Terryl Givens and Matthew Grow explore the crucial role Pratt played in the formation and expansion of early Mormonism. One of the best biographies in recent memory and winner of the 2012 MHA Best Book Award.
  • bibleBible: The Story of the King James Version: 1611-2011 by Gordon Campbell. Hardback. Reg. $24.95, SALE $9.99. Lavishly illustrated with reproductions from early editions of the KJB, Bible: The Story of the King James Version offers a vivid and authoritative history of this renowned translation, ranging from the Bible’s inception to the present day.
  • paradoxPeople of Paradox: A History of Mormon Culture by Terryl L. Givens. Paperback. Reg. $24.95, SALE $6.99. Givens divides Mormon history into two periods, separated by the renunciation of polygamy in 1890. In each, he explores the life of the mind, the emphasis on education, the importance of architecture and urban planning (so apparent in Salt Lake City and Mormon temples around the world), and Mormon accomplishments in music and dance, theater, film, literature, and the visual arts.
  • mormonsMormons: An Open Book by Anthony Sweat. Paperback. Reg. $16.99, SALE $4.99. Written from the perspective of those who know and live the religion, the pages of Mormons: An Open Book invite you to come in, learn about, and better understand a growing body of faith in American and across the world: Mormonism.
  • whyWhy I’m a Mormon ed. by Joseph A. Cannon. Paperback. Reg. $19.99, SALE $9.99. A collection of individual journeys of faith by dozens of stalwart, modern Mormons some prominent, others less well-known but no less impressive. Contributors share brief reflections on how their feelings about the gospel and their involvement in the Church have shaped and enriched their lives.
  • howHow We Got the Book of Mormon by Richard E. Turley, Jr.& William W. Slaughter. Hardback. Reg. $34.99, SALE $14.99. This finely-crafted book (complete with endsheets) tells the story of the translation and publication of all significant editions of the Book of Mormon.  Accompanied by fantastic photographs from the Church History Library’s collection.
  • d&CHow We Got the Doctrine & Covenants by Richard E. Turley, Jr.& William W. Slaughter. Hardback. Reg. $34.99, SALE $14.99. This finely-crafted book (complete with endsheets) tells the story of the translation and publication of all significant editions of the Doctrine and Covenants.  Accompanied by fantastic photographs from the Church History Library’s collection.
  • bowmanThe Mormon People: The Making of an American Faith by Matthew Bowman. Hardback. Reg. $26.00, SALE $5.99. “From one of the brightest of the new generation of Mormon-studies scholars comes a crisp, engaging account of the religion’s history.”—The Wall Street Journal“[A] smart, lucid history.”—Tom Brokaw
  • hoseaThe Autobiography of Hosea Stout ed. by Reed A. Stout, rev. by Stephen L. Prince. Paperback. Reg. $12.95, SALE $4.99. Includes two versions of his autobiography: the earlier covering his life until 1844 and the later version covering his life until 1835.
  • rascalA Rascal By Nature, A Christian By Yearning: A Mormon Autobiography by Levi S. Peterson. Hardback. Reg. $29.95, SALE $4.99. Peterson has won a wide readership for his novels and short stories, his prize-winning biography of historian Juanita Brooks, and the essays that have appeared with regularity in western and Mormon literary and historical journals. In his autobiography, he describes growing up on the Mormon frontier of rural Arizona, his growing skepticism with his Mormon faith, his teaching career at Weber State University, and his struggle to understand and master personal crises of confidence.
  • blackandmormonBlack and Mormon ed. by Newell G. Bringhurst and Darron T. Smith. Paperback. Reg. $20.95, SALE $4.99. The articles collected in this volume look at the mechanisms used to keep blacks from full participation, the motives behind the ban, and the kind of changes that have – and have not – taken place within the church since the revelation responsible for its end.


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