We recently purchased a portion of a collection owned by a person who would buy multiple copies of books as they were published.  Many of these are still in as-new condition despite being out of print (in some cases, for many years).  Because we have several copies, we are offering these books at great prices.  Check out the list!















The Temple in Antiquity (Madsen), hardback–$24.99

The Lectures on Faith in Historical Perspective (Dahl/Tate), hardback–$24.99

Life Everlasting (Crowther), hardback–$11.99

Qualities That Count: Heber J. Grant as Businessman, Missionary, and Apostle (Walker), paperback–$7.99

Supporting Saints (Cannon/Whitaker), hardback–$9.99

Succession in the Church (Durham/Heath), hardback–$14.99

Between the Testaments (Brown/Holzapfel), hardback–$11.99

Sandy City: First 100 Years (Bradley), hardback—$7.99

Joseph Smith Jr.: Reappraisals after Two Centuries (Neilson/Givens), paperback–$6.99

They Knew The Prophet (Andrus/Andrus), paperback–$7.99/hardback–$8.99-$9.99

Where Eagles Rest (Smith), paperback–$4.99

Lord, Increase Our Faith (Maxwell), hardback–$8.99

Marriage (Kimball), hardback–$5.99

Behold the Lamb of God Clark), hardback–$8.99

Commitment (Featherstone), hardback–$5.99

Embraced by the Light (Eadie), hardback–$9.99

Beyond Death’s Door (Top/Top), hardback–$9.99

They Saw Beyond Death (Gibson), paperback–$7.99

Beyond the Veil,  3 vol set (Nelson), hardback–$19.99

Promised Messiah (McConkie), hardback–$9.99-$11.99

Spencer W. Kimball: Twelfth President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Kimball/Kimball), hardback–$9.99

Studies in Scripture, Volume Five: The Gospels (Jackson/Millet), hardback–$5.99

Studies in Scripture, Volume Three, The Old Testament: Genesis to 2 Samuel (Jackson, Millet), hardback–$5.99

The Vision or The Degrees of Glory (Lundwall), paperback–$7.99

Christ and the Inner Life (Madsen), hardback–$4.99

Understanding the Power God Gives Us (McConkie), hardback–$9.99

What Manner of Man (Eyre), hardback–$5.99

One Flesh, One Heart (Broderick), hardback–$8.99

The LDS Speaker’s Sourcebook, paperback–$9.99

By Grace Are We Saved (Millet), hardback–$9.99

Jesus the Master Teacher (Bennion), hardback–$8.99

Latter-day Prophets Speak (Ludlow), hardback–$9.99

The Presidents of the Church (Arrington), paperback–$7.99/hardback–$9.99-$11.99

Book of Mormon Symposium, Vol. 1: The Keystone Scripture (Cheesman), hardback–$19.99

Principles and Practices of the Restored Gospel (Ludlow), paperback–$7.99/hardback–$9.99-$11.99

Alma and Abinadi (Petersen), hardback–$8.99

Malachi and the Great and Dreadful Day (Petersen), hardback–$7.99

The Believing Heart (Hafen), hardback–$7.99

Paul’s Life and Letters (Sperry), paperback–$5.99/hardback–$9.99

Decisions for Successful Living (Lee), hardback–$5.99

Following Christ (Robinson), hardback–$5.99


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