As part of the ongoing 25th anniversary sale, we are offering Deal of the Day #3 (good today–Monday, Nov 5th-only):

Annotated Record of Baptisms for the Dead, 1840-1845, Nauvoo Hancock County, Illinois (6 vols. + index) edited by Susan Easton Black& Harvey Bischoff Black.  The Center for Family History and Genealogy at Brigham Young History, 2002. Oversize hardback–7 vol. set. Original retail $320, on sale for $99, DEAL OF THE DAY $75 (SAVE NEARLY $250!).  This seven-volume set illuminates the unselfish deeds of the early Latter-day Saints in behalf of their deceased loved ones. The faded holographic baptismal records of yesteryear have been extracted, edited, and alphabetized. Vital statistics now identify most proxies and the relationship between proxies and the deceased, a relationship that cannot be found anywhere else. There are over 15,000 entries for baptisms for the dead that have been identified, most of which are not included in the International Genealogical Index.

Buy this set and we’ll throw in a complimentary copy of Modern Perspectives on Nauvoo and the Mormons: Interview with Long-Term Residents (compiled by Larry Dahl and Don Norton)!


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