It’s time for some more Christmas shopping ideas.  Today, we’re highlighting several N.B. Lundwall titles. Nels Benjamin Lundwall was a convert (his family was originally members of the RLDS Church) who, after moving to Utah, was assigned as a secretary to the First Quorum of Seventy.  After 12 years as their secretary, he resigned to concentrate on his historical and doctrinal compilations.  Below are some of the more difficult to find Lundwall titles, particularly early works and those in dust jackets. With some Lundwall titles, determining the particular edition/printing is difficult since he did not always state them–we’ve done our best to give specifics. As with all of our Christmas Shopping Ideas items, we are offering free shipping (U.S. only).  Please call with any questions or to order.

Marrying Out of the FaithMarrying Out of the Faith. Pioneer Press, 1968. 193 pp. Hardcover, no dust jacket (as issued). Slight wear at crown/foot of spine, otherwise very good shape. This last compilation, finished just a year before his death, is the most difficult to find (only 500 copies in this first, and only, printing). Includes articles from various LDS authors (Orson Pratt, Bruce R. McConkie) as well as articles from non-Mormon sources on eugenics and racial purity. $175 SOLD







Masterful Discourses and Writings of Orson PrattMasterful Discourses and Writings of Orson Pratt. Self-published, pre-1952 (1st ed.). 620 pp. Hardcover w/ dust jacket. Light chipping to dust jacket. This massive collection of Pratt’s writings is divided into seven thematic sections. A nearly 20 page introduction gives biographical detail on Pratt. Not often seen in a dust jacket, less so for one in this good of shape. $60 SOLD








The Fate of the Persecutors of the Prophet Joseph SmithThe Fate of the Persecutors of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Bookcraft, 1952 (early, but not 1st ed.). 363 pp. Hardcover w/ dust jacket. Chipping to dust jacket, inscription inside front cover. A very nice early edition (the true first edition was self-published) of what is likely Lundwall’s most popular title.   It was reprinted many times with different covers and dust jackets through the years. $75








Assorted Gems of Priceless ValueAssorted Gems of Priceless Value. Self-published, 1944 (1st ed.). 376 pp. Hardcover w/ dust jacket. Chipping/tearing to dust jacket, inscription inside front cover, name on ffep. Another book that does not show up very often in a dust jacket. The various short entries included are written by everyone from Joseph Smith to Perrigrine Sessions to Lundwall himself. $30








Exodus of Modern IsraeExodus of Modern Israel. Zion’s Printing and Publishing Co., 1940s? (1st ed.?) 96 pp. Hardcover w/ dust jacket. Minor chipping to jacket, several small water spots on back of jacket. This slim volume excerpts entries from Orson Pratt’s journal covering the 1847 trek to Utah as well as some statements from contemporaries on Joseph Smith’s plans to settle in the Rocky Mountains. $30








Inspired Prophetic WarningsInspired Prophetic Warnings. Self-published, 1945 (3rd ed.). 160 pp. Hardcover. Name sticker inside front cover. With an ominous black cover (w/ red lettering), this small compilation collects scriptural prophecies as well as modern warnings (taken from the Millennial Star and Journal of Discourses) dealing with the last days. $25









Faith Like the Ancients, vol. 1.Faith Like the Ancients, vol. 1. Paragon Printing Co., 1950 (1st ed.). 297 pp. Hardcover. Inscription on ffep. The first volume of a popular two-volume set, this collection includes dozens of accounts of miracles occurring to members, missionaries and general authorities alike. Foreword by Milton R. Hunter of the First Council of Seventy. $20

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