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The Joseph Smith Papers, Histories, vol. 2: Assigned Histories, 1831-47The Joseph Smith Papers, Histories, vol. 2: Assigned Histories, 1831-47 edited by Karen Lynn Davidson, Richard L. Jensen and David J. Whittaker. Church Historian’s Press, 2012. 480 pp. Hardback. Reg. $54.95, SALE $43.95Signed by all three editors. While vol. 1 of Histories contains histories written, dictated, or supervised by Joseph Smith, he also assigned several associates, including John Whitmer, William W. Phelps, John Corrill, and Edward Partridge, to write church histories. Their thoroughly annotated accounts—vivid, personal, and sometimes surprising (Corrill and Whitmer would both be excommunicated)—are found in this second volume of the Histories series, which provides a rich, multifaceted view of the early years of the Latter-day Saint movement, particularly the “Missouri Mormon War” of 1838.

Brigham Young: Pioneer ProphetBrigham Young: Pioneer Prophet by John G. Turner. Harvard University Press, 2012. 512 pp. Hardback. Reg. $35.00, SALE $28.00Signed. While previous accounts of his life have been distorted by hagiography or polemical exposé, John Turner provides a fully realized portrait of a colossal figure in American religion, politics, and westward expansion. After the 1844 murder of Mormon founder Joseph Smith, Young gathered those Latter-day Saints who would follow him and led them over the Rocky Mountains. In Utah, he styled himself after the patriarchs, judges, and prophets of ancient Israel. As charismatic as he was autocratic, he was viewed by his followers as an indispensable protector and by his opponents as a theocratic, treasonous heretic. “Turner’s treatment of the complex Brigham Young is unsentimental, cogent, critical, and fair. It takes its place alongside Leonard Arrington’s magisterial American Moses as the essential, mutually challenging portraits of one of America’s greatest colonizers and religious figures.” –Philip L. Barlow, Arrington Chair of Mormon History and Culture at Utah State University.

A Descriptive Bibliography of the Mormon Church, Vol. 3, 1853-1857 A Descriptive Bibliography of the Mormon Church, Vol. 3, 1853-1857 by Peter Crawley. Religious Studies Center, 2012. 467 pp. Hardback. Reg. $54.95, SALE $43.95Signed. The final volume in this meticulously researched trilogy brings the bibliography up to 1857. Crawley, widely respected as one of the foremost experts in Mormon publishing history, gives full bibliographic detail for each entry. Though it is certainly of great value to collectors, Descriptive Bibliography is, in a sense, a history of Mormonism as seen through the lens of publishing. Larry Draper, Curator of Special Collections at BYU’s Harold B. Lee Library states, A Descriptive Bibliography of the Mormon Church is, to put it simply, the best available source on early Mormon printing and publishing.”

Descriptive Bibliography of the Mormon Church, Vol. 1, 1830-1847. New hardback (out-of-print) Reg. $150, SALE $125. Signed.

Descriptive Bibliography of the Mormon Church, Vol. 2, 1848-1852. New hardback (out-of-print) Reg. $65, SALE $48.99Signed.

Set of all three volumes. New hardback. Reg. $269.95, SALE $215.

Dale Morgan on the Mormons: Collected Works Part 1, 1939–1951 (Kingdom in the West, vol. 14)Dale Morgan on the Mormons: Collected Works Part 1, 1939–1951 (Kingdom in the West, vol. 14) ed. by Richard L Saunders. Arthur H. Clark, 2012. 536 pp. Hardback. Reg. $45.00, Reg. $33.75. The first of two volumes on Dale Morgan is a far-reaching compilation of the historian’s published and unpublished writings. The collection includes not only essays but also book reviews and bibliographic studies, many published here for the first time. This first volume includes key extracts from Morgan’s contribution to the WPA guide to Utah (1941), which remains an excellent introduction to the complex history of the Beehive State. It further provides a new historiographic introduction to his seminal work The State of Deseret and presents important previously unpublished works on the Kingdom of God, the Deseret Alphabet, and the origins of the infamous Danite society. In addition, the volume illuminates Morgan’s legacy as a bibliographer and the significance of that contribution to Latter Day Saint studies. Throughout, Saunders provides informative introductions that place each of the writings or groups of writings into biographical and historical context.

Against the Odds: The Life of George Albert SmithAgainst the Odds: The Life of George Albert Smith by Mary Jane Woodger. Covenant, 2011. 244 pp. Hardcover. Reg. $19.99, SALE $14.99. Though George Albert Smith’s generation knew, revered, and respected his life and teachings, he has been relatively unknown among contemporary Latter-day Saints. Rich with anecdotes and passages from his correspondence and journals, this historical narrative portrays the private life of George Albert Smith within the framework of his public image, consistently revealing the noble character and endearing personality of one of the Lord’s prophets.



“ And Should We Die…”: The Cane Creek Mormon Massacre by Donald R. Curtis. Bearhead, 2011. 322 pp + index. Paperback. Reg. $19.99, SALE $14.99. Perhaps the most brutal treatment received by Mormon missionaries occurred in the American South. Still suffering the indignities of political reconstruction following the Civil War, many seemed unwilling to tolerate any preventable outside influence. On August 10, 1884, in Lewis County, Tennessee, such an incident occurred as a mob posing as the Ku Klux Klan interrupted a Church meeting—what ensued was perhaps the South’s darkest hour.

Another Kind of Gold, The Life of Albert King Thurber, A Utah Pioneer, Explorer, and Community BuilderAnother Kind of Gold, The Life of Albert King Thurber, A Utah Pioneer, Explorer, and Community Builder by William G. Hartley. C. L. Dalton Enterprises, 2011. 616 pp. Hardback. Reg. $24.95, SALE $18.99. Hartley chronicles Thurber’s youth in New England, journey across the plains as a 49er during the Gold Rush, his conversion to Mormonism as he passed through Salt Lake, his mission to the California gold fields, and his service as a pioneer bishop, stake president, mayor, territorial legislator, explorer, military general and Indian agent. Included with the book is a disk containing a full electronic version of the book, Thurber-related histories along with images and transcripts of his journals.


Apostles on Trial: Examining the Membership Trials of Apostles Taylor and CowleyApostles on Trial: Examining the Membership Trials of Apostles Taylor and Cowley by Drew Briney. Hindsight, 2012. 269 pp + index. Hardback. Reg. $30, SALE $22.50. While a few members of the Twelve who disciplined Taylor and Cowley were completely uninvolved in new plural marriages after the 1890 manifesto, one married a plural wife in the fall of 1904, another was recently engaged to a potential plural wife, at least two others courted potential plural wives after 1890, another approved scores of new marriages and another assisted Taylor in marrying about 90 couples. With facsimiles of original trial correspondence, original (heavily annotated) trial minutes, many other supporting documents and a lengthy introduction, Apostles on Trial opens the door to understanding these trials like no publication before it.

Book of Mormon Girl: Stories from an American FaithBook of Mormon Girl: Stories from an American Faith by Joanna Brooks. Free Press, 2012. 204 pp. Paper. Reg. $14.00, SALE $10.50. A story about leaving behind the innocence of childhood belief and embracing the complications and heartbreaks that come to every adult life of faith. Joanna’s journey through her faith explores a side of the religion that is rarely put on display: its humanity, its tenderness, its humor, and its internal struggles. In Joanna’s hands, the everyday experience of being a Mormon unfolds in fascinating detail. “A compelling memoir of being found and lost and found again. Brooks is a contemporary Mormon pioneer.”–Jana Riess, author of Flunking Sainthood and Mormonism for Dummies


Book of Mormon: A BiographyBook of Mormon: A Biography by Paul C. Gutjahr. Princeton University Press, 2012. 255 pp. Hardback. Reg. $24.95, SALE $18.99. In this “biography,” part of the Lives of Great Religious Books series, Gutjahr shows how The Book of Mormon launched one of the fastest growing new religions and has been featured in everything from comic books and action figures to feature-length films and an award-winning Broadway musical.





Civil War SaintsCivil War Saints edited by Kenneth L. Alford. Religious Studies Center, 2012. 569 pp. Oversize hardback. Reg. $31.99, SALE $23.99. Although Utah Territory was physically removed from the Civil War battlefields and the resulting devastation, the war had a deep impact on the territory and its inhabitants. Topics include Joseph Smith’s Civil War prophecy, Abraham Lincoln and the Mormons, the establishment of Camp Douglas, Mormon motivation for enlisting in the war, the war’s aftermath, and the Grand Army of the Republic.



Discovering Chiasmus: A Pattern in All ThingsDiscovering Chiasmus: A Pattern in All Things compiled by Yvonne Bent. Digital Legend, 2011. 233 pp. Oversize paperback. Reg. $24.95, SALE $18.99. Chiasmus can be identified in the sciences and the arts. It is easily observed in a multitude of places in the human body. It is audible to the most rudimentary music student. How could this be if it is only a Hebraic literary pattern? How can chiasmus be so rampant throughout literature, nature, and the scriptures with those restraints? The obvious answer may be that it is a medium that could be in all things and through all things. It would have to be something that conveys light. These papers, delivered at a symposium in 2010, attempt to explain the centrality of chiasmic patterns in all things.


Edward Hunter Snow: Pioneer—Educator—StatesmanEdward Hunter Snow: Pioneer—Educator—Statesman by Thomas G. Alexander. Arthur H. Clark, 2012. 432 pp. Hardback. Reg. $34.95, SALE $25.99. Born in St. George, Utah, to Julia Spencer and Mormon apostle Erastus Snow, Edward Hunter Snow was instrumental both in the development of southern Utah and in the growth of the Church during a period of rapid change. In the first biography of the man, Thomas G. Alexander presents Snow as a servant of family, church, state, and nation. Offering insights into the Church around the turn of the twentieth century, Alexander narrates the events of Snow’s missions to the American South, including encounters with the Ku Klux Klan in the 1880s, and to New York. As president of the St. George Stake and church leader, Snow sought to reshape the Church’s place in Utah—confining its influence to religious and cultural practices and avoiding politics. In addition, he was a key figure in promoting education (including founding Snow College) in southern Utah.


Enemy of the Saints: The Biography of Governor Lilburn W. Boggs of MissouriEnemy of the Saints: The Biography of Governor Lilburn W. Boggs of Missouri by Robert Nelson. PublishAmerica, 2011. 210 pp. Paper. Reg. $24.95, SALE $18.99. Lilburn W. Boggs is most often remembered as the Governor of Missouri who issued the infamous “Extermination Order” during the Mormon War of 1838. But his life involved many of the important events of the early nineteenth century. He was a veteran of the War of 1812, a pioneer of the fur trade, a merchant on the Santa Fe Trail, and governor of Missouri. He participated in one of the most significant wagon trains to California and became the alcalde of Northern California. In addition to telling the story of Lilburn Boggs and his eventful life, this book takes a detailed look at the Mormon War and Governor Boggs’s motivation in issuing the Extermination Order.


The Essential Doctrine & Covenants CompanioThe Essential Doctrine & Covenants Companion by Mary Jane Woodger. Covenant, 2012. 304 pp. Hardback. Reg. $34.99, SALE $26.25. Between its covers, you’ll find a two-page spread for each section in the Doctrine and Covenants that contains a key passage of scripture, a short explanation of the section’s central concept, a synopsis of its historical background, and a quick list of its prominent people.




Exhibiting Mormonism: The Latter-day Saints and the 1893 Chicago World's Fair Exhibiting Mormonism: The Latter-day Saints and the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair by Reid L. Neilson. Oxford, 2011. 224 pp. Hardback. Reg. $29.95, SALE $22.50. The 1893 Columbian Exposition, also known as the Chicago World’s Fair, presented the Latter-day Saints with their first opportunity to exhibit the best of Mormonism for a national and an international audience after the abolishment of polygamy in 1890. Neilson explores how Latter-day Saints attempted to ”exhibit” themselves to the outside world before, during, and after the Columbian Exposition, arguing that their participation in the Exposition was a crucial moment in the Mormon migration to the American mainstream.




Fire in the Pasture: Twenty-First Century Mormon Poets edited by Tyler Chadwick. Peculiar Pages, 2011. 522 pp. Paperback. Reg. $27.99, SALE $20.99Fire in the Pasture is the first serious new collection of Mormon poets since the Eugene England and Dennis M. Clark produced Harvest in 1989. That work’s excellence has been rightly lauded, and it will never lose its place in Mormon letters. However, twenty years have passed, and it is now time for a new volume of poetry to take its place in the canon. Focusing on the 21st-century work of poets known and new, Fire in the Pasture will make an enormous contribution to the Mormon literary scene. Includes contributions from Joanna Brooks, Alex Caldiero, Michael Hicks, Steven Peck and Paul Swenson.

Fires of Faith: The Coming Forth of the King James BibleFires of Faith: The Coming Forth of the King James Bible (2 DVD set) produced by Lee Groberg, Mitch Davis and Mark Goodman. Covenant, 2012. Reg. $19.99, SALE $14.99. This intriguing three-part documentary series (originally aired on BYUTv) features more than 130 reenactments filmed in eight countries, with great care taken to represent the scenes visually and historically accurate. Commentary from 18 international scholars and religious leaders tells the story of one of the greatest committee efforts in history, resulting in the most influential and enduring book the Western world has ever seen.



Forgotten Son: William Henry Kimball by Marlin Kent Larsen. Downs Printing, 2011. 231 pp. Paperback. Reg. $25.00, SALE $18.99. The product of ten years of research, this biography of Larsen’s ancestor traces the course of William Henry Kimball, oldest son of Heber C. Kimball. The lesser-known William was one of the settlers of Kimball Junction and served in the Utah Militia during conflicts with Native Americans and the U.S. Army. Kimball operated a ranch in Parley’s Park near Park City which hosted luminaries such as Mark Twain, Horace Greeley and Walt Whitman.

Fourth Wife: Polygamy, Love & RevolutionFourth Wife: Polygamy, Love & Revolution by Carolyn O’Bagy Davis. Rio Nuevo, 2011. 206 pp. Paperback. Reg. $14.95, SALE $11.25. Julia Abegg Call was the fourth wife in a polygamous marriage to Anson Bowen Call, Mormon bishop of Colonia Dublan in revolutionary-era Mexico. Davis offers an intimate look into a polygamous family that struggled to stay together amidst political turmoil in Mexico and the growing intolerance toward polygamy in the United States. Julia became the mother of twelve children and confronted danger, poverty, prejudice, and personal tragedy in the Call family during the Mexican Revolution.




German Latter-day Saints and World War II: Their Personal Stories of Survival edited by Lynn M. Hansen and Faith D. Hansen. BYU Studies, 2012. 200 pp. Oversize paperback. Reg. $24.95, SALE $18.99. Mormons in Eastern Europe found themselves mercilessly caught at the center of political and social turmoil during World War II and its aftermath. This book is a completely new collection of first-hand accounts by German and other Eastern European Latter-day Saints who suffered unbelievably brutal trials and lived to tell their stories. These personal statements, gathered and translated by Lynn Hansen, build faith despite despair, offer hope amidst peril, and champion charity in defiance of hate.

Going to My Grave: The Life and Mysterious Disappearance of the Mormon Scout Levi Gregory MetcalfGoing to My Grave: The Life and Mysterious Disappearance of the Mormon Scout Levi Gregory Metcalf by Mark Blanchard. Hobble Creek Press, 2011. 629 pp. Oversize paperback—Reg. $29.95, SALE $22.50Signed. Four years in the making, countless hours of research vested in its pages, now at last you can weigh the clues and decide for yourself who really killed Greg Metcalf in the first book-length biography of this great scout. Going to my Grave separates the myth from reality as it presents the true story of Greg’s amazing life as an explorer, peacemaker, scout, Indian fighter, and Mormon stalwart.



The Guardian Poplar: A Memoir of Deep Roots, Journey, and RediscoveryThe Guardian Poplar: A Memoir of Deep Roots, Journey, and Rediscovery by Chase N. Peterson. University of Utah, 2012. 300 pp. Hardback. Reg. $39.95, SALE $29.99 The Guardian Poplar tells of a man who grew up in small-town Utah and carried his pioneer and Mormon heritage to a New England prep school and later to Harvard. He then returned to Utah as a doctor, but unexpectedly found himself back at Harvard as its dean of admissions, handling issues such as the Vietnam War and racial and gender reform. The book—drawing on personal anecdotes—explains how Peterson’s home state recruited him back to become an administrator at the University of Utah and how he would eventually become the university president, taking on new issues and challenges.


Habits of Being: Mormon Women’s Material Culture edited by Elizabeth Pinborough. Exponent II, 2012. 113 pp. Paperback. Reg. $19.99, SALE $14.99. A variety of Mormon women write about objects they have inherited from their ancestresses in this collection of essays and poetry. Humorous and heart-breaking, this collection includes works by Linda Hoffman Kimball, Jana Riess, Margaret Toscano, and Laurel Thatcher Ulrich and features full-color illustrations.

History of the Saints, Season One: Gathering to the WestHistory of the Saints, Season One: Gathering to the West. Covenant, 2011. 35 episodes—9 DVD set, approx 13 hrs. Reg. $39.95, SALE $29.99. From the same team who worked on the Joseph Smith Papers TV Series comes “History of the Saints,” an ongoing television documentary series focused on the epic history of the Latter-day Saints. The first season commences with the martyrdom of Joseph Smith, the Mormon Prophet, and follows the Saints across the plains to Utah.




History of the Saints, Season Two: Building ZionHistory of the Saints, Season Two: Building Zion. Covenant, 2012. 34 episodes—9 DVD set. Reg. $39.95, SALE $29.99. In this second-season compilation, the story continues with the building up of Zion in the West, the struggles against nature to survive those first years in a wilderness, the ongoing challenges of emigration and bringing the Saints across sea and trail, the hopes for statehood, and the establishment of settlements throughout the West. Along the way, there are small but meaningful personal stories embedded in the larger story of Church history, such as the return of Oliver Cowdery to the Church, the discovery of gold in California, and the tragic story of the Indians in Utah.



History of the Saints: The Great Mormon Exodus and the Establishment of ZionHistory of the Saints: The Great Mormon Exodus and the Establishment of Zion by Glenn Rawson, Dennis Lyman, Bryant Bush, William G. Hartley (eds.). Covenant, 2012. 288 pp. Hardcover. Reg. $39.95, SALE $29.99. From the creators of the documentary series History of the Saints comes this richly illustrated companion book, a poignant chronicle of the journey of the early Saints as they charted a course from Nauvoo to the Salt Lake Valley. The authors detail the successes and failures of the pioneers, whose vision of the future took them beyond the American West into Mexico, Canada, and Hawaii in their quest to establish Zion.

History of the Saints: The Remarkable Journey of the Mormon BattalionHistory of the Saints: The Remarkable Journey of the Mormon Battalion (DVD and book) by Michael Landon and Brandon Metcalf. Covenant, 2012. DVD—approx 90 mins. Reg. $14.99, SALE $11.25/Hardcover. 128 pp. Reg. $24.99, SALE $18.99. In December 1847, a ragged band of soldiers known as the Mormon Battalion made their way into the Latter-day Saint settlement of Kanesville, Iowa, to be reunited with the families they had left behind for voluntary service in the United States Army. These pages, full of compelling narrative and rich visuals, bring to life the history of this unusual military unit with all of its faith, sacrifice, and unflagging service.



In Heaven as It Is on Earth: Joseph Smith and the Early Mormon Conquest of Death In Heaven as It Is on Earth: Joseph Smith and the Early Mormon Conquest of Death by Samuel M. Brown. Oxford University Press, 2012 [2011]. 392 pp. Hardback. Reg. $34.95, SALE $26.25. In his first book, Samuel Brown (a physician by trade)—who has written award-winning articles on adoption, translation issues and death culture for Journal of Mormon HistoryDialogue and BYU Studies—reimages early Mormonism through the lens of death and 19th century preoccupation therewith. Brown focuses his attention on key episodes in early Mormon history to reinforce the importance of recognizing death as a primary window into Joseph Smith’s own thinking as well as that of his culture. Bringing his medical background to the task, Brown adds insightful details on the process of death and how it was handled in the 19th century.

Joseph Smith Egyptian Papyri: A Complete EditionThe Joseph Smith Egyptian Papyri: A Complete Edition by Robert K. Ritner. Smith-Pettit, 2012. 283 pp. Oversize hardcover. Limited to 501 copies. $79.99 (no discount). This book marks the publication of the first, full translation of the so-called Joseph Smith Egyptian papyri translated into English. Ritner, renowned professor of Egyptology at the University of Chicago, presents a full translation with footnotes discussing previous translation efforts by Hugh Nibley, Michael Rhodes, John Gee and others. Also included are insightful introductory essays on Egyptian religion, dating, ownership and history of the papyri. Twenty-eight photographic plates, including color images of the primary papyri (with corrected alignment for Papyrus Joseph Smith 2) accompany the text. Click here for more info from the publisher.


The Joseph Smith Papers, Histories, Vol. 1: Joseph Smith Histories, 1832-1844The Joseph Smith Papers, Histories, Vol. 1: Joseph Smith Histories, 1832-1844. Church Historian’s Press, 2012. 686 pp. Hardback. Reg. $54.95, SALE $43.95. This volume includes six different attempts at writing Joseph Smith’s history. In addition, an appendix presents Orson Pratt’s A Interesting Account of Several Remarkable Visions (1840) which draws on earlier histories and includes the first printed version of the First Vision. All documents have excellent historical introductions and are heavily annotated. Signed by the four editors.



Joseph Smith's Translation of the Bible: Electronic LibraryJoseph Smith’s Translation of the Bible: Electronic Library (DVD) edited by Scott H. Faulring and Kent P. Jackson. RSC/Maxwell Institute, 2011. Reg. $19.99, SALE $14.99. This disc brings together a wealth of information and recent scholarship on Joseph Smith’s translation of the Bible. It includes high-resolution images of every page of the original manuscripts, transcriptions and images of the earliest copies (including the Bernhisel copy) made from those manuscripts, images from the 1867 RLDS Holy Scriptures, and a collection of recently published studies based on the manuscripts. It also includes the entire 851- page book, Joseph Smith’s New Translation of the Bible: Original Manuscripts.

Knowing Brother Joseph Again: Perceptions and PerspectivesKnowing Brother Joseph Again: Perceptions and Perspectives by Davis Bitton. Greg Kofford Books, 2011. 183 pp. Reg. $19.95, SALE $14.99. Paperback. Davis Bitton’s life was cut short before he could finish revisions on this collection of eleven insightful essays about Joseph Smith, a prophet whom he also considers a hero in both classical terms and in the context of nineteenth-century America. Knowing Brother Joseph Again explores images of Joseph Smith from a variety of perspectives–not only the devotion of believers but the hostility and skepticism of opponents. One thing people at both ends of the spectrum agreed on was that Joseph was a towering figure, larger than life.



Latter-day Saint Biographical EncyclopediaLatter-day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia, 4 vols., ed. by Andrew Jenson. Greg Kofford Books, 2012. Hardback. Reg. $259.95, SALE $195.99. In the preface to the first volume Jenson wrote, “On the rolls of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are found the names of a host of men and women of worth—heroes and heroines of a higher type—who have been and are willing to sacrifice fortune and life for the sake of their religion. It is for the purpose of perpetuating the memory of these, and to place on record deeds worthy of imitation, that [this set] makes its appearance.” Originally published between 1901 and 1936—and with over 5,000 biographical entries of “heroes and heroines” complete with more than 2,000 photographs—this reprint set is an essential reference for the study of early Church history as well as family history.

Life of Dr. Frederick G. Williams: Counselor to the Prophet Joseph SmithLife of Dr. Frederick G. Williams: Counselor to the Prophet Joseph Smith by Frederick G. Williams. BYU Studies, 2012. 834 pp. Hardback. Reg. $29.99, SALE $22.50. This biography is a thoroughly researched documentary history of Frederick G. Williams and his immediate family. Williams was an important figure during the early days of the restoration of the gospel and the organization of the Church. He served as a missionary on the original mission to the Lamanites, was a personal scribe to the Prophet Joseph Smith for four years, participated in Zion’s Camp, was Second Counselor in the First Presidency for five years, and for twelve years was the principal doctor for the Saints until his death in 1842.


Man Behind the Discourse: A Biography of King FollettMan Behind the Discourse: A Biography of King Follett by Joann Follett Mortensen. Greg Kofford Books, 2011. 601 pp. Paperback. Reg. $29.95, SALE $22.50. When Follett was fatally injured digging a well in Nauvoo in March 1844, why did Joseph Smith use his death to deliver the monumental doctrinal sermon now known as the King Follett Discourse? Much has been written about the sermon, but little about King himself. While King would have died virtually unknown had his name not been attached to the discourse, his life story reflects the reality of all whose faith became the foundation for a new religion.



Mapping Mormonism: An Atlas of Latter-day Saint HistoryMapping Mormonism: An Atlas of Latter-day Saint History ed. by Brandon Plewe. Religious Studies Center, 2012. 272 pp. Oversize hardback. Reg. $39.99, SALE $29.99. Over 500 maps, timelines, and charts visualizing the history of the restoration. In this state-of-the-art atlas, readers can take in the epic sweep of the Mormon movement in a new, immersive way. Never has so much geographical data about the Church been presented in one volume so attractively and informatively. The collection is divided into four sections (The Restoration, The Empire of Deseret, The Expanding Church and Regional History) and includes contributions from Thomas Alexander, Ron Esplin, Ed Kimball, Max Parkin and Richard Turley. Forthcoming mid-October.


Mendon Saints, Their Lives and Legacy, vol. 1Mendon Saints, Their Lives and Legacy, vol. 1 (first of 4 vols.) by Stephen G. Schwendiman. Eborn Books, 2011. 811 pp. Hardback. Reg. $49.99, SALE $37.50. In a small town not far from Palmyra, New York, much of the city of Mendon (including Brigham Young and Heber C. Kimball) saw a vision in the sky, converted to Mormonism, and moved to Kirtland. In the early 1830s missionaries visited Mendon, New York. After studying the doctrines of the restored gospel, many were baptized and a branch of the Church was established. The four volumes that will make up this series explore not only a history of the Church in Mendon but follow the lives of every family member who was living in Mendon at the time.


The Midwife: A Biography of Laurine Ekstrom KingstonThe Midwife: A Biography of Laurine Ekstrom Kingston by Victoria D. Burgess. Signature Books, 2012. 272 pp. Hardback. Reg. $26.95, SALE $20.25. Laurine Ekstrom Kingston quickly became the most sought-after midwife in Utah despite the fact that it was against the law for a licensed practical nurse to deliver babies. Another illegal aspect of her life was her marriage to Leon Kingston, son of Mormon fundamentalist leader, Charles Elden Kingston. In this captivating biography, we learn about the methodology and lore of a modern midwife and the personality of a woman whose comforting way and advocacy of natural childbirth has made her a heroine to many. Click here for more info from the publisher.




The Mormon People: The Making of an American FaithThe Mormon People: The Making of an American Faith by Matthew Bowman. Random House, 2012. 328 pp. Hardback. Reg. $26.00, SALE $19.50. Religious historian Matthew Bowman peels back the curtain on more than 180 years of Mormon history and doctrine in recounting the church’s origin and development, explaining how Mormonism came to be one of the fastest-growing religions in the world by the turn of twenty-first century, and ably setting the scene for a 2012 presidential election that has the potential to mark a major turning point in the way Mormonism is perceived by the wider American public—and internationally.




Mormon Quest for the Presidency: From Joseph Smith to Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman (2nd ed.) by Newell G. Bringhurst and Craig L. Foster. John Whitmer Books, 2011. 375 pp. Paperback. Reg. $24.95, SALE $18.99. This expanded second edition includes updates through mid-2011 on the campaigns of Mitt Romney and Jon Hunstman. Bringhurst and Foster trace the history of eleven LDS individuals who have sought the office of president, beginning with Joseph Smith. Both influential major party candidates such as George Romney and lesser-known figures such as Eldridge Cleaver and Bo Gritz are covered here. Copies signed by Bringhurst are available.

Mormonism at the Crossroads of Philosophy and Theology: Essays in Honor of David L. Paulsen Mormonism at the Crossroads of Philosophy and Theology: Essays in Honor of David L. Paulsen edited by Jacob Baker. Greg Kofford, 2012. 422 pp. Paperback. Reg. $31.95, SALE $23.99. Recently retired after nearly 40 years of teaching and mentoring, David Paulsen has produced an imposing catalog of influential books and articles on Mormon teachings. This volume is a collection of essays representative of Paulsen’s wide-ranging professional and personal influence, collected in honor of his many achievements and published on the occasion of his retirement.




Mormonism in Transition: A History of the Latter-day Saints, 1890–1930 Mormonism in Transition: A History of the Latter-day Saints, 1890–1930 (3rd ed.) by Thomas G. Alexander. Greg Kofford, 2012. 410 pp. Paperback. Reg. $31.95, SALE $23.99. More than two decades after its original publication, Alexander still engages audiences with his insightful study of the pivotal, early years of the Church. Serving as a vital read for both students and scholars of American religious and social history, Alexander’s book explains and charts the Church’s transformation over this 40-year period of both religious and American history. For the third edition, Alexander has updated the sources and rewritten some of the chapters.


The Nauvoo City and High Council MinutesThe Nauvoo City and High Council Minutes edited by John S. Dinger. Signature Books, 2011. 616 pp. Hardback. Reg. $49.95, SALE $37.50. This useful documentary collection compiles all known city and high council minutes from the often volatile Nauvoo period. John Dinger has ably organized this chaotic corpus—consisting of loose sheets, rough minute books and finished drafts—into as coherent a narrative as possible. Helpful footnotes contextualize decisions and give biographical info on people mentioned. The entries range from the mundane to the explosive—several meetings deal with polygamy and the divisive effects it would have on the community. This is a fascinating and rich documentary source that will prove invaluable in understanding the complexities of the Nauvoo era. Click here for more info from the publisher.



No Weapon Shall Prosper: New Light on Sensitive IssuesNo Weapon Shall Prosper: New Light on Sensitive Issues edited by Robert L. Millet. RSC/Deseret Book, 2011. 430 pp. Hardback. Reg. $27.99, SALE $20.99. In this book, LDS scholars (such as Richard Holzapfel, Steven Harper and Spencer Fluhman) discuss criticisms of the Church on a variety of issues, including the question of whether Mormons are Christian, the various accounts of Joseph Smith’s First Vision, and LDS beliefs about becoming like God, continuing revelation, and plural marriage. The book also includes chapters about DNA research and the Book of Mormon, along with the role of evidence and the need for honesty in religious discussion. This volume does not address every point of opposition, but it does provide thoughtful and reliable answers to several hard questions.


Parley P. Pratt and the Making of Mormonism Parley P. Pratt and the Making of Mormonism edited by Gregory K. Armstrong, Matthew J. Grow and Dennis J. Siler. Arthur H. Clark, 2011. 352 pp. Hardback. Reg. $45.00, SALE $33.99. Arguably Mormonism’s most influential early leader after Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, Pratt is also one of its least understood. This collection of essays uses Pratt’s life and writings as a means for gaining insight on early Latter-day Saint history, including the Church’s initial internationalization, vibrant print culture, development of a unique theology, family dynamics, and the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Contributors include Richard Turley, Alex Baugh and David Whittaker.




“A Peculiar People”: Anti-Mormonism and the Making of Religion in Nineteenth-Century America“A Peculiar People”: Anti-Mormonism and the Making of Religion in Nineteenth-Century America by J. Spencer Fluhman. University of North Carolina, 2012. 256 pp. Hardback. Reg. $34.95, SALE $26.25. Fluhman offers a comprehensive history of anti-Mormon thought and the associated passionate debates about religious authenticity in nineteenth-century America. He argues that understanding anti-Mormonism provides critical insight into the American psyche because Mormonism became a potent symbol around which ideas about religion and the state took shape.



Playing with Shadows: Voices of Dissent in the Mormon WestPlaying with Shadows: Voices of Dissent in the Mormon West (Kingdom in the West, vol. 13) edited by Polly Aird, Jeff Nichols and Will Bagley. Arthur H. Clark, 2011. 518 pp. Hardback. Reg. $45.00, SALE $33.99. This collection includes dissenters with different motivations and a wide range of experiences. Newspaper articles, personal letters, journals, and sermons provide context for the testaments collected here: George Armstrong Hicks, Charles Derry, Ann Gordge, and Brigham Young Hampton. These four range from those who felt Brigham Young had not lived up to the precepts of Mormonism, to “backouts” who gave up and left Utah, to a plural wife who constructed a rich fantasy world, to a devoted Latter-day Saint who gave his all only to feel betrayed by his leaders. Young warned one dissenting group that they were “not playing with shadows,” but with “the voice and the hand of the Almighty.”

Plural Wife: The Life Story of Mabel Finlayson Allred (Life Writings of Frontier Women, vol. 13)Plural Wife: The Life Story of Mabel Finlayson Allred (Life Writings of Frontier Women, vol. 13) by Martha Bradley-Evans. Utah State University, 2012. 200 pp. Hardback. Reg. $34.95, SALE $26.25. Mabel Finlayson Allred was a wife of Rulon Allred, leader of the Apostolic United Brethren, one of the major groups of fundamentalist Mormons who, since about the 1930s, have practiced plural marriage as separatists from the mainstream Latter-day Saints Church. Plural Wife, contextualized by Martha Bradley-Evans’s introduction, gives us insight into Mabel’s experience of history during an important period of the 20th century and advances our understanding of life ways of 20th century polygamy and the growth of the fundamentalist movement.



Pony Express Stations in Utah by Patrick Hearty, photographs by Dr. Joseph Hatch. NP, 2012. 79 pp. Paperback. Reg. $10.00, SALE $7.50. Filled with fascinating events, characters, and places, the Pony Express stands out today as one of the most recognized and best loved episodes in our Western American history. Despite its short duration and financial troubles, the image of daring young men on fleet horses racing day and night over the western landscape continues to fire our imagination after more than 150 years. This book will guide you across Utah on or near the trails where they rode, and it describes the stations and sites as they looked in the 1860s and as they appear today.

Rube Goldberg Machines: Essays in Mormon TheologyRube Goldberg Machines: Essays in Mormon Theology by Adam S. Miller. Greg Kofford Books, 2012. 148 pp. Paperback. Reg. $18.95, SALE $14.25. Doing theology is like building a comically circuitous Rube Goldberg machine: you spend your time tinkering together an unnecessarily complicated, impractical, and ingenious apparatus for doing things that are, in themselves, simple. This book is itself a Rube Goldberg machine, pieced together from a variety of essays written over the past ten years. on what it means to practice theology as a modern Mormon scholar. Recipient of Best Essay Award from the Association of Mormon Letters.



Sacred Symbols: Finding Meaning in Rites, Rituals, and OrdinancesSacred Symbols: Finding Meaning in Rites, Rituals, and Ordinances by Alonzo Gaskill. Cedar Fort, 2011. 310 pp. Hardcover—Reg. $24.99, SALE $18.99/Paperback—Reg. $17.99, SALE $13.50. In this new book, author Alonzo L. Gaskill presents a myriad of ancient and modern Jewish, Christian, and Islamic practices which are illustrative of symbols Latter-day Saints would do well to understand. Gaskill, a professor of church history and doctrine at BYU, has previously written best-sellers Savior and the Serpent and Lost Language of Symbolism.




Salt Lake City: The Place Which God Prepared (Regional Studies Series)Salt Lake City: The Place Which God Prepared (Regional Studies Series) edited by Scott C. Esplin and Kenneth L. Alford. Deseret Book, 2011. 362 pp. Hardback. Reg. $23.99, SALE $17.99. The collection is introduced by Elder Marlin Jensen’s remarks at the dedication of the Church History Library. Essay topics include histories of significant landmarks (the Salt Lake Temple, the Tabernacle, Ensign Peak, and the Salt Lake City Cemetery) and stories from the city’s past.




A Selection of Early Mormon Hymnbooks, 1832-1872: Hymnbooks and Broadsides From the First 40 Years of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day SaintsA Selection of Early Mormon Hymnbooks, 1832-1872: Hymnbooks and Broadsides From the First 40 Years of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints by Shane J. Chism. 2011. 361 pp. Hardback. Reg. $45.00, SALE $33.99. Limited to 200 copies. Drawing on Peter Crawley’s Descriptive Bibliography, bibliographies of schismatic groups and early periodicals, Chism has amassed the most complete bibliography of early Mormon hymnals available. Each of the 94 entries includes full bibliographic detail, publication and content details, references to other bibliographies as well as a survey of institutional holdings. Dozens of photographs show title pages and selected hymns and a comprehensive table of the hymns shows the appearance of each composition in 28 important hymnals.


Still, the Small Voice: Narrative, Personal Revelation, and the Mormon Folk TraditionStill, the Small Voice: Narrative, Personal Revelation, and the Mormon Folk Tradition by Tom Mould. Utah State University Press, 2011. 448 pp. Hardback. $39.99 (no discount). Still, the Small Voice is a folklorist’s examination of the everyday narratives Mormons recount concerning their personal encounters with the divine. Through close consideration of these narratives as shared with fellow church members and non-members alike, Tom Mould gets to the heart of Mormon religious culture. In accordance with current emphases in folklore studies on narrative, performance, and belief, Mould uses ethnographic research as well as deep study in archival records and published accounts to thoroughly analyze these spiritual narratives and their performances.


Street-Legal Version of Mormon's BookStreet-Legal Version of Mormon’s Book by Michael Hicks. Tame Olive Press, 2012. 487 pp. Paperback. Reg. $17.25, SALE $12.99. “Why ‘street-legal’? That’s a term we use for souped-up cars—streamlined and powerfully efficient but also decorative, with decals, pin striping, and tricked-out doodads—that still can be ridden in normal lanes of traffic. They’re not cars meant for everyday errands, to be sure…. This paraphrase of the Book of Mormon is like that. I’ve streamlined a lot of passages; put them in terse, up-to-date vernacular, thinking that’s what one would have done if one were scratching the book out on metal plates.”



“Swell Suffering": A Biography of Maureen Whipple“Swell Suffering”: A Biography of Maureen Whipple by Veda Tebbs Hale. Greg Kofford Books, 2011. 456 pp. Paperback. Reg. $31.95, SALE $23.99. Maurine Whipple, author of what some critics consider Mormonism’s greatest novel, The Giant Joshua, is an enigma. Her prize-winning novel has never been out of print, and its portrayal of the founding of St. George draws on her own family history to produce its unforgettable and candid portrait of plural marriage’s challenges. Yet Maurine’s life is full of contradictions and unanswered questions. Veda Tebbs Hale, a personal friend of the paradoxical novelist, answers these questions with sympathy and tact, nailing down each insight with thorough research in Whipple’s vast but under-utilized collected papers.


Tiki and Temple: The Mormon Mission in New Zealand, 1854-1958 by Marjorie Newton. Greg Kofford Books, 2012. 327 pp. Paperback. Reg. $29.95, SALE $22.50Tiki and Temple tells the enthralling story of Mormonism’s encounter with the genuinely different but surprisingly harmonious Maori culture. Mormon interest in the Maori can be documented to 1832, soon after Joseph Smith organized the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in America. Under his successor Brigham Young, Mormon missionaries arrived in New Zealand in 1854, but another three decades passed before they began sustained proselytizing among the Maori people–living in Maori pa, eating eels and potatoes with their fingers from communal dishes, learning to speak the language, and establishing schools.

To the Peripheries of Mormondom: The Apostolic Around-the-World Journey of David O. McKay, 1920-1921To the Peripheries of Mormondom: The Apostolic Around-the-World Journey of David O. McKay, 1920-1921 by Hugh J. Cannon, ed. by Reid Neilson. University of Utah Press, 2012. 350 pp. Hardcover. Reg. $29.95, SALE $22.50. The year-long fact-finding mission of apostle David O. McKay and his traveling companion Hugh J. Cannon to places historian Leonard J. Arrington has called the “geographic and organizational periphery” of Mormondom was one of the most significant moments of the twentieth century for the Church. Reid L. Neilson annotates Cannon’s detailed account, including fifty-four previously unpublished photographs from the journey.


Under the Gun: West German and Austrian Latter-day Saints in World War IIUnder the Gun: West German and Austrian Latter-day Saints in World War II by Roger P. Minert. RSC/Deseret Book, 2011. 524 pp. Oversize hardback. Reg. $29.99, SALE $22.50. As World War II raged across Europe, thousands of German Latter-day Saints found themselves embroiled in the conflict. Hundreds served in the German military as their loved ones at home struggled to keep their families and the Church alive. Many were evicted from their homes and never allowed to return. The collective stories of how they lived – and died – under those conditions have never been told. This volume brings together the accounts of hundreds of Church members who survived the war, preserved in hundreds of personal interviews, journals, letters, and photographs.

Villages on Wheels: A Social History of the Gathering to ZionVillages on Wheels: A Social History of the Gathering to Zion by Stanley and Violet Kimball. Greg Kofford Books, 2011. Paperback. Reg. $24.95, SALE $18.99. Understanding the great trek of Mormonism was the life work of Stanley B. Kimball, master of Mormon trails. This final work—a collaboration he began with and which was completed after his death in 2003 by his photographer-writer wife, Violet—explores that movement westward as a social history, with the Mormons moving as “villages on wheels.” Like a true social history, this fascinating account in fourteen chapters explores both the routines of the trail—cooking, cleaning, laundry, dealing with bodily functions—and the dramatic moments: encountering Indians and stampeding buffalo, giving birth, losing loved ones to death, dealing with rage and injustice, but also offering succor, kindliness, and faith.

War & Peace In Our Time - Mormon PerspectivesWar & Peace In Our Time – Mormon Perspectives edited by Patrick Q. Mason, J. David Pulsipher and Richard L. Bushman. Greg Kofford, 2012. 290 pp. Paperback. Reg. $29.95, SALE $22.50. These essays reveal how the scriptures, prophetic teachings, history, culture, rituals, and traditions of Mormonism have been, are, and can be used as warrants for a wide range of activities and attitudes—from radical pacifism to legitimization of the United States’ use of preemptive force against its enemies.



West from Salt Lake: Diaries from the Central Overland TrailWest from Salt Lake: Diaries from the Central Overland Trail edited by Jesse G. Petersen. Arthur H. Clark, 2012. 320 pp. Hardback. Reg. $34.95, SALE $26.25. Based on ten years of research, West from Salt Lake includes excerpts from twenty-three emigrant diaries, many previously unpublished. Using Captain James Simpson’s diary to trace his route, editor Jesse G. Petersen has located each campsite and shows which of Simpson’s two alternative wagon roads the parties traveled. In addition to the annotated emigrant accounts, Petersen excerpts four documents by non-emigrants: two by soldiers and two by employees of the Pony Express and its predecessor.


With Golden Visions Bright Before Them: Trails to the Mining West, 1849–1852With Golden Visions Bright Before Them: Trails to the Mining West, 1849–1852 by Will Bagley. Arthur H. Clark, 2012. 480 pp. Hardback. Reg. $45.00, SALE $33.99.  During the mid-nineteenth century, a quarter of a million travelers—men, women, and children—followed the “road across the plains” to gold rush California. This magnificent chronicle—the second installment of Will Bagley’s sweeping Overland West series—captures the danger, excitement, and heartbreak of America’s first great rush for riches and its enduring consequences. With narrative scope and detail unmatched by earlier histories, With Golden Visions Bright Before Them retells this classic American saga through the voices of the people whose eyewitness testimonies vividly evoke the most dramatic era of westward migration.


Women of Faith in the Latter Days: Volume 1: 1775-1820Women of Faith in the Latter Days: Volume 1: 1775-1820 edited by Richard E. Turley, Jr. and Brittany A. Chapman. Deseret Book, 2011. 512 pp. Hardback. Reg. $34.99, SALE $26.25. Volume 1 (there will eventually be seven) features women born between 1775 and 1820 and samples the lives of both well-known women and previously obscure ones whose lives of faith also deserve emulation. Here you will encounter not only such well-known figures as Emma Smith and Eliza R. Snow but also an early Mexican convert who never traveled more than a few miles from her home, a devoted plural wife who homesteaded in rural Utah, and a plucky Scottish coal miner who at an advanced age sailed to America and walked across the plains.


You Shall Have My Word: Exploring the Text of the Doctrine and Covenants (41st Sperry Symposium) You Shall Have My Word: Exploring the Text of the Doctrine and Covenants (41st Sperry Symposium) edited by Scott Esplin, Richard Cowan and Rachel Cope. Deseret Book, 2012. 262 pp. Hardback. Reg. $27.99, SALE $20.99. The revelations of scripture are all conveyed through language, a fact that several authors discuss in this book. Steven C. Harper discusses Joseph Smith’s editorial changes to the revelations and how these relate to his calling as a prophet. Because we have continuing revelation through the Church, the use of scriptures can change over time. In this book, Kate Holbrook explains how the Word of Wisdom developed into the guidelines we have today, Samuel Morris Brown examines how section 88 has taught us about our heavenly family, and Mary Jane Woodger traces the journey of section 138 to canonization.



Excavating Mormon Pasts: The New Historiography of the Last Half Century edited by Newell Bringhurst and Lavina Fielding Anderson. Greg Kofford, 2012. 442 pp. Paperback.Reg. $31.95, SALE $23.99. A fine collection of essays on the craft of Mormon history featuring sixteen contributions from both LDS and Community of Christ scholars.

Raw Edges, A Memoir by Phyllis Barber. University of Nevada, 2012. 268 pp. Paperback. Reg$21.95, SALE $16.50“Whether you want a model of tenacity in confronting the rigors of modern life or an example of a deft handling of metaphor in prose, you’ll find that this is a gripping, page-turning saga.” — Levi S. Peterson, author of A Rascal by Nature, A Christian by Yearning: A Mormon Autobiography

When Souls Had Wings: Pre-Mortal Existence in Western Thought by Terryl Givens. Oxford, 2012. 388 pp. Paperback. Reg. $24.95, SALE $18.99. An engaging look at the idea of a pre-mortal existence from the murky past in the Ancient Near East through the present time. Includes a lengthy section on Mormon beliefs in premortality.

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Joseph Smith Papers, Journals, Vol. 1 edited by Dean Jessee, Mark Ashurst-McGee and Richard Jensen. Reg. $49.95, SALE $29.99. Includes Joseph Smith’s first five journals, covering 1832 to 1839.

Joseph Smith Papers, Revelations & Translations, Manuscript Revelation Books edited by Steven Harper, Robin Jensen and Robert Woodford. Reg. $99.99, SALE $39.99. Includes two ledgers used to collect the revelations, the first of which (“Revelation Book 1” or “Book of Commandments and Revelations”) was unknown to scholars until very recently. This volume contains scans of the original holographs as well as transcriptions color-coded by scribal handwriting.

Joseph Smith Papers, Revelations & Translations, Vol. 1 edited by Steven Harper, Robin Jensen and Robert Woodford. Reg. $79.99, SALE $49.99. This volume is a smaller, “library” version of the above and includes only the transcriptions, not the scans of the originals.

Joseph Smith Papers, Revelations & Translations, Vol. 2: Published Revelations edited by Richard Turley, Jr., Robin Jensen and Riley Lorimer. Reg. $69.99, SALE $39.99. Reproduced with scans here are The Book of Commandments, 1835 D&C and additions to the 1844 D&C; transcriptions of revelations published in The Evening and Morning Star and proposed text of the rest of The Book of Commandments.

Joseph Smith Papers, Journals, Vol. 2 edited by Richard Lloyd Anderson, Andrew Hedges and Alex Smith. Reg. $54.95, SALE $43.99. This second of three Journals volumes includes the journal portion of the Book of the Law of the Lord and the first two of four memorandum books kept by Willard Richards covering 1841 to 1843.

Flunking Sainthood: A Year of Breaking the Sabbath, Forgetting to Pray, and Still Loving My NeighborFlunking Sainthood: A Year of Breaking the Sabbath, Forgetting to Pray, and Still Loving My Neighbor by Jana Riess. Paper. Reg. $16.99, SALE $10.99. In this wry memoir, Jana tackles twelve different spiritual practices in a quest to become more saintly, including fasting, fixed-hour prayer, gratitude, Sabbath-keeping, the Jesus Prayer, and generosity. Although she begins with great plans for success (“Really, how hard could that be?” she asks blithely at the start of her saint-making year), she finds to her growing humiliation that she is failing—not just at some of the practices, but at every single one. What emerges is a funny yet vulnerable story of the quest for spiritual perfection and the reality of spiritual failure, which turns out to be a valuable practice in and of itself.


Illustrated Bible: Story by StoryIllustrated Bible: Story by Story, editor-in-chief Father Michael Collins. Oversize hardback. Reg. $50.00, SALE $24.99. With comprehensive and objective coverage of every major covenant, prophecy, miracle, and parable in the Old and New Testaments, set clearly in their historical and religious context, The Illustrated Bible: Story by Story‘s uniquely accessible approach appeals to a general readership of any faith, making this an ideal gift as well as an essential resource for homes, schools, and libraries.


A Mormon President: Joseph Smith and the Mormon Quest for the White House, DVD written and directed by Adam Christing. Reg. $15.00, SALE $9.99. This documentary uses dramatic reenactments and interviews from a wide spectrum of historians to tell the story of Joseph Smith’s run for the presidency and explore the idea of a Mormon president today. The DVD also contains a “bonus” section about Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman, and other modern-day Mormon candidates.

The Mormonizing of America: How the Mormon Religion Became a Dominant Force in Politics, Entertainment, and Pop CultureThe Mormonizing of America: How the Mormon Religion Became a Dominant Force in Politics, Entertainment, and Pop Culture by Stephen Mansfield. Book Club edition. Reg. $22.99, SALE $12.99. Mansfield tells the story of the faith that has become one of the country’s most influential religions and how it has ascended to astonishing power in American society. He also unveils what Mormons believe and why it matters for America, the world–and for you.




Religion and Public Life in the Mountain West: Sacred Landscapes in Transition edited by Jan Shipps and Mark Silk. Cloth. Reg. $65.00, SALE $23.95. This volume contains five essays that present not only demographics but also analyses and overviews that highlight the religious uniqueness of the Mountain West and invite comparisons with other regions of America. Kathleen Flake argues that theological uniqueness and the recollection of persecution in the past almost insure the continued tension between the Latter Day Saints and other religious groups in the region. The introduction and conclusion by Jan Shipps sound high notes at the beginning and end of the collection.

Signature Books Titles (all now out-of-print)

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An Abundant Life: The Memoirs of Hugh B. Brown by Edwin B. Firmage. Paperback. Reg. $17.95, SALE $4.99. Shortly before Brown’s death, his grandson conducted the in-depth, candid interviews that appear in An Abundant Life, a refreshing look at one of Mormonism’s best-loved leaders.

Against the Grain: Memoirs of a Western Historian by Brigham D. Madsen. Hardback. Reg. $31.95, SALE $7.99. As he approached the end of a long and distinguished career, veteran historian Madsen turned an eye toward his final research subject, himself, with equal candor that has characterized his other works.

Heresies of Nature: A Novel by Margaret Young. Paperback. Reg. $15.95, SALE $1.99. Inspired by a true story, told as a slice-of-life account of the ups and downs, twists and turns that fill every family’s life, Heresies of Nature is alternately subtle and powerful.

Joseph Smith: The First MormonJoseph Smith: The First Mormon by Donna Hill. Paperback. Reg. $16.95, SALE $7.99. Donna Hill’s award-winning biography cautiously rejects the simplistic reductionism of either/or characterizations in favor of a broader, more humanistic view that takes Smith on his own terms as both prophet and as man.




The Joseph Smith Revelations: Text and CommentaryThe Joseph Smith Revelations: Text and Commentary by H. Michael Marquardt. Hardback. Reg. $44.95, SALE $19.99. Marquardt’s important study attempts to return to the earliest extant version of the revelations in comparison with the canonized version.





Nauvoo Polygamy: "... but we called it celestial marriage"Nauvoo Polygamy: “… but we called it celestial marriage” by George D. Smith. Hardback. Now out-of-print. Reg. $39.95, SALE $14.99. In this thoroughly researched and documented work, the author shows how the prophet introduced single and married women to this new form of “celestial marriage”—granted to the elect men of Nauvoo.




Peculiar People: Mormons and Same-Sex Orientation ed. by Ron Schow, Wayne Schow & Marybeth Raynes. Paperback. Reg. $19.99, SALE $4.99. The editors contribute their wide professional experience toward providing a variety of perspectives from biologists, therapists, and religious scholars.

The Unforgiven: Utah’s Executed Men (updated ed.) by L. Kay Gillespie. Paperback. Reg. $18.95, SALE $4.99. Gillespie—professor and member of the state Board of Pardons—looks at executions occurring in Utah beginning in territorial days up to the present.

“Wild Bill” Hickman and the Mormon Frontier by Hope A. Hilton. Paperback. Reg. $14.95, SALE $4.99. Whatever one thinks of his motives or degree of loyalty, Hickman left an indelible impact on the history and myth of the West as a rough, undisciplined frontiersman who helped to establish the Rocky Mountain kingdom of Mormons.

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