As we mentioned in the anniversary sale newsletter, we will be periodically offering deals good for one day only.  Here is Deal of the Day #1–available today (Friday, Oct 26th) only:

Joseph Smith Papers, Revelations & Translations, Manuscript Revelation Books

Joseph Smith Papers, Revelations & Translations, Manuscript Revelation Booksedited by Steven Harper, Robin Jensen and Robert Woodford. Reg. $125.00, DEAL OF THE DAY $75.00. Includes the contents of two books used to collect handwritten texts of the revelations, the first of which (“Revelation Book 1” or “Book of Commandments and Revelations”) was unknown to scholars until it was discovered when the Joseph Smith Papers Project conducted a census to determine what items the First Presidency had that would be pertinent to the project. This volume contains scans of the original holographs as well as transcriptions color-coded by scribal handwriting.  Besides dozens of revelations later canonized in the Doctrine & Covenants, there are several others that were not included such as the so-called “Canadian Revelation” instructing them to secure the copyright for the Book of Mormon in Canada.  This stunning collection is a first printing copy signed by all three volume editors (Steven Harper, Robin Jensen and Robert Woodford) as well as the three general editors (Ron Esplin, Richard Bushman and Dean Jessee).  A fine addition to your library and very collectible!

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